Bringing Grandma Up To Date At Christmas: A Gift Guide


Guest Post by Tim


With the Christmas gift shopping window of opportunity slowly getting smaller in the lead up to Christmas do you get stuck on what to buy? Perhaps you do a Chris Cringle like my family. Sometimes I am wandering aimlessly around under pressure, amongst holiday crowds scratching my head thinking of what they would like.Out of all the people in my family I buy for it’s my Grandma that I find I am at my most inspired when things need to be wrapped and under the tree by the 25th. Bless her heart, she excitedly accepted my presents given over the years. Sometimes fragrant, sometimes not. This year I’m

Bringing Grandma Up To Date

Photo Stolen TheBookwood

I’ve been referencing the past to find new interpretations and variations on the popular and classic fragrances that were trending at a time when our grandmas were becoming women. I have included some new flankers of vintage classics from iconic houses and beautiful compositions she will relate to and make a new connection with. These are a festive selection of fragrances suitable for a woman.

EauPremier stylefrizzPhoto Stolen Stylefrizz

Chanel,  No 5 Eau Premiere 2008 by Jaques Polge. An inspired choice for a Classic Alderhydeic floral. Fresher and lighter on the  Alderhydes,  it strips away time and date,  softening the edges and modernising the famous formulation. Eau premier presents a little rosier than iconic No 5. Grasse grown jasmine,  neroli and ylang ylang from the Comoro Islands keep it luxe. Generous in 125 ml bottle .

Photo Stolen dezire

Chanel, Crystal eau Vert 2009 by Jaques Polge. Introducing an ozonic citrus white floral. Retaining the original ‘honeysuckle’ accord and adding magnolia with abstract white flowers, 1974 classic Crystal has been given a breath of fresh air, greener and cleaner. Sicilian lemon noticeably flaring on opening, quickly settling into a powdery green heart that wears fresh and cool, this to me feels perfect for summer.

Photo Stolen ThePerfumeShop

Christian Dior, Les Creations de Monsieur Dior, Dioressence 2009 original by Guy Robeert. Everything old is new again  is the theme song of this classic chypre. Representing a review on a vintage edition, Dioressence presents a timeless opus of Dior which resists time and trends. An olde worlde opening of alderhydes under tart citrus which fades to a bouquet of violet, tuberose, jasmine, carnation, Lily of the valley , ylang and iris root. I’m hoping for a bottle too. Hint hint.

Photo Stolen TheMakeUpDivas

Estée Lauder Private Collection, Jasmine White Moss  2009 by Aerin Lauder , nose Jean Mark Chaillan. Hardly stock standard or obvious, this release is packing earth moss and wet woods. Rumour has it this is an unfinished fragrance from 1980, there are subtle hints of jasmine floating through this superb mossy green floral. New notes added by Aerin are mandarin and black current absolute, this is a fragrance created to honour heritage and family tradition.

Photo Stolen CHANEL

Chanel, No 19 Poudre 2011 by Jaques Polge. A new directions for this classic green alderhydeic floral. Sheer powder, more balmy and musky. Iris  is the angle on the tree in this rendition of my personal favorite No 19. Poudre is adorned with jasmine, galbanum, vetiver and hyacinth which subtly floats into a soft focus musk with sweet tonka bean. My favourite Chanel flacon.

Photo Stolen Escentual

Guerlian,  Shalimar  Parfum Initial 2011 by Thierry Wasser.  Entirely representing the outer trappings of the original and giving it rose coloured glasses. It’s vaguely related to the famous Shalimar, but think of it as the basics rethought,  while still being able to tie it back to the original. No dirty bits to be found anywhere with white musk , Wasser uses  popular iris paired with nutty almond nuances, over time drying down to  woods and amber; less smokey and vanillic than the original.

Photo Stolen Clemence-cahu

Yves Saint Laurent, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum 2012. The tender salmon pink bottle that was once home to super elixir Opium. Pink pepper in the opening gives it initial sparkle, orange blossom and mandarin take it up a notch as the oriental citrus incense becomes gentle and caressing. The Vapeurs edition has  less spice than the original and is thankfully low on the sugary calories.

