Bellodgia EdP, Parfum & Oil by Ernest Daltroff for Caron 1927

Hey Hey Stink Monkeys,

Do you ever fall so in love with a fragrance you want to own EVERY available strength and vintage? I have a couple of fragrances that that has been the case for me. Guerlain Shalimar, CHANEL No 5, Versace Blonde, Boucheron Trouble and

Bellodgia EdT, EdP, Parfum & Oil by Ernest Daltroff for Caron 1927

Bellodgia FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Carnation and rose
Heart: Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and violet
Base: Musk, clove, vanilla and sandalwood.

As you may have guessed by the heading I have different versions of this amazing fragrance. This is the order I fell in love with them: EdT, EdP, Parfum and then by luckiest chance the original Oil. I will often layer Bellodgia with oil on wrists, parfum behind knees and EdP on chest, my EdT has about 2 sprays left and never gets pulled out any more, though I did just order a new 30ml one with the purple leather coating, YUMMY. Each one is from a different vintage by the smell of them and the oil is absolutely killer, even the slightest scraping will keep me deeply fragrant with sillage that fills a room in moments. You can smell it on your person but it stealthily creeps around a room until it takes over and becomes the rooms scent, then it lingers for hours.

Funnily, Bellodgia was released as a softer, less in your face sister to much of the Caron work. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a young girl willing to be so fragrant and bombastic. My how times have changed. Though Bellodgia has been reformulated there is still a very good nod to the oldest of my collection, the oil which was completely sealed when I received it so not too much air let in to destroy it. I love the opening, so rich with promise and pungent.The crisp minty crackle of carnation cutting through the floral bouquet and vanilla. There is a real rose note that is both spiced and sweet, I think the bouquet is amped towards making a lifelike but still cryptic version of rose, the cloves from the base help too.

I don’t really get the white flowers in the heart but I think that’s my terrible nose, the rose is superstar on my skin and the violet, earthy green and fresh, seems to serve as a counterpoint rather than a feature. Then into the warm and deep dry down where I think Bellodgia really comes into its own, the musk (and I think the oil has the real deal) vanilla and woods all seem to lay a deep downbeat while this fantastical spicy rose maintains its hold for hours and hours.

Do you want to feel like a fabulous flapper, a naughty, nascent beauty ready to pounce upon an unsuspecting world? Bellodgia will definitely put you in the mood, no matter how unlikely we are ever to fit into that category. Dreaming is free.

Caron Bellodgia Flappers StyleIconicPhoto Stolen StyleIconic

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EssentialMall has the purple leather encased 30ml EdT for $33
SurrenderToChance has a selection of Bellodgia including vintage EdT, EdP & Parfum

Till tomorrow, we hope all is light and joy in your house. If it’s not though, like the rainy weather it will clear. Promise!!
Portia xxx

31 comments on “Bellodgia EdP, Parfum & Oil by Ernest Daltroff for Caron 1927

  1. Dearest Poria
    Bellodgia is a real beauty.
    On hers she is to be remixed yet again, and so lives in fear. Especially as she may be about to be dressed in modern garb.
    But as long as that core accord is still present, there will always be much to get passionate about.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. A wonderful read, and I would love to be in that room, to walk into a room with Bellodgia, in all her original musky glory, still lingering. I have the vintage parfum as well, and though it doesn’t suit me, I can totally understand why you love it so much.

    I did a review of the new Bellodgia recently if you are interested. It is acceptable, but the proportions are quite different to the original. Definitely stock up!

  3. I have heard mixed reviews about this item. Who in particular do you recommend this item for/for what time of year and day? Is it a casual or fancy perfume?

    • Hiya PerfumePrincess,
      This is fancy but wearable day or night. Maybe too intense for work unless they are pro fragrance. You will smell great. It’s not for everyone though, try before you buy.
      Portia xx

  4. brie says:

    I love the sound of Bellogia oil! I was always willing to be bombastic with my fragrances in my youth, P!!!!

    • The oil is a tiny 15ml and there is about 10ml left Brie. If I wasn’t so mean I’d offer you a decant, but I am so madly in love with it. Sorry.
      Portia xx

      • brie says:

        No worries P! I have so many other fragrant lovelies to adorn my tiny body with so no guilt on your part, please!

  5. Undina says:

    I had a very limited exposure to Caron so far (not by choice, it’s just not available around here) so I haven’t tried any of the concentrations of this, sounds like, wonderful perfume. I’m sure one day I will.

  6. mim says:

    The oil, wow, that sounds so awesome! Didn’t even know about that.

    Not so many people swoon over Bellodgia now, but it’s great to find like-nosed folks. There should be a club or something. I love my Belle too (I kind of pictured her as the dancing version of Belle in Beauty and the Beast) and bought a couple parfum bottles (those teemy crystal ones, not in mint condition) from ebay years ago when I was going thru a Caron phase. Fell for Bellodgia completely (and for carnation scents but that’s another story…). There was some common ground with Poivre, another great love, but I felt like Bellodgia was more femme and fun.
    Got some recent stuff too. But even though I love the carnation-y clove-y depth, a friend pointed out ‘sour soap’ from the recent body lotion and now that’s what I smell.
    …Dug it out and put some on, it’s like those magic eye pictures where it’s one thing and then resolves into something else depending on where you focus.
    I did prefer the parfum which I found softer and quieter than the more recent spray (forget the strength).

    Thanks for your post, and for the heads-up about reformulation

  7. Lindaloo says:

    I always have my eyes open for an older formulation of Bellodgia — it’s been years and years since I’ve smelled it.
    Love the picture you’ve chosen. Did you ever watch the Aussie TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? Set in the 1920’s. I drooled over Miss Fisher’s clothes and the decor through every episode. Still salivating waiting for Series 2.

  8. poodle says:

    I love carnation scents. I miss the days when people didn’t mind filling a room with their fragrance. I probably should buy a bottle of this before they completely ruin it.

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