Patchouli Noir Osmo by Sylvana Casoli for Il Profumo 2006


Guest Post by Val The Cookie Queen



Hi to all you new APJ  friends.

It was 1973 when I got my first full bottle of perfume.  Miss Dior.  Little knowing at the time of it´s ultra cool status.  Mum was a Guerlain/Chanel lady.  She taught me that it didn’t matter what I wore, as long as I smelled good and expensive! I also learned from her that as I got older, I would be able to wear more grown up perfumes.  Which was, of course the reason, that she would not let me spray my thirteen year old neck with copious amounts of Mitsouko.

Patchouli KalleoSoapsPhoto Stolen KalleoSoaps

This would explain why she was not a happy camper when I changed, to straight up patchouli oil in about 1976.  Scored from my local headshop, it was thick enough to need a paintbrush to apply it, and stained my neck a dark yellow.  She informed me that I smelled as if I had just stepped out of the local whorehouse. (I wonder to this day on what that was based.)  It was around the same time, as I walked through the streets of Bristol, with my boyfriend, (he too drenched in the stuff) that two bobbies on the beat stopped us.  They seemed to take great delight in informing us that people who didn’t take baths, and those who smoked wacky backy, were partial to patchouli oil.  Wow!  Brilliant that a scent could cause such a strong reaction.

So began a lifelong love of patchouli.  And the cops were right.  I became a perfume junkie.

I  don´t buy my oil from headshops any more.  There is just the one oil that I use.

PatchouliNoir LuckyScentPicture stolen from  Lucky Scent

LuckyScent lists just five notes in a line:
Mint, cedarwood, patchouli, poppy, vanilla

With my eyes closed, I inhale deeply.  I am transported back to another time.  It calms me, relaxes me, and gives me a feeling of well being.  And it´s legal.  (Despite wearing, owning, and loving many other fragrances, it is always the heavy patchouli smells that get me the compliments)  This stuff is soooo smooth an soft and gorgeous. It is perfect to layer with other fragrances as it is a fixative.  Patchouli belongs to the mint family, and the short lived hit of mint in this patchouli is fabulous.  The vanilla delectable.  The hint of cedarwood sublime.  A little goes a long way.  I have had my bottle for more than 5 years.  It only gets better.  It ages like a fine wine.

LuckyScent has 100ml/$165

Straight up patchouli.  You either love it or hate it.  As my girlfriend says, “Whatever blows your skirt!“  And Patchouli Noir blows mine sky high.

I had a splendid time with Portia and Jin in Vienna in January.  We went together to the Chanel Les Exclusifs counter, where I bought a bottle of Coromandel.  Finally. I wanted to write about it, Portia beat me to it. But as my daughter said to me ,what more can you say than: “It´s freaking awesome!“? Patchouli and Miss P???  Was I not warned it would get me into trouble?


Cookie Queen

23 comments on “Patchouli Noir Osmo by Sylvana Casoli for Il Profumo 2006

  1. Madeleine says:

    Hello cookie queen.

    Wow you had impeccable taste as a young ‘un! Miss Dior and then Mitsy at 13.

    Patchouli is a difficult note for me and I haven’t tried Il Profumos but from your words and my experience off their florals it must be impeccable! I do love l’artisans Voleur de Roses and Patchouli Patch and what can I say about Coromandel. Miss P also beat me to it and I just got the huge bottle for my birthday the other week. I adore it and want to persist with the bigger patch frags out there!


    • cookie queen says:

      Hey Madeleine!

      I had Patchouli Patch about 10 years ago. Oh my gosh, I so need that again. Funny how you forget things. I love a fresh clean white shirt in the summer, and patchouli. The huge bottle?
      Green face. I don´t know Voleur de Roses. Yet. I would like to try it. But there are so many fragrances I want to try that it gives me a total head fit. Oh well ………. xxx

  2. Hey Hey Cookie Queen!
    Another lovely and lively post. Your reminiscences are great, keep up the good work,
    Portia xx

  3. brie says:

    Hi Cookie Queen!
    another patch lover right here! Straight up with no apologies (I was once told that my “perfume” smelled like mushrooms!)
    And I am laughing at your mum not allowing you access to Mitsouko…I had the opposite experience…I was dousing myself in all of mum’s goodies with her permission by the time I was six years old. At 13 I was a Chanel girl whilst all my contemporaries were wafting in Love’s Baby Soft, Laura Ashley Musk and Bonne Bell Skin Scent.
    Loved this post…I adore the stories sometimes more than the perfume reviews themselves 🙂 !!!