Lancôme,  La Vie est Belle 2012 by Oliver Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Phillip. The latest mainstream release representing the gourmand sweet fruitchouli  category. With three noted noses behind its release, 5000 claimed variations  and given a three year probation you would hope ‘life is beautiful’ with this latest from Lancôme.  Well I can say it is,  grown up and  elegant. Feeling over all polished in it’s composition, reflected through the pretty glass bottle design. Heart notes praline and patchouli mix festively with vanilla and the almond-like accords in the base pushing it well into a gourmand territory.

See you in a fortnight,

Tim XX

14 comments on “Bringing Grandma Up To Date At Christmas: A Gift Guide

  1. poodle says:

    Excellent list Tim! Good choices and most are pretty easy to find. I like giving fragrant gifts that the recipient wouldn’t have a hard time replenishing for themselves if they wanted to.

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Great point Poodle!
      With me it can be the thrill of the chase, if it’s hard to find then I want it !I don’t mind going to lengths for a fragrance, I doubt many others share my enthusiasim. 😦
      Hope u have a wonderful Christmas , good luck with your shopping this year!

  2. Katrina says:

    Such a lovely idea! You’ve inspired my to do some perfume shopping for my Mum.

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Hi Katrina 🙂
      100% result ! I hope you find something there she would love , these picks are all of stunning quality as I own most of them.
      Get in there quick as the shops are filling up with school children
      Arrrrgggghhhh !!!!!
      Fragrant regards ,
      Tim x

  3. Great choices Tim Tam.
    I’ve bought Vintage Opium EdT and Parfum for Kath’s Mum this year or I’d have taken your advice.
    Portia xx

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Great choice yourself !!
      She is going to
      Love that , and you for the wonderful gift. Opium is such a great fragrance, i can imagine the vintage juice would be deadly potent , evil laugh*
      Portia , is it a decant or is it in the original falcon ? Do tell , t

  4. ladyjickyl says:

    My Mum is a great grandma.
    Unlike her daughter – me- she only really likes two perfumes – one is YSL’s Paris (its lovely on her too) plus the other is Jessica McClintock.
    Jessica McClintock can be found online and its wonderful!! Lots of lilly of the valley and Mum wears it so well and gets tons of compliments! No – its not “old lady / yardley” lilly of the Valley !
    I am a grandma and this old girl loves her Mitsouko, Jicky and Diorella and then there are the others that are just toooooo many to mention! LOL
    How my Mum sticks to only 2 I do not know ! LOL

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Jessica McClinton is one have never heard of ! Thankyou for sharing as I love to research fragrance and keen to be made aware of ones that are loved but not widely worn. There are always gems to be rediscovered, I am always asking others what perfumes their mothers loved and wore ,
      Perhaps your mother has a love for something entirely different and can’t live without a abundance of ……….? Every one has their thing right !? 😉
      Thanks for chatting .
      Tim x

      • sinnerman01 says:

        Pardon me , my I pad was thinking about Hillary Clinton! Jessica McClintock is what I meant to say , oh and btw, Paris by YSL is stunning ! My sister wears this occasionally

  5. laniersmith says:

    Tim thanks so much! You have helped me round out my Christmas list this year for the women of a ceritan age in my family. Great and I mean GREAT post.

  6. sinnerman01 says:

    Well….. Thankyou,
    I really is a wonderful feeling when you give a special present to someone. Especially when they know if you gave it to them , they know it will be good, as we have great taste in all things fragrant!
    I appreciate you stoping by to comment ! Have u put up your tree yet Lanier ?

  7. saffyishere says:

    Morning,Timmy boy……I have to say this……but did you mean an ANGEL on your tree when describing Poudre 19? LOL. Anyway,Think the only ones on your list which intrest moi are the Eau Verte and Private Collection….however personally I preferred the Tuberose Gardenia. However if a Jasmin was found under my tree,no objections. An interesting post,although sick/tired of EVERYONE suggesting eau premier….number 5 is revolting to me…eau premier,i’d rather put a hot poker in my eye. Merry Festivas All.

  8. sinnerman01 says:

    Yes I did , good spot !! I’m glad u knew what I meant 😉
    I happen to really love eau premier, and I certainly would want you to poke yourself in the eye.
    Thanks for stopping buy, oh and TG is beautiful I agree.

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