La Isla Del Sol by Jane Cate for A Wing n A Prayer Perfumes 2013

Hello Happy Huffers,

There is a lovely lady, Jane Cate, tucked away in Menlo Park of the San Francisco Bay area in California. Her work is wondrous and I have written of it before for you all. Today I opened a package from Jane Cate to find samples of her three new fragrances for 2013, the first you can see reviewed on the Perfume Posse, but I saved this one for APJ because I’m, a selfish bitch and it’s my favourite. He He HE!

La Isla Del Sol by A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes 2013

A Wing & A PrayerPhoto Stolen Etsy

Jane Cate gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Orange blossom, honey absolute and sweet orange
Base: Amber and tonka tincture

La Isla Del Sol means Island of the Sun and the bergamot opening is sweet, tangy and already slightly resinous, very much like sitting in cool, sunny parkland in the morning near a citrus orchard. It’s lovely, lively and invigorating: a soft and sexy cologne-esque opening that hints at warmth beneath. As the sun warms up the day and thebodies there is a very animalic orange blossom/honey accord that feels slightly feral as if it’s going to turn fecal but never crosses the beauty line into disgusting. There is a definite hark back to old fashioned perfumery in La Isla Del Sol, I really feel that it has depths that are lacking in much of the market today, even some of the niche lines are becoming castrated by their success, not so here.

The amber and tonka move in slowly and take over the whole beautiful production leaving only the smallest trace memories of citrus till about 4-5 hours later I am ready to respritz.

I cannot believe that the A Wing & A Prayer crew can make such fabulous scents at these amazingly good prices, do go check them out. You’ll thank me for introducing you.

A Wing & A Prayer Mini SamplerPhoto Stolen Etsy

A Wing & A Prayer have an Etsy Shop (<<JUMP) where you can grab their fragrances. A great was to get to know them is to buy the Mini Sampler Set with 3 x 4ml spray or roll on in your choice from the whole range for only $10!! What a BARGAIN!

Kisses, hugs and love till tiomorrow,
Portia xx

13 comments on “La Isla Del Sol by Jane Cate for A Wing n A Prayer Perfumes 2013

  1. cookie queen says:

    A gorillla squirt of this sounds just the job.

  2. laniersmith says:

    I have heard of A Wing And A Prayer, but I had no idea they were just a few miles south of me! Time for me to pop over to Etsy and do a bit of shopping. Thanks Portia for this review. I can see why you like this perfume so much. It sounds bee-u-T-ful!

  3. Tatiana says:

    I’m neighbors with A Wing And A Prayer. I had no idea! Going over to Etsy to do some browsing. Thanks for the eye opener!

  4. Ellen Covey says:

    I’ll second Portia in saying that the samplers are a huge bargain!

  5. Kandice says:

    This sounds lovely. Do you know when it will become available on their site?

  6. dremybluz says:

    I discovered their website ages ago and have enjoyed malmost everything in their line. This new one is just up my alley since I am a citrus junkie. Thanks for another great review

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