Tropic Lime Vanille by Liz Zorn for Siovohle 2012

Hey Fellow Fumies,

One of the things I love, and hate, about being a fragrance addict is short release fragrances, usually summer releases that stay for one season. Sometimes they are rebottlings, flankers or in very special cases a whole new fragrance that a niche perfumer may only make one batch of.

Tropic Lime Vanille by Liz Zorn for Siovohle 2012

TropicLimeVanille SOIVOHLEPhoto Stolen SOIVOHLE

BaseNotes gives these featured accords:
Top Notes: Lime, linden (lime) blossom, coconut
Middle Notes: Jasmine, apricot, white violet, clean linen, petigrain sur fleur
Base Notes: Bourbon vanilla, benzoin, musk

From Liz Zorn’s blog (edited): A completely new formulation. Tropic Lime Vanille is a fun summery indulgence. It is a refreshing scent that has just enough of the creaminess from the coconut and apricot notes to keep it from being too flimsy, and enough of the citrus to keep it light. My goal was to weave that lime essence as far into the dry-down as possible. I love lime, it is one of my favorite things. so it is really the centerpiece here.

For a refreshing spritz or a memory of summer and holidays abroad there is no better fragrance than Tropic Lime Vanille. The instant burst of lime and coconut is a burst of energy for the enervating long days of summer, yesterday it was 42C (108F) here in Sydney, still 35C (95F) when I came home from work at 10pm!! Seriously hot weather folks and after I’d taken my gear off and had a swim it seemed the only choice.

TLVanille CaFleurBonPhoto Stolen CaFleurBon

After the initial citrus and creamy coconut opening the fruit and flowers settle very nicely and quietly. I become nearly anosmic to the scent but if I return to my office after making a cup of coffee or a chat the smell is glorious. Jin says it leaves a wonderful soft sillage too, or when I’ve been sitting with him for a minute or so he’ll say that I smell lovely. Interesting huh?

The vanilla end starts from early in the heart and slowly takes over Tropic Lime Vanille as the other ingredients burn off leaving and very soft musky vanilla that is only a smidge of scent overlain on my own skin. This takes around 4 hours in summer but a bit longer in the cooler weather. This morning after sleeping in that terrible heat with the AC on till 3am I can still smell something good that isn’t me and it’s 10am. Just  the merest something that is nothing better.

CoconutLime fallForwardPhoto Stolen FallingForward

Recently Liz Zorn has refined the SOIVOHLE range to Absolutes and Demi-Absolutes and you can find her incredibly beautiful and interesting works on the SOIVOHLE site.
There is a limited amount of Tropic Lime Vanille in the Clearance Section of the site 15ml EdT for $15 BE QUICK!!
They have a fantastic selection and the sample program is really good too. Check out my faves: TOBACCO & TULLE, LEATHER KREM, ANUBIS

Which short term fragrances have you loved and maybe do you miss? Have you tried SOIVOHLE’s fragrances? Tell us in the comments, we love a chat.

See you tomorrow,
Till then do something thoughtful for yourself,
Portia xx

Something fun and uplifting to go with Tropic Lime Vanille. Danni Minogue does Put The Lime In The Coconut

12 comments on “Tropic Lime Vanille by Liz Zorn for Siovohle 2012

  1. Azar says:

    Thank you for the “lime in the coconut” fragrance prescription! I’ve been singing this song since it first came out years and years ago…so… I zoomed over to the SOIVOHLE site and immediately ordered Tropic Lime Vanille. I know I WILL feel better and maybe remember my old house in the FL Keys and forget about this winter deep freeze in WA.

  2. susan says:

    My favorite Soivohle, that I’ve tried, is Rosa sur Reuse. I bought that and Lilas et Narcisse unsniffed during her sale. My husband has a mini of Transcendental Musc that is DIVINE on him. Might have to get him some more of that soon. I’ve also got a sample of Centennial that I have yet to try.

    • Rosa sur Reuse was my first SOIVOHLE love and by the time I got to the sale was completely sold out. I’m sad because I would have bought heaps.
      Enjoy yours. I have a bottle still and will wear it tomorrow I think.
      Portia xx

      • susan says:

        it’s so nice! I wasn’t sure at first because it starts with cinnamon (not a favorite note of mine, in perfume anyways), but the floral + berry part is divine. Too bad you missed out on the sale, it seems like some or all of the EDTs may be brought back as an absolute or demi-absolute, here’s hoping…

      • Yeah, totally hoping. Fingers, toes and teeth crossed.
        Portia xx

  3. Jordan River says:

    Sending Out Inspired Vibrations Of Healthy Loving Energy. Here’s to a Soivohle Summer. Does the lime really last into the beginning of the dry down?

  4. killerrabbit says:

    Oh Portia, you have started a lemming. It sounds just what I need in this stupidly hot weather in Australia. Stay cool!

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