Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT by Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian 2004

Hey Happy Huffers,

This is one of my favourite go to scents. It seems to be a good fit for almost anything. Dressy, casual, close or far. It never interferes with what I’m doing or those around me yet it also manages to garner compliments often when it gets some public skin time. And while that happens a bit, with no other fragrance is it so regular. I have also got other people in my orbit hooked on its luscious softness.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT 2004

NarcisoRodriguez FragranticaPhoto stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: African orange flower, osmanthus
Heart: Amber., musk
Base: Vanilla, amber, vetiver

Whenever I get the first waft of Narciso Rodriguez for Her I immediately feel light, lovely, happy and thankful that I am a perfumista and that Narciso Rodriguez for Her came into my life. It’s a little like the feeling as you take off in an airplane to go somewhere lavish and interesting. SWOOSH up my nose flows a translucent shimmer of what I always thought was a sweet rose but it turns out to be African orange flower and osmanthus! Oh well, I’ve been wrong before. The musk is already there, soapy and sugary like musk sticks that we ate as children. I still eat them sometimes! Jin can’t eat them because to him they are exactly like eating cheap Korean soap from his youth.

The amber I get on my skin is sweet and dry, no bitterness just a creamy vanillic amber that presents as smooth and cool as the big fat opaque pale eggs of low grade amber that I find so distinctive and beautiful in jewellery. Together the whole blends during the heart to give the impression of beautiful skin fresh from the pool, just dried so still damp but slightly salty and the blood is pumping so the flesh is warming quickly. I find the heart of Narciso Rodriguez for Her to be nearly narcotic in its peaceful pleasureability. I swoon with a Stendhal syndrome effect because it’s so damn lovely. When I wear Narciso Rodriguez for Her I sometimes wish I could be a one frag person, don’t worry it doesn’t last.

How did they get it so sheer and so hefty? Sillage is fabulous and the scent bubble is too yet it’s never overwhelming and I think it a perfect working scent, as well as the sexy come hither scent, and one you can pick the kids up from school in. It seems there is nowhere that would be inappropriate. No wonder this has been such a popular, game changing scent.

imagesPhoto Stolen sevanya

Further reading PerfumeShrine takes you through all the variations available and BoisDeJasmine contrasts it with sister scent SJP Lovely
FragranceShop has 50ml/$48.50 after discount
MyPerfumeSamples starts at $2.50/ml up to $7.50/5ml

Have you spent some time with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances? Do you have a favourite iteration?

Thanks for wandering through my fragrant musings,
Love to you and yours,
Portia xx

Narciso Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2013

16 comments on “Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT by Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian 2004

  1. Mel says:

    I love NR, especially the Delicate version. You can check out my review on it on my blog 🙂

  2. Katrina says:

    Hi Portia, what do you think about the comparison to SJP Lovely?

    Katrina xx

  3. Kafkaesque says:

    I’m afraid I wasn’t a fan of this one. The musky soap aspects were very cloying and synthetic to my nose, and I’m not a fan of soapy scents to begin with. But it is an extremely popular scent, so I’m definitely in the minority. 🙂

  4. Scent Bound says:

    This is a lovely scent. I know it is marketed as a women’s fragrance but I definitely think it’s unisex.It reminds me of Lumiere Noire pour Homme, especially in the heart. Lumiere is slightly spicier but the luminous rose notes are identical. After all Kurkdjian created both and I think he’s developed the same dark rose idea in different ways.

    • Interesting. He certainly seems to have an enjoyment in developing an idea, rather than new. I like it, it also is about what the company wants too.
      Portia xx

      • Scent Bound says:

        I notice Ellena did the same thing with Declaration and Bois D’Orage/French Lover – he took the same idea as in Declaration and “updated” it in Bois D’Orage.

        I don’t think Lumiere would have existed if it weren’t for Maison Francis Kurkdjian. In the current state of perfumery, no designer would risk putting out a scent like this, especially for men – it is too risky and I don’t see it appealing to the average Joe.

  5. macgr3gr says:

    wow, I want what you’re wearing
    have the edp (and musc oil) find it snuggly and clear (rather than clean)
    the edt…..while I rather enjoy a weekend of twisted sheets and no going out, perhaps the fellow commuters and workmates don’t need to join in
    hmm either you have a well bred ‘civilizing’ skin or I have one which points and shouts “skank!”
    NR’s whole range is well thought out, fantastic bottles, slightly confusing naming tho

  6. I have a similar reaction to this one, although I can be bored with it for months at a time. Then suddenly I almost *crave* it (*or* SJP Lovey). They share a strange beauty.I find NR brighter, sweeter in comparison, Lovely a bit more plasticy , almost creepy, aloof quality ( I mean that in a good way). T I think you nailed it when you said “sheer” yet “hefty.” [I also sort of hate pink fragrances and packaging, but Lovely got it right somehow got it right].

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