Amouage Interlude Woman Perfume Review by Eliza + GIVEAWAY!!


Guest Post by Eliza


Hello you lovely Perfume Peeps!

We are joined today by one of our fabulous APJ winners from the past who has written in praise of Amouage Interlude Woman. I’d like to thank Libertine Parfumerie for their incredible generosity in providing our giveaway today.

Amouage Interlude Woman Perfume Review by Eliza

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, grapefruit, ginger, tagete (marigold)
Heart: Rose, frankincense, jasmine, orange blossom, helichrysum (immortelle), opoponax, sandalwood, walnut, coffee, kiwi, honey
Base: Vanilla, benzoin, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, leather, tonka, musk, agarwood

Eliza here from the US. The package arrived today. What treasures!!! I immediately sprayed on the Amouage Interlude Woman. Initial thoughts were herby medicinal, like echinacia, or chamomile, so I was not surprised to read that it lists tagetes (marigold) in the top notes. Then peppers and something floral. Within a few moments I could smell incense, which finally developed into frankincense and probably myrrh. Right now it is softening to a lovely warm scent with floral underpinnings. But I can still smell the woods, and a bit of the medicine. Incensey perfumes are not my cup of tea, but this is quite lovely.

Amouage Interlude W + M GIVEAWAY!!

Interlude parfumeriePhoto Stolen parfumerie

I have an idea! Well it’s not such a new idea, I’m sure someone else has done it before and better but here it is. If you enter this draw and win then you must write me a MINI REVIEW of one of the fragrances that you win. Cool? The same as Eliza did up the top. Around 100 words. You too can be an APJ GUEST POST WRITER!!

I have four sets of Interlude Man + Interlude Woman by Amouage to give away and some surprises.

If we reach 100 Individual Commenters I will also add a 5ml metal atomiser filled with L’Artisan Parfumeurs recently discontinued Coeur de Vetiver Sacre


There are FOUR packs to give away this week, the winners will receive
1 x AMOUAGE Interlude Man carded 3ml Manufacturers Spray Sample
1 x AMOUAGE Interlude Woman carded 3ml Manufacturers Spray Sample
1 x Special Surprise Manufacturers Carded Sample
with P&H anywhere in the world

If we reach 100 Individual Commenters I will also add an extra draw -1 x 5ml metal atomiser filled with L’Artisan Parfumeurs recently discontinued Coeur de Vetiver Sacre


Open to everyone worldwide who is a follower of AustralianPerfumeJunkies via email (eM), Bloglovin” (BGL), RSS, or WordPress (WP) and please leave how you follow in your comment. Yes, you may become a new follower to enter! In fact, we encourage it.
All you need to do this week is go to LibertinePerfumerie and get the name of any product they sell that hasn’t been used in this draw before! NO DOUBLE UPS!! That’s it!! EASY PEASY!

So 3 things you need to qualify!
1) Follow AustralianPerfumeJunkies
2) Tell us how you follow
3) Leave a fragrance sold by Libertine Parfumerie with your comment (no double ups)

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie AMOUAGE Interlude GIVEAWAY!! @AmouagePerfumes


Entries Close Sunday 21st 2013 10pm AusEST and winners will be announced in a separate post then.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and TSO Jin will pick them. He doesn’t even stop watching TV to do it usually.
The winners will have till Wednesday 24th 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or I will give the prize to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Special THANKS to LibertinePerfumerie for the AMOUAGE Interlude Samples. Please visit their site because they are so generous and helpful. If you wonder why they are more expensive than the discounters or OS retailers it’s because they are the only licensed company selling their fragrances in Australia; where you know you are buying new, fresh and genuine product. The cost of importing and buying the right to import alcohol based fragrances (and having the right to send alcohol based fragrances throughout Australia, which are illegal to send in the Australia Post system) is expensive and they must cover their costs to bring you these luxury goods.


See you tomorrow,

Portia xxx

47 comments on “Amouage Interlude Woman Perfume Review by Eliza + GIVEAWAY!!

  1. cookie queen says:

    This is an individual comment. DNEM.
    Bussis. xxx

  2. solanace says:

    I’d LOVE to write a review for the Perfume Junkies!
    So, I’d say… Robert Piguet Baghari. Not that I know it, but I love Fracas and now I want to investigate the Piguet line.
    Thank’s for the draw, sweet Portia!

