Holiday Photo Essay: Budapest, Hungary, Venice, Italy, Paris, France

Hi Crew,
It has been a busy week, three countries and fragrance shopping in all of them.

We did our final Budapest purchasing last Sunday starting at the unfortunately closed Madison, then we trotted down very scared to Neroli because we were worried they too would be shut. Thank goodness the gorgeous Ursula, that thin and sparkling SA who seems to know everything about the products in her care, was at the shop and ready for action. I had decided to buy Naomi Goodsir’s Cuir Velours because they were out of stock of Sandflowers by Montale. What a super surprise that Ursula ha found somewhere a bottle of said Sandflowers, so I bought both damn it all. Super excellent purchases BTW. Urslula was also lavish with the free bees after we sealed the deal including fragrance samples and a couple of lovely extras that have already come in useful, I recommend a visit. Next it was to Le Parfums Croisette and the lovely and enterprising Zsolt Zolyomi who owns and runs it, he is also a perfumer and will create a bespoke fragrance for you if you have the time for such lavish extravagance. Here we picked up a great favourite of mine that I have emptied a good decant of and was missing L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier Extreme, that lovely milky fig that lasts and lasts on my skin and two of The Different Company 10ml travel refills Sel de Vetiver and Oriental Lounge, excellent size and the fabulous aluminium casing is such a fun thing too.

Then we rocked on over to Venice in a dual sleeper that was small but efficient. Next time we will book the Deluxe room, it and we are worth it. PS train travel is awesome for short or middle distance, no waiting at the airport or worries. We wandered Venice like mad things, day and night. We were luck enough to stumble on a couple of perfumeries that stocked niche products. The first was run by two sisters Perfumeria Muschieri at Frezzeria San Marco 1178 which was stocked with an astounding array of fabulous and obscure niche products. Some of their lines are so small that they are held in under ten doors, amazing. And the ladies are so knowledgeable I let myself be guided by their good taste and am extremely glad that they steered me towards Sigilli’s PYRGOS and Maria Candida Gentile’s Exultat. Then on to the Pont de Rialto where we came across another fragrance shop that had a niche and designer range of perfumes, most of which I’d seen already in our travels. They did have their own fragrance range though curated by the very urbane gentleman who owns the store, his name eludes me, but we were given an extremely warm welcome and he and his assistants were ready to help and knew a lot about their products including the history. They also have their own Pont de Rialto range of fragrances of which I bought L’Eau, their unisex fragrance. I also discovered and grabbed one of the Pineider fragrances, Cuoio Nobile, which has the best packaging I’ve seen on a fragrance in a long while. Also while trolling a mall in Venice we found a frag fakes stand and I bought a “Like CHANEL No 5” that wears well for an hour before it veers from its namesake, still wearable and nice but not No 5 . What did I expect for 6 euro?

Now we are in Paris and we’ve wandered through Galleries Lafayette, finding the best Guerlain SA ever Cyril. He’s a hoot, go see him when you are in Paris. Cyril showed us the L’Heure Blue 100-years anniversary case, WOW! Have had an excellent dinner with the amazing Neela Vermeire and her husband Tony, I can’t tell you anything but make sure you like her FaceBook page for NEWS. The handsome man with Jin and I is a great mate Aaran who hails from Sydney but has landed happily in gay Paree. Also was lucky enough to catch Denyse Beauleiu for a coffee, interview and troll through Jovoy. Though she is most unwell, there she was looking a billion dollars and so welcoming and ready to share herself, her knowledge and her story. What a champ, I am a little crushy. Denyse also wandered me into a shop randomly and said, they have the Knize Ten here. SCORE! Grabbed the Limited Edition they were out of in Vienna. Woo Hoo.

I know, I have rambled too long but yesterday was a write off so today you get story and shots.
Love you all,
Portia xxx





















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33 comments on “Holiday Photo Essay: Budapest, Hungary, Venice, Italy, Paris, France

  1. David Watson says:

    Love the pics and stories – what an amazing holiday you are having xx

  2. poodle says:

    You really know how to take a vacation! Mine are pretty boring by comparison. I love all the pictures too.

  3. Sandra says:

    Wow! I am thoroughly impressed with your holiday. You are both getting the most out of it and it shows with the great pictures.

  4. Melis says:

    Portia and Jin, thank you for sharing your travels. It looks like you two are having an amazing time.

  5. laniersmith says:

    Darling! The two of you are taking Europe by storm! What a fabulous trip this is turning out to be! And all those wonderful perfumes. You are going to need an entourage of baggage men trailing behind you with those steamer trunks filled with your treasures. It is the only way to travel my dear.

  6. smellythoughts says:

    Incredible Portia! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time 😀 Loving your writing and I’m riddled with jealousy 😛
    Keep having fun and spending hard!

  7. fiberliza says:

    Portia and Jin, what an amazing adventure. I am so jealous but loving living vicariously through your travels. If you decided to take travel guests on your next perfumed tour of Europe, I’m in! This American would like to learn how to say “hello”, “thank you” and “You smell fabulous” in lots more languages.

  8. anicasunny says:

    oh just loved every sentence Portia!

  9. anicasunny says:

    You should host a “travel to Europe to trawl for perfume tour” Aussies do Europe…

  10. Natalie says:

    What fun! That photo of you and the handsome fella in Guerlain is especially great. Well done, Jin!

  11. RuthF says:

    Sounds like my dream holiday! Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

  12. Undina says:

    Portia, thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  13. Jackieb says:

    I am loving your travelogue, even though I am green with envy…not a pretty sight!
    How are you going to explain all that perfume to Customs!? (you may have a trail of beagles following you!)

  14. Katrina says:

    It looks like you’re having a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  15. What a fantastic trip you are having! Thank you so much for sharing! It has been a blast traveling around with you via the blog. Happy Chinese New Year, btw! Gugn hei fat choi!

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