Pure DKNY 2010

Heya Scentaholics,

Pure DKNY 2010

When Pure DKNY came out it was sold as a fragrance helping Ugandan women through creation of farming and production of vanilla beans. A worthy cause. There was also much talk about the use of recycled glass and paper in the packaging and that it was all biodegradable. Excellent small steps towards sustainability, but also great leaps in awareness. When you have a company that is viewed as fashion forward by not only the high rollers but also mainstream then the message is heard loud and clear across the financial divide.

DKNY Pure FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Ugandan vanilla, dewdrop floral petals, lotus and Bulgarian rose
Heart: Jasmine, freesia and orchid
Base: White amber, sandalwood and vanilla in water

Pure DKNY opens so clean and bright that it can burn out your olfactory system. That first fragrant burst is a watery, clean, fresh burst of fun. If you don’t like the style then stay far from Pure DKNY because it is an overdose. Usually I am not into it but for some reason Pure DKNY captures my attention and keeps it. I love the way it gives off a super saturated lightness filled with flowers that only hint at themselves, it’s a bouquet. The warmth of the vanilla and amber comes in early and slowly but surely takes over the whole composition leaving you with a pretty over-skin-scent that remains as a barely there whisper for about 5 hours till I completely lose it. There has been some talk on the blogs of boring and lack of imagination, while Pure DKNY will not change the world with its outrageous newness I think there is a compelling case for a fragrance that does smell good, is wearable and very pretty. It is a step away from the usual DKNY big fat feature fragrance here and I think the watery aspect will deter many perfumistas but I went through my decant so quickly that there is now a bottle in my collection.

Totally office friendly, wearable for any occasion.

Further reading NowSmellThis and PerfumePosse

FragranceShop has a 100ml EdP tester for around $41
MyPerfumeSamples has 1ml/$2 up to 5ml/$7

Did you ever try Pure DKNY or any of its flankers?

Thanks for wandering through my fragrant thoughts with me.
Portia xx

8 comments on “Pure DKNY 2010

  1. I say – I’m a little confused are we looking at an aquatic, vanilic uber floral?
    That sounds like an awful lot to get one’s nose around in one go!!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Undina says:

    I remember a lukewarm reaction to this perfume in the blogospere but I liked it. Not enough to buy and wear but I never hated it and thought it was a good mainstream choice.

  3. ladyjicky says:

    I have to confess Portia, I have never been a “Donna” fan but ….. if I see it around I will give it a sniff 🙂

  4. Victoria says:

    I love cerebral perfumes and big ‘ole perfume-perfumes but I never underestimate the power of an “office friendly” scent. They’re like a palate cleanser.

    I didn’t go out of my way to buy this one. I used up my sample. I rather liked it for those days when I didn’t want to think about perfume.

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