Axe Excite Movie: Behind The Scenes At Firmenich

Hello Fragrance Lovers,

I love the heading today, it reads like a snuff film, doesn’t it! Sorry to let you all down but back in September last year Victoria on BoisDeJasmine showed this Behind-The-Scenes movie of the way an Axe fragrance is created, I imagine much the same as fine fragrance with a miniscule budget. It shook me a little because though I kind of understood that millions of people were involved in creating the smells of our daily lives I do sometimes forget that these people who, even though they can and do, aren’t making fine fragrance and are still about doing the best they can within extremely rigid parameters. It really opened my eyes.

AxeExcite dailydesigninspirationPhoto Stolen DailyDesignInspiration

The patent excitement shown for getting the job of Axe Fragrancers is wonderful and genuine. No one is even hinting that they’d rather be doing JPG’s next blockbuster, there is no embarrassment. Just some great people doing a job that will bring fragrance to a bunch of people. Interesting.

I am very conscious that sometimes I come across as condescending. I mean none of it here and am seriously happy that these guys are great at their jobs and love it, whatever end cost level they are working at in the moment. In fact, a big Axe contract would net the manufacturers way more money that a niche fine fragrance win would.

Portia xx

AXE EXCITE Story stolen BoisdeJasmin 13/9/12

Axe Excite Movie I

Axe Excite Movie II

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