How to Scent your Space, Naturally


Guest Post by Suzanne R Banks


How to Scent your Space, Naturally

Hey all you perfume lovers out there – use your divine connection to scent to create a beautiful natural aromatic moment in your home or office, and even your car.

Of course you could spritz your perfume around and even though that will work, why not try a more natural approach? By using less chemicals in your life and being mindful about your purchasing decisions, you will be helping your brain and body, by giving them a rest from these toxic ingredients. You CAN have beautiful, natural scent. You don’t have to buy synthetically scented household products or personal care products anymore. There are so many fantastic natural and organic products that are reasonably priced and accessible to everyone.

OilBurner MoontreePhoto Stolen MoonTree

The most obvious choice for me is to use essential oils. You can put them in a classic oil burner with a candle, an electric vapouriser or make a mist in a simple mist bottle with oils and water.

For your home try:


to get the vibe going for an intimate evening at home add these oils to an oil burner with water, and a candle. The candle also acts as a transformative energy, a cleansing and renewing agent.

Ylang Ylang             8 drops
Orange                   10 drops
Patchouli                  2 drops
Cedarwood Atlas    5 drops


a chill-out blend for the end of a long day or to get the kids settled quickly

Mandarin                10 drops
Lavender                  8 drops
Marjoram                  6 drops
Vetiver                       1 drop

Office OLX.inPhoto Stolen

For the office try:

(If you have your own office it’s great but if you are working with other people in close proximity it may be better to place a few drops of oil on a tissue and keep it close by. We don’t want to offend or upset others in the work environment).

“That’s a Great Idea”

To inspire creativity and focus

Lemon       10 drops
Lime             5 drops
Basil              5 drops
Rosewood   5 drops

“Come On Friday”

A stress-less blend to take the edge off a difficult day

Cedarwood Virginian     3 drops
Pink Grapefruit               17 drops
Spearmint                         5 drops

Porsche-911 carAdvicePhoto Stolen CarAdvice

And for your car, you can simply place a few drops of oil onto a tissue, a cotton makeup pad or even a bit of paper towel and stick it in one of the vents.

Wake up and concentration oils:


Calm down oils:


Cake Stolen Taste.Com.Au

And if that gets a bit too hard you can always:

  • For home, office or car – buy or pick some scented flowers like gardenias, roses, jasmine, tuberoses, hyacinths, lilies, and anything else you can think of. It’s a great natural way to bring scent into your environment and as it can be quite seasonal you are also more in tune with nature
  • At home you could bake a cake, roast some almonds or make a crème brullee with real vanilla pods
  • At home – add a few drops of essential oils into your cleaning products and mop the floor (you get scent and cleanliness in one go)
  • In the car – eat an orange or mandarin and squeeze the rind around the seats. You’ll be amazed how effective it can be, especially when you get back into the car – it will be a citrus paradise!

I’m sure you can think of some more too. Let your imagination run wild with the scented bounty of nature.

Ed: If you thought this was good go see the Suzanne R Banks site (LINK JUMP) or like her Facebook Page (LINK JUMP)

Suzanne R Banks

16 comments on “How to Scent your Space, Naturally

  1. lucasai says:

    Great ideas for blend! I also use essential oils in my burner with candle, my favourite scents are lavender and sweet cinnamon. I but them in a gift shop in a shopping centre, they also sell incense sticks there so I grab a few of those once in a while as well.

    • Thanks Lucassi! I love incense too – the smoke is an energetic cleanse and ritual in nature. It’s a fast an inexpensive way to scent. You are already an Aromatherapist at heart.

  2. Another wonderful post Suzanne. I have some orange burning now in the oil burner for peace.
    Love you buddy.
    Portia xx

  3. brie says:

    I think you already know how much I love you :D!!!!
    As always thank you for these wonderful ideas and inspiring me to “blend on”!

    • Thanks again Brie. You are a real guiding light for everyone around you – I can tell because your zest for life just jumps right off the page. Looking forward to YOU giving ME some tips x

  4. masha7 says:

    I love your cedar/grapefruit/spearmint blend, wow! I’ve been using naturals in the home for some time, and am trying to go even further, as many household products contain hormone disruptors, bad bad! One thing I am loving is Madagascar vetiver (a very smoky, rich vetiver) in a natural linen spray. Wonderful for hot weather. Great post!

  5. poodle says:

    I love this post. I’m going to have to try some of these blends.

  6. Ines says:

    Thanks for the tips! I always like new scented ideas (for home or otherwise).
    Btw, mine is not a natural scenting idea, but as I have a bunch of empty decants (with a tendency to more), what I do is put warm water in them and leave them for a while and then use those for scenting the home. It’s just about the right amount of scent for home. 🙂 And I don’t feel bad about not being able to re-use decants as I still haven’t figured a way of completely cleaning them of previous smell.

  7. Undina says:

    I’m not a big fan of scenting my environment beyond what comes with my perfume but I liked reading your ideas for those who does.

    • Thanks Undina everyone has their own preferences for fragrance, but when you use essential oils they have a therapeutic effect too. They effect the Limbic System (among many parts of the brain) to effect mood, hormones and memory. Thanks for reading, best wishes, Suzanne

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