Fleurs de Gardenia by Olivier Creed VI for Creed 2006 (2012 L.E.)


In the lead up to the holidays SurrenderToChance were having a special deal in the DailyChanceSpecial section. Which I always try to have a squiz at, at least twice a week so I don’t miss anything FABULOUS!! Sometimes the deals are so good that even if I am not a desperate fan of the manufacturer I will grab it to see if I’m wrong. Always happy to be taught a lesson. On top of that Patty has been wittering on SO MUCH about Gardenia, a scent I’ve always loved in the garden, and though I have a few I always like to have comparison frags, OH DEAR I AM A PERFUME BORE!! Ha, if you’ve read this far you probably are too so let’s continue

Fleurs de Gardenia by Creed 2012

FleursDeGardenia FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Pink pepper, galbanum, black currant
Heart: Gardenia, floral notes, lily-of-the-valley, peony, lavender
Base: Musk, cedar, patchouli

WOW!! The first spritz waft is almost photo realistic Gardenia, that burns off quickly and I have a softly sizzling pink pepper and galbanum with morning breath. Sounds ghastly doesn’t it? It is not at all ghastly, deep, bright and intense are the 3 words that spring to mind but no notes, they are blended into a blue cheese and sweet floral naughtiness. Quite alluring I think. My BFF Kath loves it and thinks I smell gorgeous, so we agree which is good. After the fun and naughtiness Fleurs de Gardenia becomes a soft and very discrete floral with no hint of its outrageous beginnings, the patchouli has been scrubbed raw and musks are barely there. The flowers are pretty and prim and sexless and after the first 20 minutes would be a very good work fragrance.

Gardenia gardendebutPhoto Stolen gardenDebut

In the heat of summer here in Sydney, maybe 38 degrees celsius/100+F today I am lucky to get 3 hours but what I get is lovely and interesting. I have quite a big decant, let’s see how fast it goes and whether I feel I need a bottle at the end. Really though, I doubt it, for the money Creed is asking I want my fragrance to last through dinner.

I have worn Fleurs de Gardenia again tonight and in the cooler temperature it has a longer story, I am at 4 hours and there is still a whiff of something that is lovelier than me, it could be the extra layers of scent as this is the 3rd respritz today but it is hanging in there.

Further reading TheScentrist
Buying from Creed counters (Limited Edition Re-Release)
SurrenderToChance $5.25/ml

Have you been trying anything just because? Do you have a frag house that you WANT to love but they don’t ever seem to fit? Tell me, I love to read your stories.

Till tomorrow, have some fun,

Portia x

10 comments on “Fleurs de Gardenia by Olivier Creed VI for Creed 2006 (2012 L.E.)

  1. Ellen Covey says:

    I have a compulsion to try everything that’s available for sampling … just because it’s there, and one never knows. I’ve had some amazing, marvelous surprises, and some huge disappointments, but I never rule anything out. It’s always an interesting ride. I have a huge stash of samples that range from the most obscure/expensive/exclusive through vintage, niche/indie, classic, mid-level/mass market, craftsy, cheapo mass-market/celebrity to stuff from the supermarket discount bin. I keep everything not yet tested jumbled together in big boxes and pull one out at random whenever I want to sniff. I just wish I had more time, skin and … time .. to experience them all.

  2. laniersmith says:

    OH how funny Portia, I just did a review on a gardenia perfume today too!

    I used to be frightened of gardenia because of the scene in “The Maltese Falcon” where Sam Spade’s secretary Effie presents him with a calling card. He sniffs it and looks up at her. “Gardenia” She says with a pointedly raised slightly scandalized eyebrow. Sam says, “Show him in sweetheart” This all indicating that Mr. Joel Cairo (Peter Lorrie) is wearing a lady scent (circa 1940 and you know what that means in movie shorthand) So because of that I had the idea that gardenia was way too over the top and feminine for the tragic to allow.

    Boy was I wrong. So far I love it and now with your review I have to pop over to Surrender to Chance and get some of this lovely juice! Thanks for this great review.

    Oh and what I have tried just for fun is Amarige by Givenchy which is an explosion of tuberose! Now that would probably send Effie and Sam right out of the 14th floor window of his office on Market Street! One dab of that with a little Nude for Men by Bijan and wow…!

  3. RuthF says:

    Portia and Ellen, I’d love to raid your perfume stashes! I only discovered the world of decants and samples about a year ago but have started a collection of my own, it’s always so exciting getting a package of little vials in the mail! Which reminds me Portia, have you ever hosted an APJ swap mania like perfume posse did a couple of months ago? It’s such a great idea but most people weren’t willing to ship to Austraila which is understandable.

  4. Undina says:

    38?!! I hate when it’s hot! (or cold, to that matter 😉 ).

    Eventually I’ll go through all of my samples so whatever gets in there will be tested sooner or later. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised (like, for example, yesterday by MFK’s Amyris Femme – I got it as extra in swap; if it weren’t for that I would have never probably tried it).

    Sometimes, when I find myself at a perfume counter and I’ve tried everything I wanted to try (which isn’t that hard to do if we’re talking about Macy’s or Nordstrom) I might check out something I haven’t event hought of trying.

    I’m almost completely unfamiliar with Creed. Now I’m curious to try Fleurs de Gardenia.

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