Oscar For Men by Oscar de la Renta 1977 (1999 re-release)


Guest Post by Margeaux


Hi all, and thanks for joining me for my very first Junkies review. Please be kind as I am new to discussing the smells that I have loved for some time or have just been recently introduced to. You may have seen me in some of the live sniff movies that have happened – my first was the Cher Uninhibited sniff that Portia and I did way back at the start of 2012. I tend to be quite conservative in what I will buy or try, and tend to stick to the big name fashion houses but slowly over time Portia and the rest of the APJ gang are schooling me on smelling all that the perfume world has to offer. What a great journey ahead of me!

Oscar For Men by Oscar de la Renta 1977 (1999 re-release)

OscarforMen FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Mandarin orange, fir resin, bergamot, pepper
Heart: Nutmeg, lily, lavender, jasmine, violet leaf, cloves, rose
Base: Leather, sandalwood, musk, balsam fir, vanilla, incense

So today I’m tackling a scent from one of fashion’s most iconic designers – Oscar de la Renta. This is one of his few men’s fragrances and what he lacks in quantity, he certainly makes up for with quality.  Oscar for Men was launched all the way back in 1977 but relaunched in 1999 so its far from new. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to rate so highly anymore over at ODLR as it doesn’t appear on the website at all – to find out anything about this one you’ll have to go to blogs and perfume sites.

But on to the scent itself, and it’s a lovely fresh, herbaceous fragrance, that is cool and even slightly aquatic to my nose. The opening notes remind me of walking through moss covered forests everything slightly wet underfoot but fresh smells wherever the wind wafts. After it settles down the freshness remains, but it becomes a more subtle blend of woods and pepper, and on my skin I still get just a hint of something sweet – not in a fruity way, but just with this tantalizing hint of sweetness like a not quite ripe granny smith apple perhaps. Still quite tart, but definitely some sugar in there too. When I close my eyes while smelling this, I get lots of images of forest greens rushing my mind.

HerbBouquet bynaturePhoto Stolen ByNature

I was initially disappointed with how long it lasted on my skin as I’m a pretty heavy spritzer to make sure I get a good stink happening, but the first go of this one seemed to disappear quite quickly. In more recent times as my nose is recovering function after many years of smoking, lo and behold, Oscar lasts a lot longer than I initially thought. Now I will often get a waft late into the afternoon that is quite charming, still woodsy fresh and appealing.

LinenSuit mens-fashion.lovetoknowPhoto Stolen mens-fashion.lovetoknow

Other reviewers have noted that this is a good fragrance for summer months and I would heartily agree. Its definitely not one you’d wear in the dead of winter but otherwise I’d be tempted to wear it just about any other time of year. I tend to headache pretty easily (JPG’s Man and the original Tommy Hilfiger were instant headaches for me) when a scent is simply too much, but this sits nicely after it dries so you should be good to wear it just about anywhere you want to.

CheapSmells has 100ml EdT from $26
MyPerfumeSamples from $2/ml.

Smell ya later sassy stinkers!

Margeaux xx

12 comments on “Oscar For Men by Oscar de la Renta 1977 (1999 re-release)

  1. poodle says:

    Congrats on your first review, Margeaux! This is exactly the type of scent my hubby likes. Now that I know what it smells like if I see it at a discounter I may just grab a bottle for him.

  2. YAY!! Margeaux is in the APJ HOUSE!!
    Nice work buddy. I’m tempted myself,
    Portia xx

  3. Katrina says:

    Great review Margeaux!! Have enjoyed your live sniffs with Portia & look forward to more of your reviews. Katrina xx

  4. David Watson says:

    Thanks for the kind words all, I love being a part of the APJ team too. This was a real surprise for me, and one that I wear often now 🙂

  5. Madeleine says:

    Hi Margeaux,

    Congrats on a terrific first written review! This sounds fabulous!
    I had no idea de la Renta did a men’s frag but I used to wear the woman’s one back in the day.

    I shall now seek this out!


  6. Congratulations on a first review! Great job, Margeaux!

  7. Michael says:

    Nice review David. Sounds like OFM works well on you. For me it’s a complete black pepper bomb!

  8. Jordan River says:

    Pour David looking toward to Pour Lui via Margeaux

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