Cuoio Nobile by Atelier Design Fragrance for Pineider 2012

Hello you magically scented beauties,

Another fab fragrance I was introduced to, and ultimately grabbed a bottle of, while on the Pont de Rialto bridge in Venice by the wonderful crew there. When they brought the testers out for me to try they even handled them reverently, as if carrying something extraordinary.

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Cuoio Nobile by Pineider 2012

CuoioNobile FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mandarin orange, galbanum and lavender
Heart: Cypress and suede
Base: Tobacco, patchouli, musk and tonka bean

The first thing you notice about Cuoio Nobile (Noble Leathers) is the packaging, a fabulous wooden box with intricate detailing that is rustic but finished. The when you open the lever and the lid the bottle has a very streamlined look and the lid has hand stitched softest leather wrapping: GORGEOUS!! Already in the shop it had exceeded expectations and my pulse was racing because this kind of attention to detail bodes well in my mind for the juice.

So the first spritz is leather, new leather, slightly coarse freshly back from the tanners and ready to be cut. The smell of a leather wholesalers or tack makers with wood in abundance. Maybe even in a woodland setting down wind from the woodcutters of old. It’s not till this initial deep, dark fragrance wafts away that the citrus even get a look in, and when it does it is muted, even the lavender is muted and merely in a back up role.

This is a fragrance about leather and woods, a beautiful, indecently sensual leather that you want to wrap yourself in. Like a new leather jacket that your partner has purchased and it already has whispers of his cologne on it. The lavender, patchouli and tonka are all murmering together in the background even through to the dry down. Cuoio Nobile is a fragrance to feel safe and warm in. Like you’ve stolen that jacket and thrown it on in a log cabin, even in an unused, unwarmed, wood sauna. Hard to explain and give you a real idea of how this smells except it is amazing.

I get extremely different wear life with Cuoio Nobile each time I have worn it. 4-8 hours. No, I don’t know why.

The team that created this line of 6 fragrances is ADF, Atelier Design Fragrance who give their address as Florence, Italy, and they are currently looking for worldwide distributorship.

PineiderlogoPhoto stolen Pineider

Pinieder history: In 1774 Francesco Pineider opened his first stationery shop in the heart of Florence, in Piazzdella Signoria, opposite Michelangelo’s David. In the early nineteenth century, at the request of privileged customers, Pineider created a series of extremely elegant writing desk objects such as pens, inks, folders and accessories. Later on Pineider introduced leather objects made in Florence by master craftsmen. The paper today is still worked by hand and is still coloured with natural pigments, the sheets are still water cut, and the watermark is present even in the heavy papers.

AtelierDesignFragrances site has 30ml/€95 which is what I paid in Venice (pricey I know but such a limited distribution and craftsmanship)

Unfortunately none of the sample houses have it to buy yet.

Have you tried Cuoio Nobile? Any of the Pineider scents? Are you as WOWed as I am?

Till Tomorrow,

Portia xx

14 comments on “Cuoio Nobile by Atelier Design Fragrance for Pineider 2012

  1. brie says:

    This fragrance sounds right up my alley based on the notes and the fact you purchased in Venice (my most favorite place in Italy!)

    • Heya Brie,
      Venice was amazing but Jin made me for up to 9 hours a day, I wasn’t complaining till it took us about a 25km walk to find McDonalds for him and we kept getting lost and sidetracked by the beauty.
      It is the sexiest, woodiest and moodiest leather frag ever.
      Portia xx

  2. Michael says:

    Ooh nice one Portia.
    Glad to read you’re enjoying this one now.
    You already know I’m totally jealous of you for having it. Def love at first sniff.
    I’ll just have to patiently wait for distribution to go global. Currently there’s only one etailer that has it with a cool $150 in shipping costs!

  3. Jackieb says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous, am in love with the dry woody leathers at the moment. Is it v. masculine?
    I am going to Venice and Florence this year, any more recommendations for special perfumes you found?

    • There were SO MANY!! Maria Candida Gentile has Exultant, Villoresi, Pygos by a crew I can’t remember. If you search for Venice on the blog you will see where we went and what we found. DEFINITELY go and see the sisters, they were so knowledgable and had an extraordinary range. Also the ETRO is sold in ETRO stores in Italy.
      The Pineider is not extremely masculine but so interesting.
      Portia xx

  4. I’m not a huge leather fan, but that packaging is beautiful. That makes the juice even sweeter! Thanks for the introduction P.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    I’ll have to look for this shop and perfume when I’m there in August. The packaging looks fabulous and the notes sound very appealing!

  6. Natalie says:

    This sounds delightful, and coming from my favorite city in the world … I guess I will just have to fly over and see if I can pick some up. 🙂

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