Blu EdP by Bruno Acampora 2012

Hey Ho All,

I love it when the LuckyScent Sample Pack arrives. Always some new and interesting stuff. My only bug bear is that they don’t do a 2ml spray sample set. I get only 2 wears from .7ml and it is enough to test the product but not enough to fall madly and deeply in love. I have only bought one full bottle from the sample sets and that is not a very good strike rate in any person’s books. Wearing a fragrance only at my desk and round the house is a review not a life changer, or a shopping inducement.

Blu EdP by Bruno Acampora 2012

Blu FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tuberose, ylang-ylang, orange, sandalwood

A bit of background, this crew has been popular in Italy for years and Bruno Acampora, according to IndieScents, was a beautiful jet setter in his heyday and there is an Andy Warhol portrait of him!! Blu was a Fragrant Oil till last year and was created in 1974.

ZOOM! From zero to tuberose in seconds. the opening of Blu is ridiculously beautiful, capturing the buttery and the green facets of this glorious flower.Blu is so in your face at the beginning it’s almost a drug store Tuberose, my favourite kind. A big sappy blast of green and white flower with ylang ylang buoying it up and helping it float. If you could see me right now pushing the back of my wrists together in a downward V to get more fragrance up my nose. Close to there is a fabulously poisonous extremity in the fragrance that at arms length becomes a beautifully blended dream. The orange that I’m getting is white pithy and juicy, and the sandalwood hums below everything.

Blu’s facets weave a harmonious blanket, that sometimes lets surface one of more in prominence. After an hour or so the orange really makes a dash for centre stage, it comes back again later too. As the fragrance develops I get a salty seaside twang hiding that hints at dark places, a slight minty skew and some smoke/incense too sometimes. The only mentioned note that stays constantly in the middle to background is the sandalwood until the end where it’s all that’s left, still pumping out lovely velvet softness for hours after the rest have packed up and gone home.

capri avi2012Photo Stolen avi2012

I have never been to Capri but Blu certainly conjures the memories of fabulous nights spent on islands in Australia, Greece and the South Pacific. The heady, intoxicating aromas of white night flowers, citrus and surf. Scent bubble is incredible for the first 2 hours before it dies back to a dull roar, sillage likewise but you will leave a beautiful coruscating trail for up to 5 hours before Blu becomes a skin scent of sandalwood.

Further reading IndieScents introduces Bruno Acampora and MimiFrouFrou really gets to know Blu
LuckyScent has 50ml/$135 and .7ml/$5

Have you tried Blu? Any of the Bruno Acampora scents?

So today I am going to spend 10 minutes with Blu on and close my eyes and dream about my holiday. I know it will relax and refocus me so please don’t bother me till I’m done. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you after my internal gloating meditation is over.

Love to you all, till tomorrow,
Portia xx

10 comments on “Blu EdP by Bruno Acampora 2012

  1. Madeleine says:

    OMG! You had me at hello Miss P!

    I’ve avoided Bruno cos im not one for oils but you’ve created a BIG FAT LEMMING !

    Onto the luckyscent sample list it goes. And Capri, lovely Capri, I hope it reminds me of this too

    M xxx

  2. tammy says:

    Oh I love this line…though I don’t care for tuberose, so I have never tired this one….and am hoping they’ll get more love now they’ve expanded to EdPs. I prefer oils for their richness and depth, but I know I”m in the vast minority here!

    Prima T is in my Top 5 and I’m curious to sample it in EdP. The oil is so deep and rich and complex that I’m afraid it’ll lose something in the translation, but I am definitely going to sample it, as well as Sballo and their musk..

    Enjoy your holiday! 😛

  3. blauriche says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried one of their scents, though they recommended the Musc to me when I filled out the questionnaire in the Scent Bar portion of the website. I just got the Best of 2012 sample set yesterday. I’ve tried two of the scents so far and I’ve been pretty happy with both of them. It was my first time ordering one of their sample sets, but I have the feeling it won’t be the last…

  4. Natalie says:

    “From zero to tuberose in seconds” is an amazing description. 🙂 Not sure I want to hit tuberose that fast, but at least if I try this I will know what to expect!

  5. Peter Hampton says:

    Hi Portia,

    I hope the holiday is going well… Nice blog, very impressed.

    Lots of lurve

    Peter Hampton (Rob Kennedy’s other half)

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