Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances 2013 Perfume Review

Hello Gorgeous APJ Family,

So the seasons are a turning and there are Spring posts everywhere, the thing I notice about Spring and Autumn is that they share similar weather in many places, especially Sydney. We are still living in summery moments but there have been some blustery cooler days, and the nights are getting very chilly. So really I am offering up a Mid Season Mixture of things that are currently getting pretty high rotation on my skin. They are on the desk and within easy spritz reach, though the Amyitis has just been returned from the outer realms

Autumn ScenicReflectionsPhoto Stolen ScenicReflections

Spring LilaDaleyPhoto Stolen LilaDaley

Youth Dew Amber Nude by Tom Ford for Estee Lauder: Amber Nude gets let out of its box quite a bit lately, I don’t know why particularly but I crave that gorgeous opening that warms into amber so quickly.

Cedrat Intense by Nicolai: I think it might have Ruth K on FFF that told me to get my hands on some of this. So I grabbed 30ml unsniffed and WOW!! I’m surprised that wasps and bees don’t land on me expecting a feed. Gorgeous and fresh citrus scent.

Amyitis by Mona di Orio: Every so often the Amyitis bottle will ask me if I’m SURE I don’t adore the juice inside and it comes back out, gets worn a few times and then gets put away in favour of Chanel No 19.

Indus Oil by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz: This surprising little temptress has me opening the box and putting a little roll of oil on a wrist or back of hand every second day currently. The flavour of Chai Tea, though I get powdery iris too.

Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle: There are only the dregs of this 5ml sample left and I still haven’t done my post about it properly. I put it on and sit there for ages enjoying its perfect, warm, uncluttered beauty. What a fragrance, so simple to my nose but absolutely welcoming. A hug filled with love.

Sandflowers by Montale: This leaked about 2/3 of its 100ml flying home from Europe so the box is impregnated with Sandflowers. My office smells distinctly of it and there is always a salty, briny waft as I enter. What a wonderfully weird beauty this is, without being unwearable. How did it get in the Montale line up? This smells best for me when there is sun shining, or the promise of it.

Courage by One Seed: Courage is an unusual, exquisite beauty, that follows no leader. It is warm, dark, interesting and sometimes a little challenging. An all natural maverick that doesn’t smell like natural, or mass production. Intense and lovely.

Interlude Woman by Amouage: I bought a small bottle of this from the lovely Birgit in one of her cupboard clean outs. I was only mildly impressed with it initially but as I wear it more it has become a bit of a siren, trying to lure me into penury. Perfect for the cooler days to snuggle into.

Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations: I cannot deny that Neela and I are buddies but I don’t go a week without spritzing one of her magical masterpieces. At the rate I’m tearing through this decant it could be FB sooner than anticipated. Trayee is a great mid season spritz.

Essence d’Orange by Cartier: I love the spare citrus burst here with loads of air and space between the notes. This is easy wearing freshness that I keep coming back to just for a fun spritz.

Spring By Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica PhotographerPhoto By Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica Photographer

There you have it, my current Mid Season Top 10.

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See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

36 comments on “Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances 2013 Perfume Review

  1. brie says:

    Om Goodness…..I have got to get my hands on that Indus OIl!! I like the One Seed Company…they are all natural, you know :)!!!! Have tried Interloud (thanks to Daisy)…it is interesting but not full bottle for me….

    and those photos really brought a smile to my face this morning…thanks Portia!

    • You are so welcome Brie. Yes, I love the One Seed idea, and the fragrances are so unusual, elegant and affordable.
      Portia xx

      • brie says:

        did you realize thatI misspelled two of the perfumes….but I think “interloud” may have been a freudian slip….it is a bit loud on me but I know many who adore it… I drained my one seed bottle…can’t remember the name of it but it had a heavy dose of lavender…so soothing…

      • One Seed is on Etsy now, is that where you found them Brie?
        Portias xx

      • brie says:

        No actually my friend won a full bottle on a draw and she gifted it to me, knowing my love of naturals…drained that thing as quick as a blink of an eye…(and btw, Daisy has taught me how to “like” so I am going to be clicking away now 😀 !!)

  2. cookie queen says:

    A bulk order from NVPC? Forsooth. I want each one. xxx

  3. CC ... says:

    What beautiful photos, Portia. That Indus oil is calling to me. And I just placed a huge sample order, sigh. Next time. 🙂
    I thought of you last night. I went to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert with a couple of dear friends and had a fabulous evening. Have a beautiful day!

    • Hey! Where is Priscilla still playing? You mean the live show?
      There will be plenty more sample orders, don’t fret. It’s worth the wait.
      Portia xx

      • CC ... says:

        Hey Portia,
        It’s the traveling broadway musical. I think they said they started 3 months ago on a US tour and are in my neck of the woods April 2-7. (Miami)
        Aren’t there always more sample orders? Tee hee!

      • I’m glad you loved it. I LOVE Miami!! Once I was flown out to do a 4th of July party on the canals. It was MAJOR FABULOUS
        Portia x

  4. poodle says:

    So sad. The spring allergies are kicking in but the weather is still cold and miserable. I love your list. Lots of good choices on here. Amber Nude is wonderful. I wish I had bought a bottle when I had the chance way back when.

  5. Dearest Portia
    What an inspiring selection.. I have been to pay a visit to the Parfums de Nicolai boutique and I can wholeheartedly support Cedrat: a great big blast of super charged. All the others I know from the list are pretty terrific too.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. I have my eye on a fb of Dries for the fall. It just seems like it would be the perfect, cozy little gourmand go-to when the weather starts to turn.

  7. laniersmith says:

    As Autumn takes over in the land of Portia you my dear are smelling like a goddess! Great post.

  8. lorraine says:

    I love your list. You always have a great mix of lovely and interesting things. 🙂

  9. Ines says:

    Oh, now I need to find my sample of Amytis (I loved the first MdO collection). And that Cedrat sounds promising too.
    Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the spring to actually start here. :S It seems it might this week. 😉

    • My fingers are crossed for a perfect Spring for you ines, starting IMMEDIATELY.
      I bought the Amayitis in a split and can’t make up my mind. It’s interesting, green and pretty but do I like it more than, or even as much as, CHANEL 19? shrug? Jury still out.
      Portia xx

  10. Undina says:

    I second Trayee!

    Spring and Fall are both very beautiful seasons. Let’s wear beautiful perfumes to celebrate them.

  11. Tara says:

    Channeling the southern hemisphere today in Nasomatto Black Afghano… mrrrow!

  12. […] fellow ‘fumies, Portia wrote a post a little while ago (Portia’s 2013 Spring Top 10) listing her top ten for spring/fall, and I was intrigued to learn that she reaches for the same […]

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