Elysium – Matt Damon + Jodie Foster August 9 2013

Hey Crew,

Do you love the movies? I find cinemas hard to deal with. Firstly, I can’t press pause and grab food, wee, drink or interupt the movie in any way. Secondly, I hate crying in public and inevitably do in the cinema, or scream at scary bits, or laugh too loud at mildly funny bits. Thirdly, after about 50 minutes I get the fidgets, in a long movie that means I get up and leave the cinema for a while and come back unable to concentrate because I’ve lost the plot.

These two actors, there are a few more, though are such favourites of mine that I am chomping at the bit to go see this movie. Jodie Foster and Matt Damon!! OMG! Together in one film. HEAVEN! Can’t wait for August 9.

elysium g4tvPhoto Stolen g4tv

Please enjoy the Official Trailer.

Portia xx

Elysium filmofiliaPhoto Stolen filmofilia

23 comments on “Elysium – Matt Damon + Jodie Foster August 9 2013

  1. nozknoz says:

    Portia, if only films at least had an intermission for those wee breaks! This does look like one that may lure me to a theatre – sci-fi is one of the few things I love as much as perfume – expecially with Jodie and Matt. ~~nozknoz

  2. stephrogers says:

    I looooove the movies purely because I usually leave the kids at home so I get some peace and time to myself! That movie looks awesome. Personally I’m hanging for Man Of Steel. That will be epic. Or Wolverine. Hello Hugh Jackman!

  3. Azar says:

    Matt Damon and Jody Foster are such a versatile actors! While I prefer the comforts of home to the cinema I might leave the house to see this one. Thank you for posting the trailer.

  4. Ines says:

    Uh, I got goose-bumps watching the trailer. 🙂

  5. Azar says:

    Matt Damon and Jody Foster are such versatile actors. I usually prefer the comforts of home but just might leave the house for this one. Thank you for posting the trailer.

  6. brie says:

    I prefer the comforts of home myself….especially when movies can be streamed onto my TV and lazy me gets to watch in bed! I adore Matt Damon….quite a talented actor….and P, you had me laughing (once again!) as I can commiserate about getting fidgety or needing a bathroom break and not wanting to shed tears in public! all good reasons to stay at home!

  7. haefennasiel says:

    Hmmm, I’m very intrigued, especially since “District 9” was an excellent film (notice I said “film”, not “sci-fi film”). =)

  8. Dionne says:

    I love going to the theatre, but more often I watch at home with my family, piled up like puppies on the sofa in the basement. We’ve got a projector screen down there with surround-sound speakers, so it’s a big experience, and there are distinct advantages in terms of price and potty breaks. 😉 This week we debuted “Rise of the Guardians” because Spud got it as a birthday present.

    I hadn’t seen a trailer for Elysium yet, but color me intrigued. The ones I’m geeking out about right now are Star Trek: Into Darkness (Benedict Cumberbatch! squee!), Iron Man 3, Catching Fire, Man of Steel, Ender’s Game and part 2 of The Hobbit. What can I say? I’m predictable. 🙂

  9. odonata9 says:

    I love going to the movies and also watching them at home. Especially for the popcorn. Friday night is usually movie night at home where we watch whatever we got on Netflix and I make fresh popcorn. When there is something me or the husband is extra excited about or demands seeing on the big screen, we’ll go to the movies. Lots of butter on my popcorn please! Excited for this one – love Matt Damon! And Star Trek and Iron Man too. I do usually end up having to take a pee break since I always drink lots of soda with that popcorn, which annoys me since I too hate missing things and not understanding what is going on. There is actually an app (RunPee) that lists the exact time and scene when the best times are to go pee (no important stuff going on) for all current movies and explains it so you can read in the bathroom and not miss anything! I used it for 2 really long movies that I knew I wouldn’t make it through (Dark Knight Rises & Django).

  10. Undina says:

    I almost never go to movie theaters – most of all, because I HATE the smell of popcorn. And because moviews are soooo long nowadays that I just can’t sit through 3+ hours without either eating/drinking something (that can be resolved by either going to movie+dinner type of theaters – where they exist – or by bringing your own food: I remember coming to each of the Lord of the Rings movies with a thermos with tea, nuts and chocolate) and/or going to the bathroom (and here there’s nothing you can do not to loose a part of the action). So my normal pattern – one movie per year (or less). And usually it should be something that I expect to be much better if viewed on a big screen (like mentioned above LOTR or Godzilla).

  11. solanace says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. Jodie Foster with Matt Damon, on a sci fi-rebels against evil empire movie? Count me in! And is he hot or what?
    By the way, I drink loads of water (and beer too, who am I kidding :-)), so it is hard at the movies, I always feel like I’m disturbing people around me when I get up, sometimes twice.

  12. A ‘wee’ intermission would help the long lines at the toilets after the movie. Good observation! 🙂

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