Muguet des Bois EdC by Henri Robert for Coty 1941

Hello Gorgeouses!

Sometimes I like to go totally opposite from the high end of the fragrance register because I just want to smell good, not challenged or have to work hard to understand what I’m up to in the life cycle or even worry about the respritz value. Sometimes I want simple, pretty, cheap, cheerful and ultimately wearable fragrance. Lily of the valley is not a flower I am knowledgeable about in smell or growth. I do remember one year Mum and I bought and planted some pots of what was sold as lily of the valley but they did not live long enough to flower and that soured me on the whole plant so I have often overlooked it in fragrances.

Muguet des Bois EdC by Coty 1941

MuguetDesBois FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Aldehydes, orange, green leaves, bergamot
Heart: Cyclamen, lilac, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose
Base: Sandalwood, musk

A bright green citrus opening  sings out sweetly and quite syrup-ish. The bouquet is pretty and light, perfect during winter for reminiscence of spring and as a coolant in the hot summer months, the flowers remain green throughout the life of Muguet Des Bois. I currently have a vase full of Asiatic lilies, not Casablanca, and the scent is so like Muguet Des Bois that it’s uncanny. They are beautiful big pink and white flowers, huge! This is what they smell like too. Even as it fades towards dry down at the 3 hour mark the sandalwood is only a slight buttery warmth, leaving only the softest whisper of a skin scent that’s completely lost to me for another hour or so maximum.

AsiaticLily25.73895Photo Stolen sito

Compared to Vintage Diorissimo Parfum (which is all I have) it is more sugared and way less stark, it also feels more transparent and gauzy, and let’s be perfectly honest cheaper. Looking at their respective price points though Muguet Des Bois is WAY better value because you can only tell how much cheaper side by side.

I think that Muguet Des Bois would be a wonderful work scent, as long as they aren’t fragrance phobic or too cramped quarters. It is also a lovely shopping, dining, dating fragrance, so fresh and light while being fragrant but not “clean”. Know what I mean?

LilyOfTheValley ausgradenerPhoto Stolen ausgardener

The most expensive I found 50ml on the discounters was $14, what a sensational bargain. Thank you Coty.

Further reading NowSmellThis and YesterdaysPerfume
Parfum1 has 50ml for $8

Have you smelt Mugeut Des Bois? Do you have a fave Lily Of The Valley scent?

Till tomorrow remember dreams only need persistent action to make them happen,

Portia xx

10 comments on “Muguet des Bois EdC by Henri Robert for Coty 1941

  1. Tatiana says:

    I love Lily of the Valley. They grew along side the shady side of the house I grew up in. I wish they grew here in NorCal, but the ground never gets cold enough to set the bulbous roots.
    My mom had a bottle of Diorissimo. Since it was back in the 60’s I guess it would be considered vintage now. I loved that scent. I’ll have to seek out a sample of Muguet to compare it to what I remember. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. laniersmith says:

    My favorite Lily of the Valley is Diorissimo. And if you are going to go the expensive route then this works great on men as well as women. Therefor I am going to try Mugeut de Bois! I have two classic Coty’s in my collection. L’Aimant (Coty claims it is the original formula of Chanel No.5) which is NO.5 with thorns and a whip. (I like that) and Emeraude which is so so. Coty it a great house to have some cheap thrills in.

  3. poodle says:

    I love lily of the valley. It amazes me how so much scent comes from such a small flower. I have some out in the yard. They like shady, moist areas. Mine are still getting established but next spring I have a feeling they will start to spread more. I had some of those big pink and white lilies too. I think they are called stargazer lilies. They were beautiful but some rotten little insect ate them on me and I don’t know if they’ll come back in the spring or not. I remember this perfume from way back. I loved it.

  4. Madeleine says:

    Hi Portia,

    I do have MdB and I love it! Diorissimo circa 1980s, 1990s would be my fave but the thing has now been reformulated beyond recognition.

    Another LOTV fave is Debut by Michel Roudnitska for DelRae. Its a lovely bright lotv with some vetiver in the base. A lovely homage by MR to his father’s masterpiece Diorissimo.

    M x

  5. Undina says:

    I love LotV as flowers and from time to time enjoy wearing it in my perfumes.

    I haven’t had a chance to try Coty’s version yet. And my favorites are Diorissimo, Guerlain’s Muguet and Lily of the Valley by Penhaligon’s.

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