Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale

Hello Happy Huffers,

Today we are looking at a fragrance I procured in a split on Facebook, Fragrance Swap is the crew, and I can’t remember who was doing this split unfortunately. SORRY if you’re reading. I like to buy 10ml in a split, it gives me enough to wear for review purposes and if I drain 10ml then I seriously need to think FB. Usually though I drain 3-5ml during the testing process and it either gets put away or I pass it on to someone who I think will adore it.

Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale

SweetOrientalDream FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

LuckyScent gives these featured accords:
Moroccan rose, loukhoum (Turkish Delight-honey, rose water, sugar, fruit, jam, nuts), almonds, vanilla

The first whiff off my skin is pure nougat. Sweet and jaw breakingly delicious, filled with almonds and vanilla. WHOOOEEEEE! If you want to smell like a gourmand paradise then this is the way. GORGEOUS! There is something so dense and hefty about Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale, something very Indian and I’m trying so hard to put my finger on it but it eludes me, maybe the sweets. I have memories buried of someone or something that smelled just like Sweet Oriental Dream at one of the weddings I’ve been to there. It’s an over ripe and lush scent, sweet but not putrifying, deliriously beckoning but not headache-y.

LuckyScent says: Beautifully rich, sweetly lush and unrepentant in its blatant, edible sensuality, if you like sweet fragrances that pulsate with rare pleasures from the harems afar, you’ve just found your newest obsession.

SweetOrientalDream KeyWordPicturesPhoto Stolen KeyWordPictures

I think there may be a smidge of unnamed oudh flying in at a low hum and it’s giving a real Middle Eastern feel rather than an Oriental one. I’m getting a Swiss Arabian fragrance vibe from Sweet Oriental Dream while wearing it for review that I have never noticed during other wears.

TurkishDelight MaiLinTalksPhoto Stolen MaiLinTalks

Further reading ScentForThought and Opalescent
Neroli, Budapest has 50ml for around $65 and sends to the world for 10 euro
SurrenderToChance starts at $4/ml

I love the Montale range. I find it fun and innovative, while still maintaining wearability. Many of you disagree and I love to hear both sides of the story, and the wonderful or ghastly experiences you’ve had so SHARE THEM please.

Portia xx

18 comments on “Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale

  1. Tora says:

    I love Montal’s Patchouli Leaves. Sweet Oriental Dream sounds delicious! What is going on with the rose in there?

    • The rose is so sweet and sugary it’s like Rose Water in Middle eastern food, and Turkish Delight. This is totally different to Patchouli Leaves but so good. Almost Guerlain-ish in its gourmand beauty.
      Portia xx

  2. brie says:

    Yum yum yum yum (says the woman with a terrible sweet tooth 😀 !!). One of my perfume fairies sent me samples of Golden Oud and Aoud Blossom and they just didn’t work for me which was quite a surprise as I will wear Eden Botanicals Agarwood diluted in a carrier oil straight up as a perfume.

    I like the sound of Guerlain-ish!!! Just sampled me some vintage Apres L’ondee for the first time and I was blown away!

    Great review P! and now you have made me hungry!!!

  3. solanace says:

    This sounds delicious! I’ve got a sample of Montale Chypre Vanille and like it very much. It feels cozy yet very elegant, which is not the easiest effect to achieve. Very satisfying on a rainy day!
    Hve a sweet weekend! 🙂

  4. Olfactoria says:

    Mostly Montale is not my cup of tea, since most perfumes in the line use a megaphone to broadcast their message. Sweet Oriental dream does that too, but sometimes an overdose of sweetness is just the thing I want.
    Great review, Portia!

  5. Tara says:

    I love Montale! Today in fact I am wearing Louban, a rose/frankincense/oud combo. I have so many favorites: Chypre Vanille, Aoud Damascus, Blue Amber, White Aoud, Red Aoud, Full Incense, Patchouli Leaves… As for my turkish delight scent, I can’t remember smelling Sweet Oriental Dream (which I will remedy at the LA sniffa), but I love SL Rahat Loukhoum, in the bell jar. So yummy and sweet, love that cherry vanilla loukhoum vibe.

  6. I love this juice, but I use restraint. Yeah it’s loud, but some days this is a purrfect tonic. As far as Montale’s go I’m a fan. Blue Amber is quieter and a gorgeous amber, Crystal Flowers was also very surprising I lost my decant (it will possibly turn up in a jacket pocket! and Aromatic Lime is one of my favourites.. I think you nailed it P.

  7. Undina says:

    I’m with Birgit on the subject of Montale perfumes. But maybe one day I’ll find a perfume from the line to love but for now I’ll enjoy your enjoyment 🙂

  8. hellkelpie says:

    Also got Sweet Oriental Dream in a 10ml split, loved it and got an FB. Free sample of Amandes Orientales came with it, and got an FB of that too! The drydown of SOD is so incredibly different to the start, definitely ambergris in there at the least.

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