Daniel Craig Undressed – Adele – 007 Perfume?

Hey Hey All,

Adele seems to have it all, including a quick rejoinder. My estimation of her has gone up a couple of notches after reading this. Her voice is such a magical thing I hope she stays around and grows old, rich and irrelevant instead of succumbing to drugs, madness or the 27 club as so many uber talents do. I have also dropped in, for your edification, the Skyfall video clip because Daniel Craig is a fabulous James Bond. Then down the bottom I added the 007 fragrance advertisement, OH DEAR!

Enjoy Adele and Daniel Craig.

Portia xx

Insecurities ADELEPhoto Stolen Facebook

Adele billboardPhoto Stolen Billboard

And a little present for you all, Daniel Craig on the beach, wet and in swim trunks. OMG!! Faint!

DanielCraig mynewplaidpantsPhoto Stolen MyNewPlaidPants

25 comments on “Daniel Craig Undressed – Adele – 007 Perfume?

  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks Portia! Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Kat xx

  2. Tora says:

    That beach shot makes my heart palpitate. And Adele is just so great..

  3. Natalie says:

    I had never been a Daniel Craig fan. Had never been … 🙂

  4. haefennasiel says:

    In my book, Adele trumps today’s over-hyped female pop stars – stay real, Adele!
    And as for Daniel Craig, I was speechless when I saw this – http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01413/daniel-craig_1413641c.jpg

  5. poodle says:

    Daniel running on the beach… Oh my…

  6. Tora says:

    I just went to the “My New Plaid Pants” link you credited and there are MORE photos of Daniel on the beach!!! Could he be any more perfect from head to toe??!!

  7. anicasunny says:

    Daniel sure is faint-worthy, thanks for this post.

  8. laniersmith says:

    In my book Adele is the Dusty Springfield of today…a great talent. And as for Daniel Craig, he has old Hollywood star power and I think he is the best actor of his generation. We haven’t seen eyes so blue since Paul Newman….who played his father in Road To Perdition. Smart as well as sexy too!

  9. Kandice says:

    So much fun! Thanks for brightening the day with this post!

  10. solanace says:

    That’s why I like to start my days at Australian Perfume Junkies!
    And although DC eclipses everything, I must say Adelle is great. I loved this quote, what a brilliant young gal! And so beautiful.

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