Bombay Bling by Bertrand Duchaufour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2011 + GIVEAWAY!!

Hello You Lovely Perfumistas,

Today we are looking at the last of the Neela Vermeire Creations for me to fall madly in love with. I have been wearing Mohur for months now. That glorious hit of sweet and spicy rose is hard to beat. Loved Trayee on first sniff and quickly went through my sample and then 10ml in the Discovery Set and never really got to Bombay Bling.

Bombay Bling by Neela Vermeire Creations 2011

BombayBling FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords:
Top: French labdanum, caraway, mango, litchi, blackcurrant, cardamom
Heart: Jasmine, rose, tuberose, yang-ylang, gardenia, frangipani
Base: Virginia cedar, sandalwood, leather, patchouli, woodsy notes, vanilla

As you may know I am so not a fruity patchouli fragrance wearer, those sweet plastic mass produced headache inducers are just not how I wish to smell. Why am I telling you this? Because that’s what I thought Bombay Bling was going to be, and in some ways it is but so much better, more interesting, wearable and exciting. This is the Empress of Fruit-chouli, the benchmark that all others must set themselves against and unfortunately most are found wanting. This is what other Fruit-choulis dream of becoming when they grow up.

MumbaiBling mumbai.olx.inPhoto Stolen mumbai.olx

Bombay Bling opens loud and sweet and fun, though it does invoke the sweltering streets and stalls of summertime Mumbai it could equally be a South American or Pacific Island marketplace. Freshly cut fruits including the majestic mango, are spliced with spice and a creamy warmth, like a masala fruit salad and cream. This rich and intoxicating fruity swirl lasts for ages, nearly an hour and makes me want to go out dancing, flirting and cha cha cha-ing. The bouquet opens up slowly, streaming through the fruit over a long period, unnoticed till near complete take over has occurred and it’s a hot, white and green sensation still with an undercurrent of sweet fruits that slowly becomes sweet woodsy patchouli till the only thing left is a whisper of vanilla and butter that stays for hours and hours and hours. TSO Jin early on claimed Bombay Bling for his own and on him it is glorious and super long lasting, I can smell it next morning and into the day.

Want some Bombay Bling? Order from the e-boutique in

Darling Portia
What do you think? If they mention “Portia” they get free shipping until 10 Dec. 2012. 
Is that good?
We plan not to ship between 10 Dec and 10 Jan.
Thank you again. NV Xoxoxoxo

MumbaiSari SareeTimesPhoto Stolen sareetimes

Neela Vermeire Perfume Posse Giveaway

Neela Vermeire has kindly given me some wonderful things to be given away on the Perfume Posse this week. So you have THREE chances to win!!

What’s In The Packs:

There are three 2ml vial sets of Bombay Bling, Mohur & Trayee. Each winner will get one set.

How Do You Enter?

Your answer must be entered in the comments on the Perfume Posse where the Neela Vermeire Creations LIVE Video Sniff is happening right now.

You must follow AustralianPerfumeJunkies via RSS, Email, WordPress, please tell me RSS/eM/WP in your comment. Yes, you can join and follow to be eligible. EASY!

You must also tell me any Indian (Subcontinent not Amer-Indian) State/Union Territory or State Capital City. NO DOUBLE UPS!! There are 35 States/Union Territories  and their Capitals before we need to repeat anything. Once the comment number reaches 140, that’s your comments and my replies, then we can start doubling up. Got It? EASY PEASY!! Here’s a list to help you


Entries Close Saturday December 8th 10pm AEDST and winners will be announced in a separate post on Perfume Posse on Sunday. Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and TSO Jin will pick them. He doesn’t even stop watching TV to do it usually.
Winners will have till Wednesday December 12th to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or I will give the prize to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Don’t want to wait? Need your Neela Vermeire Creations fix right nnow? Here you can buy her Try India sets and the Discovery sets

GO TO IT!! The Perfume Posse
See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

Jai Ho

30 comments on “Bombay Bling by Bertrand Duchaufour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2011 + GIVEAWAY!!

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    BB is Devine ! I generously won a sample a while back and I love the fruit in the opening ! It’s so different from the fruits u get in the mass produced celebrity offerings. Here it’s juicy, moist and hyper real ! Like a fresh cut fruit salad where all the juices has combined in the bottom of the bowl! It’s chilly and pulpy fresh , not sugared . Lush , not lack lustre.
    Do you remember the book James and the giant Peach ? By Rhoul Dahl , This is the scent to that book !

  2. wooddogs3 says:

    I am going to mention Kerala, because once about 25 years ago I was served a dish called “crab Kerala” that was so delicious that I still remember it. Would also love to try the frags!

  3. […] Bombay Bling by Bertrand Duchaufour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2011 + GIVEAWAY!!. […]

  4. lucasai says:

    I love the way Bombay Bling smells! So inviting, refreshing

  5. dremybluz says:

    All 3 fragrances sound great. I have not tried any of the yet.
    Asam, Bihar Goa, Gujarta, Haryana, Manipur, Punjab are a few of the states.
    I always love it when you give us a new video. You are always smashing. Thanks
    for the wonderful giveaway

  6. tomatefarcie says:

    I so want to try these! I follow by email. And I have to choose Pondicherry. Thanks!

  7. Samba says:

    What a fun review ! Soo excited to try all three, doesn’t hurt to smell good to do yoga !!

  8. Undina says:

    Bombay Bling is my favorite of the trio. I could probably share it with my vSO but I wouldn’t be generous enough to completely release my rights to it 😉

    I will have to get a bottle of it eventually… But then I do like Trayee as well… Decisions, decisions… 🙂

  9. poodle says:

    I have samples of these and love all 3. Bombay Bling was the scent that proved to me that fruity scents can be wonderful. It’s fruit done right. I’m going to pop on over to the posse and watch the video now.

  10. Kandice says:

    Hi Portia!

    Ever since there was the message on the Perfume Posse that the web site had blown up (about two weeks ago), I’ve been unable to navigate their site. I can get to the home page, but trying to then move to the comments page, the “drop us a note” page, or really anywhere other than the Home page gives me nothing but a blank screen. Do you know if anyone else is having this problem? I’d love to enter the draw but can’t get to the right page over there. In fact, it’s gotten so frustrating I may give up visiting that site as I can’t ever read a complete post with comments.

    Thanks for your help. I don’t know who else to ask!

    • I am sending your message through to Patty at HQ Kandice. I will find out what I can for you.
      Try opening with Firefox or Chrome or Safari instead of your usual maybe?
      Portia xx

    • From Patty @ Perfume Posse
      Yeah, we are getting this randomly. It seems to be tied to Internet Explorer, the bane of my existence, even though it’s not for everyone using that. I’m just telling people to try another browser since I don’t have any problems with it for any other browser, and there isn’t any apparent reason for it not to work. I hate the internets sometimes! I’m thinking it’s a bad cookie that went on their browser the day it blew up because I’m using the exact same theme I used before I did the last one, and it seemed to work for everyone really well.

      • Kandice says:


        Thanks so much for the response. I have tried Google Chrome, and it’s a little better. I’ll keep trying. I hate to miss out on your blogs.


        Thanks so much for the help!


  11. I just received my order for a sample set from Neela Vermeire about a week ago. Oh my gosh. I am in love with all three!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bombay Bling either, but the mango was just so bright and juicy! It made me so HAPPY! It was seriously the happiest I had been all week.

    I think I even attempted a Bolly-wood style twirl. It was fun for me, but I’m glad no one else saw 🙂

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