Orange Essential Oil – Christmas Gift Ideas


Guest Post by Suzanne R Banks


Hello Australian Perfume Junkies, Suzanne from SuzanneRBanks. I have been asked by Portia to come by and explain how essential oils have been used through the ages and some of their history and aromatherapy uses.

Orange Essential Oil

The Sweetness and Innocence

Photo Stolen GrowersOwn

One of the loveliest and simplest essential oils is that of orange. It gives you the direct experience of the fruit the moment you smell it. There is no denying that on taking your first big whiff straight from the bottle, your senses are enlivened – even your mouth may start to water with anticipation of the real thing.

Orange oil is sweet, light and tingly. It’s easy for the brain to identify and therefore appeals to so many types of beings. Kids love it. It is a wonderful oil to use with the elderly. Pets respond wonderfully to orange essential oil when it’s vapourised. Orange oil is an oil of innocence and joy. It gets straight to the point when you employ it.

And what about the colour of an orange? Nature is really amazing when you think about it. The colour orange is vibrant and cheery and relates to the second chakra “Svadhisthana”. This chakra actually means “sweetness” and is concerned with attracting another, procreation, sexuality and desire. The way I see it, the colour and scent of orange, allows us to open to the joy of the sweetness in life; a sweetness that can be amplified when we connect with others and share experiences.

orange gardenofeadenPhoto Stolen GardenOfEaden

Using orange oil

Vapourise -To spread a little bit of happiness, vapourise some orange oil in your home. You don’t have to have a machine or oil burner you can simply boil water, throw about 15 drops into a bowl, and when you pour the water into the bowl, magic happens. This may help kids settle down, and help you experience a moment of bliss.

Put a few drops onto a cotton pad and put it in your car. How easy is that?

In a body oil – orange oil is lovely in a nourishing body oil blend as the acids from the rind can help brighten the skin, and remove old skin cells.

Try this for a happy, centering oil blend for yourself:

“I Am Awesome”
3 teaspoons of a carrier oil like almond, jojoba, grapeseed
5 drops of orange oil
3 drops of lavender
Then lavishly spread all over your body!

To make an oil blend as a gift you will need to have a bottle and lid. Just have a look on the internet, even ebay shops sell them. Literally search for “amber bottles” and that will get you on the right track. You will need an amber, blue or green bottle, as the dark colours help prevent oil oxidation. Follow the quantities here:

25ml bottle use a total of 12 drops of oil
50ml bottle use a total of 25 drops of oil
100 ml bottle use a total of 50 drops of oil

Can you see a pattern forming? These are standard ratios and if you live in a country that isn’t metric … oh dear, you’ll have to figure out the calculations yourself.

Here are a couple of recipes for a 25ml oil blend using orange oil:

“Delicious & Cute”
7 drops of orange
3 drops geranium
2 drops patchouli

6 drops orange
5 drops cypress
1 drop cardamom

If it all seems a bit too hard, eat an orange! Not only will you get great nutrition, you’ll be having an aromatherapy treatment at the same time!

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Thanks for reading, See you next month,


19 comments on “Orange Essential Oil – Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. anicasunny says:

    I am awesome body oil, will make some up for my daughter! thanks for the tip

    • Great work. It’ will be wonderful for your daughter no matter what age. The lavender will bring a sense of solidarity and also great for skin, and the orange will add some light, and happiness. I’d love to know how you go so pop by again. Thanks, Suzanne

  2. Madeleine says:

    Hi Suzanne!

    Welcome to APJ and thanks for a very informative post .
    The oil blends sound lovely -id love to try the ‘I am awesome’ as a massage oil. The ‘Delicious and Cute’ just sounds like an amazing aroma because of the geranium and patchouli. Im assuming you could burn this one?

    Thanks and welcome again.

    Madeleine x

    • Thanks Madeleine! You can burn any of the blends above, but just omit the base/carrier oil. Put about 20 drops of the essential oils straight into your burner or vapouriser – so you could double the amounts of oil drops in “Delicious and Cute” and even triple the oils in “I Am Awesome”.
      Happy scenting, Suzanne

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    Hi Suzanne , I am mad about essential oil ! I find as many excuses to use it in my day as I can , including room sprays , home made cleaning products , in the bath , oil burner and in my skin care ! I can’t live without my box of oils . I would have to say Petitgrain is my fave, I live the woody citrus aroma it brings and it compliments a masculine setting . Also cedar leaf is so tart it reminds me of my mothers stewed rhubarb , in fact I love all the cedar varieties ! Virginia is my top pick , as u can tell I love EO !
    So glad to have u posting !
    Tim (APJ) x

    • Hi Tim you are brilliant! You are definitely connected to the natural way of scent and I’m sure I could learn a few things from you. Virginian Cedarwood is my fave too but lately I have been using Cedar Atlas and I love it. We must be kindred spirits because one of my most cherished oils is Petitgrain (and also Neroli).
      I’ll be publishing a book next year so stay tuned, thanks so much, Suzanne

  4. sinnerman01 says:

    I have just book marked your blog ! Look forward to following ,

  5. Lynette says:

    Love orange oil. First smell of the oil burning was in Bali in the spa room. They had it burning on an amazing electric oil burner with a hot plate which you could also use to put a glass tea pot to infuse your ginger and honey tea .

    • How divine! It really is such a lovely oil and what a great idea – tea and essential oils all together. Even a few drops on the kitchen bench to clean and deodorise can turn your home into a tropical paradise. Thanks Lynette

  6. Lynette says:

    Is there a oil that you can burn to assist with killing mould in bathrooms?

    • Ann-Sofie says:

      I am not an expert, but I think, unfortunately, you will have to use hot fans and dry the mould away. Sorry, I would sooooooo much like to burn some awesome fragrance and get rid of the pesterings, but it is not within reach. I have been there….

    • I do agree with Ann-Sofie regarding the mould. You can help prevent it by cleaning the walls and tiles with essential oils but it is hard to prevent with just the vapour. Some great oils to try in your cleaning regime would be lemongrass, clove, thyme, lemon and tea tree. Good luck!

  7. Such a great post with wonderful tips. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks baconbiscuit! I wonder if you had your own blend of oils, what it would smell like. I’m trying to think of a combo to suit your name………….

      • brie says:

        So funny you should mention this for she and I are good friends and I am making a blend for her and calling it by her real first name in French. (hope she is not reading this!). I wanted to use some oils which I associate with her heritage (yuzu, osmanthus) as immortelle (which smells like bacon to me) along with bourbon vanilla,cocoa,almond(as she is currently in a “gourmand” perfume wearing phase) and my absolutely favorite e.o. New caledonia sandalwood absolute. Hopefully it will come out smelling wonderful!

  8. Ann-Sofie says:

    Essential oils are great for many thing – not the least as the most georgeous (and powerful) insecticides (clove keep ants away, cinnamon is not the spiders best friend and lemon grass – well, it is not appreciated by anything buggy, especially not mosquitos). And of course, the essence of orange – truly lovely. I have heard that a blend of orange and lavender in the room make children fraid of the dark feel all secure. Thanks for the read, really interesting!

    • Thanks Ann-Sofie you are an amazing aroma- queen! Keep spreading the word about the uses of essential oil, we need interesting people like you to help our quest. The description of children fearing the dark is a perfect example of the orange/lavender combo. Excellent!

  9. poodle says:

    I’m definitely trying that body oil. Thanks for the post!

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