White Lotus by Illuminum Haute Perfume 2012

Hey Happy Huffers,
I must have purchased these fabulous set of samples from somewhere but I can’t for the life of me remember doing it. I also wonder if Jin went looking through the fragrance online world and found them, maybe the perfumer sent them? I am lost but can I just let you in on a secret: they are great!!

White Lotus by Illuminum Haute Perfume 2012

white_lotus IlluminumPhoto Stolen Illuminum
Top: Lily of the valley, blue lotus
Heart: Egyptian jasmine, Indian tuberose
Base: Lotus absolute, musk, patchouli
From the Illuminum site: If innocence had a horizon at its borders, you would find a pond of Lotus. Its beauty is impossible to describe as it is a blend of moods, tones and bricks of imagination where beauty, purity and your most angelic desires meet.
White Lotus opens very pretty, the lily and lotus are soft and fleshy, almost plastic, like when you run your nail down a petal. Within 5 minutes they are already eclipsed by the heart of jasmine and very womanly tuberose.  Not skanky though, just feminine, a little breathy and silky like healthy, young, taut, tanned skin after a scrub and moisturiser. White Lotus is a little softer than I am used to, a veil more than a mask. They sit lightly on top of my own scent and weave through it, in a way they become me, an interesting offering from Michael Boadi a UK stylist/hairdresser to the magazines and stars. I am definitely fragrant but in the softest and most unobtrusive way. Tenacious yet unassuming, best sprayed into fabric as well as on yourself, I can still smell it in my top the day after next.
The bottles look really hefty and their stark, linear shape is classy and elegant in the pictures. I think White Lotus is the perfect scent when you want to feel luxe but just for yourself and someone intimate. Perfect even for fragrance phobic workplaces, this will sail under everyone’s radar, and secretly you will smell fabulous.

Illuminum site has an incredible sample set 16 x 1.5ml vials £25
Illuminum site has White Lotus 100ml/£150 and extremely reasonable postage to the world!

Tried anything, or any brand completely new this week? I can’t wait to try some more Illuminum for you all. I have the set so await the next installment.

Take care of yourselves and those around you,
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

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