Truth or Dare NAKED by Stephen Nilson for Madonna 2013

Hey Hey Scenters!!

As you know I was recently in LA and one of the MUST FIND things on my list was something I thought would be super easy to get my hands on. Not so! Tom and I wandered around LA looking for this elusive jewel for two days until a Bloomingdales SA, who said they’d had it but were sold out, looked up every Bloomingdales in the LA area and found us some at Bloomingdales Century City (Century City BTW is owned now by Australian multinational mall conglomerate Westfields) and so off we trotted to find the last 10 bottles in LA, of which I purchased three. A solo in box, a golden unboxed wetpack with a body lotion and another unboxed with body lotion and tote bag. The boxed is for our very own Celebuscent reviewer Katrina the others for myself..

Truth or Dare NAKED by Madonna 2013

Truth or Dare NAKEDS Madonna FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Honeysuckle, peach blossom and neroli
Heart: Vanilla orchid, cocoa flower and lily of the valley
Base: Texas cedar wood, benzoin from Laos, oud accord and Australian sandalwood

What do I smell? It smells so good. A rich, creamy amber with inedible vanilla and bitter chocolate with a delicate wash of flowers over the top that ends in a woodsy vanillic dry down. So good. OH SO GOOD!! A warm fragrance that will be stunning in the cooler months but works beautifully in the heat also. Over the last few weeks I’ve worn it in 35C in LA, 12C in Sydney and 45C in Delhi. At no time have I felt it out of place, in fact Truth or Dare Naked is one of the easiest and prettiest, most wearable fragrances I’ve ever worn.

I love the bottle, it’s cool, hefty and the see through glass version is very pretty and feels great in my hand for spritzing. Though you start out very fragrant Truth or Dare Naked quickly softens down to a pretty, better than your skin smelling wash that has moderate projection but excellent sillage. The wear life is average at around 4-5 hours, longer in the cool, and dry down is soft and woodsy/suede-ish.

If you found Madonna’s first offering too close to Fracas or many of the hefty tuberoses this is a complete turn around and a completely stylish, soft and warm fragrance. Bravo Madonna

Truth or Dare Naked Madonna NewsPinnaclePhoto Stolen NewsPinnacle

I could only find the NowSmellThis introduction of Truth or Dare Naked by Madonna
I can not find a sample or full bottle to buy ANYWHERE on the internet!!!

Loads of love till tomorrow.
Portia xx

30 comments on “Truth or Dare NAKED by Stephen Nilson for Madonna 2013

  1. cookie queen says:

    Sounds gorgeous. Luckily I love so many other scents it doesn’t matter that I will
    never try this. Because I just couldn’t bring myself to. 😉

  2. CC ... says:

    I didn’t care for the original but it didn’t surprise me as I am not a tuberose kind of girl, but this sounds lovely! Will have to see if I can seek this out for a sniff. Thank you, Portia ..xox
    PS. I am anxiously awaiting some celebuscent samples you are such an enabler. I love it. 🙂

  3. Dionne says:

    Mmmm, this sounds good. And now I’m wondering why it’s so hard to find. What happened?

  4. Anna in Edinburgh says:

    You’re right about it not being easy to find, Portia – nothing doing on-line here in the UK.

    Perhaps they are trying to intrigue us all and drive up the demand and prices?

  5. Tom says:

    I don’t know why this didn’t do better. It’s such a nice scent. I don’t think it got any publicity though.

    Was I on drugs that day? I thought you got the bottles at the Westside Pavillion,

  6. Laurel says:

    You’ve made me desperate to try something both hard to find and with a celebrity’s name on it. Genius or evil genius?

  7. RuthF says:

    Hi Portia.
    I saw this for sale in DJ’s Burwood recently! I liked it too! Enjoy your holiday 🙂

  8. laniersmith says:

    Now this sounds really very nice indeed. I am so happy you got your hands on it.
    On an L.A. side note…Did you know that Century City used to be the old back-lot of Twentieth Century Fox Studio? Yes when you watch “The King and I”, “The Egyptian”, “The Little Colonel” and countless other Fox Films, that’s now Century City. It was partially sold off to help pay for “Cleopatra” in 1962.

  9. annemariec says:

    Hi Portia, yes it’s true that Naked has hit DJs. It has been in Canberra for a couple of weeks at least. I’m so glad you reviewed it. When I saw it sitting the shelf I was deeply puzzled because I had missed the announcement of the release and had not seen it discussed anywhere. So I’ll stop giving it suspicious glances and give it a spritz. Many thanks!

  10. Katrina says:

    Great review Portia. Thanks for going to so much trouble to track it down!!! I love it too! So smooth and sexy. The vanilla and sandalwood combo is fantastic. Katrina xx

  11. Ari says:

    I had no idea that this was going to be good!! So it’s not too similar to the first Truth or Dare, Portia?

  12. lorraine says:

    For your Canadian readers, I just saw it at Shoppers Drug Mart. I remembered your review and spritzed it. You’re right, it’s fab! It gets quite sweet on me but the woody notes keep things under control. Thanks for drawing my attention to it!

  13. Melita says:

    Hey Portia – Melita here from the Aussie Fragrance Network FB group. I found this the other day in DJs in Melbourne (Bourke Street)! I thought of your post here when I tried it. Looks like it’s here! 🙂

  14. Melita says:

    No worries Portia – when I first saw it, I thought it must have been her other perfume, because I remember reading here how elusive it was. When I got home I checked and was pleased to see it was indeed this fragrance. I love the chocolate note – so sweet and lovely!

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