    • cookie queen says:

      If she had allowed me the Mitsouko, perhaps I could have avoided the cops. But they would have caught up with me anyway, as they surely did. Mega LOL. Love´s Baby Soft? never heard of it. I presume it has nothing to do with Courtney Love? Don´t be offended if I chose to avoid it. 😉

      • brie says:

        First off, cookie queen when I said that I “hang upside down” I meant in a handstand for yoga so you might want to rethink hooking up with me if you are ever in NY as I am really not as fun and wild as my comment was misinterpreting me to be 😀 !!!! But I do have this crazy fantasy that one day there will be this gigantic perfume bloggers convention (similar to the comacons they do across this country) at Madison Square Garden in NYC and everyone will be in attendance- perfumers, bloggers, commenters…there are SO MANY individuals I would LOVE to meet in person.
        Secondly the Loves fragrances were very popular amongst the preteens in the late 70s -there was Love’s Fresh Lemon,Rain Scent,Wind Scent, Baby Soft, etc. I believe they may still be around on some discounted online perfume stores and I believe that the line was expanded to included other scents like Vanilla (which you might actually like!)

    • cookie queen says:

      A convention like that would be a hoot. Or a panic attack. Or both!! Yoga is fine with me. I practice once a week during the winter months. My hubbie is a yoga teacher. Fun and wild is what we make it! We were all fun and wild before we had kids huh???? 🙂 Hmmmm. Love´s vanilla?? Still sceptical. But open. Wind Scent????? Please, I live with teenagers. xxx

      • brie says:

        Oh so then you did indeed get my drift when I said “hanging upside down”! My fun and wild days are over especially with my kids who remind me on a daily basis that I am an “uncool” dinosaur!!!
        Wow..lucky you, hubby as a yoga teacher!
        Yes the Love’s line would be very popular amongst teenagers (similar to Pink Sugar). I have two teens and one preteen and I cannot tell you how many bottles of fragrance are in my house…mostly theirs!

    • brie says:

      Thanks, P! I checked it out too :D. Interesting blends which I must now try :)!

      • Hey Brie,
        Suzanne writes for us monthly too. She always has fabulous and interesting ways with scent but gives us great historical lessons too. Did you cruise the blog?
        Portia xx

      • brie says:

        I did indeed and it is right up my alley…the lesson on chakras, the healing properties of essential oils, etc. After seeing me hang out upside down you know what I mean:) ! Now I am more intrigued and will revisit!! thanks for heading me in Suzanne’s direction!

      • cookie queen says:

        Brie – we had better hook up when I am in the U S and A. xxx

    • cookie queen says:

      Oh that is a great. article Cheers. Years later, my Mum did an aromatherapy course, as Mum´s of her age did in the 90`s …. and she bought me several oils, one of which was patchouli. We shared a good laugh together. And I guess my stained yellow white collars were a little over-the-top. I must have stunk!!!!

      • Marion says:

        Oh that was so me too! I have been mixing patchouli, and various other oils, into my post shower almond oil for about three decades LOL! It was my perfume fix for all that time after I gave up finding another Mitsouko…but then came the Internet. I have discovered my patchouli favourites are now Borneo and Coromandel, but I still use that health shop patchouli!

  4. Another great Post cookie monster. Between blogging and cookies we are being spoiled.

    Greetings , Dayle

  5. poodle says:

    I’m becoming a patch fan. I always loved a touch of it but lately I’m liking it in bigger doses. The mint note in this interests me too.

  6. Marvelous post your Majesty
    The Dandy is still blown away at Miss Dior at 13 – and how your mother thought it highly appropriate! Now that’s proper child rearing,
    Patchouli I adore and I aver forever on the cusp of investing in a good oil.
    This therefore is serious food for thought.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • cookie queen says:

      Hey Dandy! Wassup? Well, this oil is stunning and will last forever. As long as you love patchouli, you cannot go wrong. Forsooth. xxxx

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