Vetyver 46 by Mark Buxton for Le Labo 2006


Post by Michael


A couple of years ago a decided to try the Le Labo line. None really jumped out and grabbed me and I decided the Le Labo vibe just wasn’t for me. Then, only a few months ago, I found myself craving….

Vetyver 46 by Le Labo 2006

Vetyver 46 Le Labo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tahitian vetiver, labdanum, pepper, guaiac wood, cedar, olibanum, amber, bergamot, vanilla and cloves.

The reason I enjoy this fragrance so much is that it’s beautifully balanced. Cedar is a note that I often have trouble with. It can be too “scratchy”, too harsh, too much like pencil shavings. And then, adding pepper to the mix!? Yet these notes are treated with a deft touch and balanced perfectly with the vetiver, labdanum and olibanum. These are what I get though most of the life of Vetyver 46 by Le Labo. They weave together with not one part or nor another standing out too much – always moderately woody, moderately smoky….always in moderation. The fragrance feels full and alive.

Vetiver vetiver.orgPhoto Stolen

The vanilla is always there too, hiding in the base, and becomes more apparent as the fragrance dries down and makes the drydown wonderfully cosy. I remember the first time I wore this fragrance. I was away for work and after a long day I finally made it back to the hotel room. As I climbed into bed and tucked my arm under the pillow to fall asleep I noticed the wonderfully mellow and calming drydown of Vetiver 46. I suppose I should have known back then, that this was going to be a keeper.

Vetiver 46’s sillage is moderate and its longevity strong.

Vetyver 46 Le Labo CedarHillLongHouseArt Thompson Photo Stolen CedarHillLongHouse

Further reading: PerfumeSmellin’Things and TheNonBlonde
Le Labo has an eStore landing page (that delivers to most of the world) starting at 45€/15ml
SurrenderToChance starts at $4/ml

Have there been fragrances that you’ve dismissed only to crave a long time later?
Arabie is another of mine, but I’d love to hear about yours.

Until next time

13 comments on “Vetyver 46 by Mark Buxton for Le Labo 2006

  1. MasonBentley says:

    Arrrrrr. Le Labo’s Santal 32 is my only scent now! Just love it! x

  2. Azar says:

    The first time I tried Niki de Saint Phalle I just couldn’t stand the artemisia on top. I immediately returned the perfume bottle with its colorful intertwined snakes to its fancy box and stowed Niki de Saint Phalle in a dark cupboard where she sat for many, many years. In 2012 I decided I needed to find out just what kind of old things I had laying around and rediscovered Niki de Saint Phalle (her art as well as her jewelry and perfume). I love it now! The artemisia in the old bottle faded a little but was still there. I used that bottle up and bought another. I can’t get enough of Niki (and the artemisia) even in what is probably a reformulation!

    • Heya Azar,
      I’m not sure they’ve reformulated NdSP. It still smells as good as it did when I first smelled it on one of my Mum’s friends. Green and fresh and lovely. I think they m,ay be selling out old stock. BTW I saw an original Snakes Entwined parfum bottle on Etsy in the Odona shop last week, very reasonable.
      Portia xx

  3. Madeleine says:

    Nice review Michael!
    Like you, I’ve dismissed most of Le Labo, but haven’t smelt this one. Not a huge vetiver fan, butt if it doesn’t work on me, it could work on Mr M.


  4. laniersmith says:

    I really enjoyed this review Michael! I have watched them mixing Le Labo perfumes at Barney’s many times but never got very interested. The bottle is just too blah for my tastes. Yes I know! I am so shallow. But maybe next visit I will give it a whirl. Great Review!

  5. Ines says:

    I was going to say it’s one of my favourite vetivers (which it is) but then I realized there aren’t many vetivers I don’t like. Actually, I’m not sure I encountered one I didn’t like …

  6. cookie queen says:

    Not yet tried any Le Labo. Scream. I can’t
    keep up. xxx

  7. This is one of my favorites. I get lots of black pepper in the beginning, which is what makes it feel a little harsh to me. But the drydown is so nice and comforting. It’s nice to see this fragrance get more love from others! Wonderful review, Portia!

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