Holiday Photo Essay Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary

Hey Hey APJ Family and Friends,

As you saw from our shopping lists we have hit the frag shops hard this week with Birgit and Sandra in Vienna but we didn’t get many good shots from the day, sorry. I did pop into the Knize flagship store in Vienna to grab a bottle of the limited edition Knize Ten Gold. They were sold out so I had to content myself with a deodorant stick till I get to Paris. Annoying because I didn’t get it in Prague when I saw it hoping to buy at the original home, GRRR!
I’m not sure if I bragged about this but Neela Vermeire and her gorgeous husband Tony happened to be in Vienna and we all went for a super great dinner filled with loads of laughs and great food. They are such good people and Neela’s beauty is especially apparent in her fragrances. From the little I’ve seen she is as filled with magic as her frags. Great night!!

Budapest is awash with fabulous niche perfumeries. A city that fills during working hours to four million people has two incredible niche frag shops, Neroli and Parfums Croissette, that we’ve been to and Madisson that we hope to see tomorrow. I’ve also added some great shots that we’ve taken that are not frag related. All taken in lovely Budapest. The dinner shot is our new buddy Ibrahim who helped us at the post office and then became our leader and guide on our last night here. I’ve just taken the one of us in bed because we are off to sleepy byes, goodnight from us.

Off to Venice tomorrow afternoon.
Love and kisses,
Jin and Portia xx















5 comments on “Holiday Photo Essay Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary

  1. Sandra says:

    It was a blast meeting you both in Vienna! Have a ball shopping in Paris. Don’t worry too much about getting it back – it will work out.

    • SANDRA!!!
      We are so glad that we met you, what a great girl you are. So fun and bright and bubbly, thanks for coming and hanging with us in Vienna. We are about to pull back into Vienna for an hour as we stop over to get on the night train to Venice. We’ll be waving as we pull out. BUSSIS
      Jin and Portia xxx

  2. poodle says:

    You two are just meeting up with everyone on your world tour. Shopping with Birgit, dinner with Neela, you’re so lucky!

    • Hey Poodle,
      We are so aware of how lucky we are, every day is such a blessing, not just because of this holiday but every day. We are having the time of our lives and I’m so happy that I can share it with my haven’t met yet online buddies like you.
      Portia xx

  3. Undina says:

    I need more “Likes” – one for each picture 🙂

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