  3. haefennasiel says:

    Howdy-hoo people! 🙂

  4. FeralJasmine says:

    Would love to try the Interludes and would love to try writing a guest post. So I’ll mention Maitresse; I haven’t tried it yet, but I do like the fact that Agent Provocateur does fragrances that don’t smell like teenagers.

  5. lucasai says:

    Great review 🙂
    And no need to enter me in the draw, I’ve got big samples of two Interludes 🙂

  6. Dearest Portia
    I am happy to proclaim that The Dandy is a follower (and a believer) and does so by WordPress.
    Those dashed Libertines do sell the fine Futur by Robert Piguet, much beloved by my dear self and very near the top of my wish list.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Elena says:

    I’m a little nervous about writing a perfume review, because I’m still kind of a newbie, but I’d do a whole lot worse for Amouage! I just became a follower via email, though I’ve been sent this way many a time via Perfume Posse. Checked out Libertine’s site, and they have tons of L’Artisan, including Seville a l’Aube which I just got a sample of. What a draw!

  8. Nadja says:

    I’d love to try these! I follow through bloglovin. And on Libertine Perfumerie I am charmed by Merchant Loup by L’Artisan Parfumeur, sounds like something I need to try some day!

  9. Azar says:

    Hello Perfume Junkies! Thank you for this draw. It would be great fun to write a guest review. I follow APJ by e-mail.

    Looking over Libertine’s site I found P. Frapin & Cie’s “1270”. I have never tried this scent but love frags with boozey references. “1270” is described as inspired by their famous cognac, listing notes including bitter chocolate, pepper, grapes, leather and honey. Wow!

  10. fiberliza says:

    Wow! How fun to see my review!

    I have to tell the rest of the story: I gave the other half of the sample to a friend who is rekindling her love of perfume and adores incense. She said that this is her favorite fragrance so far. When she wears it, she can’t wait for each note to unfold and mingle with the others into a complex story. It’s a winner!


  11. brie says:

    I am already a writer on APJ…but I must say that you have a wonderful “perfume shoppe” down under in Libertine Perfumerie…I have always wanted to try Keiko Mecheri’s Loukoum…and I follow via e-mail…

  12. Ellen Covey says:

    I follow APJ by having it on the “my blogs” list on my own blog (Perfume Project Northwest). A fragrance I like a lot that is sold by Libertine is Nasomatto Duro. I only have a sample of it, but it wouldn’t be bad to have a nice Amouage or Special Manufacturer’s Sample to go with it!

  13. poodle says:

    Hi sweetie! I follow on WordPress. Libertine has Tokyo Milk Dark Crushed No. 32. I tried that once and I liked it and I should have bought it because it was on sale but I didn’t. Perfumista regret.

  14. nushechka says:

    I follow via bloglovin/I’d love to try / MMM Untitled

  15. nushechka says:


  16. Joaquim says:

    I’m following via E-mail!
    Libertine has Parfum D’Empire’s Equistrius, that is one of the most wonderfull iris I’ve ever tried!
    Thank you for the draw!

  17. Undina says:

    Eliza – hi! Good start 🙂

    Portia, I love the idea! It will be interesting to see four new (?) guest writers here.

    No need entering me into the draw (I have both samples) but I’ll spread the word (and I spent some time on the Libertine website – too bad (for me) they are in Australia).

  18. Annamaria says:

    I follow on bloglovin’. I’m going to say Creed Aventus, which I would really like to try someday.

  19. ADAMbergris says:

    Adam here. I most gladly follow your surprise-and-delightful scent-ventures by email. My mother’s favourite is Fracas so I’m gonna go with that… I’ve never felt “grown-up” or “sophisticated” enough to pull off any Amouage but hey, I’m willing to give ’em a go and write about it too! Thanks APJ and Libertine Perfumerie for the opportunity.

  20. hajusuuri says:

    Hello can never have too many samples so I will try my luck again 🙂

    I follow via WordPress and would be honored to write a short review if I win – does it have to be of the Interlude Man or Woman or any perfume?

    As to what I saw in the Libertine Perfumerie that looked interesting, I pick Penhalgion’s Violetta. I wonder if the bottle is slightly blue or if the blue is truly just the juice? Whatever the answer, that blue is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the draw!

  21. Victoria says:

    Hello, I follow via Bloglovin’, twitter
    I think that BAGHARI by Robert Piguet is very interesting, I’ve read a lot of reviews about it and I hope to try is some day, the bad thing is that it’s very difficult to find it and the only way is buying it online, anyway I think that it worth it :)!

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