Aurore Nomade by Bertrand Duchaufour for The Different Company 2012


Post by Madeleine


Hello fragrance friends. I hope you are all well and enjoy today’s post.

I’d like to think that it wasn’t just by chance that my sample of today’s fragrance happened to arrive the day after daylight savings ended here in Sydney. After a mercifully brief period of hot weather during our so-called summer, suddenly not only was it dark very early in the evening but cold temperatures had already decided to set in. I was miserable and I felt cheated. I wanted the precious little heat and light that we’d had thus far back again. I wanted to be sweating in a t-shirt, not staving off chills with a cashmere cardigan. I wanted to crawl into a time travel machine and go back to just some days before when the air had still been balmy at 6pm and the sky still blue.

Aurore Nomade by The Different Company 2012

Aurore Nomade was just the olfactory tonic to do it. And it did so with a bang.

Aurore Nomade  FragranticaPhoto stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Banana, carambola (star fruit), cinnamon, sea notes, nutmeg, rum and artemisia
Heart: Ylang-ylang, geranium, cloves, frangipani
Base: Immortelle, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk.

Reading that list, it would be all too easy to dismiss Aurore Nomade as a hot mess but it’s a multi-faceted perfume where a seeming cacophony of notes weaves a complex but cohesive pattern that takes you on a strange and delightful journey.

The perfume’s central note is starfruit and it’s the main reason that it inspired my much needed ‘summer-esque’ excitement. The fruit’s tart, pulpy tang speaks of exotic locales and brought back memories of childhood trips to Asia. I’m once again wandering around hidden markets in Thailand; I’m back in the dazzle and hum of a Hong Kong Street at night; again gazing at the thatched roof of a resort in Malaysia where the ceiling fans gently cool the air with their sonorous thrum.

Aurore Nomade is all salty-sweet with a definite palatable quality as if one’s margarita has been made with lemons and passionfruit instead of lime. There’s that wonderful sensation of licking the salt rim after you’ve gulped the syrupy liquor.

Margaritas DudeFoodNYCPhoto Stolen DudeFoodNYC

Underlying this contrasting vibe is also a verdant quality. In this phase, Aurora Nomade feels like a brighter, more delicate version of the now sadly discontinued L’Artisan Fleur de Liane. There’s the same impression of dense green vines and stems tangling around trees in a rainforest all thick with humid heat. Ozonic notes join the fray, amplifying the sense of high temperature and giving it a metallic zing. It’s the crackle of lightning foreboding the onset of a summer storm; the salty smell of water on asphalt after the storm has passed.

The base is all about soft spices creating a comfort skin scent. The cinnamon, sandalwood and vanilla are gentle and cozy on the skin. It’s a rather quiet denouement after all Aurore’s drama, but satisfyingly so.

SONY DSCPhoto stolen FaeriesFinest

Further reading Grain de Musc and Fragrantica

Available online at Luckyscent, $210/50ml

Have you tried Aurore Nomade? What’s your favourite “snap me out of the doldrums” scent?

With much love until next time!
M x

10 comments on “Aurore Nomade by Bertrand Duchaufour for The Different Company 2012

  1. brie says:

    Banana and star fruit? Wow!
    I too have been subjected to a cold snap…from 70 degree warm weather to waking up this morning to 29 degrees Fahrenheit and frost on my lawn! Have been wearing Ambre Fetish and Ambre Saltan with a base of pure labdanum EO first applied to my wrist…craving those ambers!

    I do have three scents that take me out of doldrums…SSS Jour Ensoleille, Atelier Orange Sanguine and 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire.

    Madeleine, I am glad that you have found your “happy” scent!

    • Madeleine says:

      Hi Brie,

      I think I will be popping out the Ambre Sultan soon to for warmth. It’s getting child here too! Love Orange Sanguine too.

      You’ve also reminded me I must try SSS fragrances.

      M x

  2. LaurenW says:

    I know just how you feel when the nights get longer and the late afternoons cool off too soon. I always dread early September here in New England. My family and I eat dinner on our deck every night from early June (after the black flies disappear) until it gets too chilly. I always feel so sad the first few times we need to eat dinner inside with the door closed against the chill.

    I love most Different Company scents and Aurora Nomade sounds wonderful. I will have to sample this one soon.

    My doldrum busters are Eclix, Chaos, and Black Cashmere (when it’s cool enough to wear it w/o choking anyone).

    • Madeleine says:

      Hi LaurenW,

      Oh its so nice eating al fresco, I feel your disappointment. Somehow, I have overlooked Chaos and Black Cashmere – must rectify that!


  3. poodle says:

    You make this sound amazing. I’m going to have to try a sample. I have a few calming scents but I’m not sure which perfumes I’d classify as ones to snap me out of the doldrums. Like This, Tilda Swinton and Chanel No.22 Might make the list.

  4. I love the way you write fragrance Madeleine. Can’t wait to see you and talk about the new frags I have
    Portia xx

  5. Ines says:

    Oh, I like the sound of this one. Quite a lot actually.
    I don’t like the pricing though. 😦

  6. Natalie says:

    I failed to clock this when it came out, but it sounds really good. I do wonder, though, if it would be significantly different from the other mellow-spicy Duchaufour frags to even justify seeking it out to test? Do you have an opinion on that, Madeline?

  7. RVB says:

    Aurore Nomade is a spectacular fragrance and I think you’ve nailed it perfectly.It took just one sniff from a sample and I knew i had to have a bottle.Bertrand Duchafour seems to specialize in the weird and offbeat category of perfumes.He seems to be willing to take a risk and push the envelope by adding an element or a note to his perfumes that give them a challenging edge that if not seamlessly blended could result in an olfactory disaster.In Aurore Nomade I believe it’s the slightly rotting smell of fruit esters and indole in the background that permeate the scent.Combined with the humid veneer of tropical blossoms and the spicy element added by the cinnamon and rum notes it could be a hot mess.But add to that some aquatic notes and somehow it all works.It’s like a realistic scent impression of standing on the beach in the tropics with the intermingling smells of the tropical flowers,the beach,a distant jungle rot,and a refreshing tropical drink assaulting you all at once.It’s brilliant,it’s transporting and created a need in me for a category of perfume i didn’t realize existed.Thanks for the great review! On a side note I’m also enjoying Duchafour’s “Fusion Sacree Lui” for Majda Bekkali, kind of a masculine version of Prada’s “Candy” with a lush caramel-rum-cardamom-candy and tuberose theme.

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