Fleur Du Male by Francis Kurkdjian for Jean Paul Gaultier 2008 + JPG S/S2013 Ad

Hey Fume Friends,

While I’m writing this today I am also rocking JPG Fleur de Male, and I smell GORGEOUS!! Such a lovely scent I wuill never understand why it wasn’t an instant and enormous success? Do you have a favourite that never made it to the top of the charts? Chat about it down in the comments section, I love reading about it and others can chime in too.

Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier 2008

FleurDuMale FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
African orange flower, bergamot, basil and caraway

If you are a fan of Le Male but find it too overwhelming then Fleur Du Male could be the answer. Still a statement fragrance but the people across the restaurant won’t be asking who is wearing Fleur Le Male, as often happens with its prequel. Fleur Du Male is an altogether different kettle of fish. Easier on wearer and surrounding crowd. A fresh, fun and fanciful men’s fragrance that I think suffered in the West from its floral association, way ahead of its time.

Bright and effervescent opening with orange blossom and bergamot that settles around you like a cashmere throw, light enough to not notice it hefty enough to keep you warm. Surprisingly this opening lasts well into the heart of the fragrance giving continued radiance as the herby/spicy heart takes over. Fleur Du Male makes me smile, happily, and lifts my mood even if I’m already feeling tip top. Completely unisex, wearable and lovely it still is interesting enough for the perfumista in me to enjoy the ride. I have gone through a couple of decants of Fleur Du Male and recently purchased the big bottle, the current decant is going quickly and I can see the bottle going likewise. So easy and joyful, who wouldn’t spritz with abandon? The dry down is a continued warming a spicing but it stays pretty linear fading to nothing at around 5-6 hours.

FleurDuMale collections.delcampe.comPhoto Stolen collections.delcampe.com

Fleur Du Male is a party fragrance, even when I’m home doing chores it puts me into the fun zone. Sometimes I even put some music on too and sing, scent and scrub together. Probably a little too full on for office work but I can’t see it being a problem anywhere else, men and women start your Fleur Du Male!

Further reading NowSmellThis and BoisDeJasmin
FragranceNet has 75ml/$41
MyPerfumeSamples from $2/ml – $7/5ml

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

I just stole this from one of my Must Read Blogs art8amby

Sebastian Kim photographed models as pop icons for the Spring Summer 2013 campaign of Jean Paul Gaultier. The images featuring Ginta Lapina as Madonna, Jeneil Williams as Grace Jones, Maria Krashleva as Boy George, and Hannelore Knuts as David Bowie was art directed by Babeth Djian with the make up by Llyod Simmonds and hair by Diego Da Silva.

How fabulous is that? I am gagging for it. Totally fun.

Till tomorrow,
Love, Love, Love from,
Portia xx

Image via TFS.

18 comments on “Fleur Du Male by Francis Kurkdjian for Jean Paul Gaultier 2008 + JPG S/S2013 Ad

  1. David Watson says:

    I loved the original JPG when it came out but soon found that prolonged proximity gave me a headache and so ever since then I’ve steered clear. Funnily enough I got a huge whiff of someone wearing it as they walked past me yesterday, and it still smells deliciously masculine to me, in small doses lol
    I’d love to try this one though, love the review Portia xx

  2. Stacy Holmen says:

    Hi Jules –

    Will you forward this to Logan, it’s one of my favorite fragrance blogs. I’ll send a few more as well! So nice to catch up yesterday!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. masha7 says:

    Fleur du Male is my all-time orange-blossom favorite, created by the master of orange blossom, Francis K! I am so sorry it’s been discontinued, and I’m shamelessly hoarding bottles. The bottle itself is a wonder and highly collectible. Love, love, love! (I use most of it myself, but really enjoy smelling it on my DH, too, it’s wonderful on the guys….)

  4. annina says:

    I remember when FdM case out, I loved it and should have snapped it up! I tried to get the DH to buy it, but we were just stopping through the store and later forgot. It’s unique, for a man or woman, and has been in the back of my mind to revisit. Off to eBay I go….

  5. fiberliza says:

    I am wearing Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens and cannot figure out why this perfume gets panned so often. Yes, it opens with a blast of flower stems, but to me that is the beauty of this fragrance. Wearing it, and sniffing through its stages, makes me think of a flower in bud, then bloom, then past its prime. The iris is gorgeous, and much more complex than other iris frags that are very monochromatic.

    It is a soft and soothing scent to me, and I can wear it to work. And it is fun to just sniff my arm from time to time….my little personal flower garden.

    I know there are a thousand flower fragrances out there, but this one to me is a masterpiece.

    • Great Bas De Soie review. I’ll give it a whirl at Serge Lutens this week.

      Portia xx

    • masha7 says:

      Bas de Soie is amazing. At my visit to the Purple Shrine in Paris, I tried this on one wrist, Serge Noire on the other. Within 10 minutes, I’d bought the bottle of Bas de Soie. It was total love. I don’t know why so many bloggers have panned it. I was one of the (very) few bloggers who raved about it. I think it’s stunning, and one of Serge Lutens’ best.

  6. I haven’t tried this scent….but I recently bought another of the Francis Kirkdijan designed scents (Eau Noire) from the Dior Private Collection. An outstanding fragrance….I could kick myself that I didn’t try more of his scents in Paris. He had an entire counter in Le Printemps!!!! Anyway, I’d definitely like to try this one…..sounds very yummy! A bientot.

  7. FdM is terrific. Such a shame about the discontinuation. I should go stock up now too while it’s reasonably inexpensive!

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