Perfume + Tea: Musings + Pairings #3 and GIVEAWAY


Post by Brie


At the age of six I requested my own perfume and a few weeks later demanded a perfume wardrobe (what can I say? I was a spoiled ‘only child’ and mum acquiesced). For years there would always be five to seven full bottles in rotation. Once one was completely drained into the garbage it went and I would then allow myself to purchase something new and different.


When I was in my late teens it hit me that I really should be saving these bottles as some of them were exquisitely beautiful. Thus began my bottle collection. After a while, word got out that I was a collector and anyone that wore perfume was giving me their bottles. After 30 some odd years of collecting I had amassed over 400 empty bottles.

Escada Bottle CollectionPhoto Courtesy Brittany and Courtney

Several years ago my hubby, eyeballing the multitude of perfume boxes in the basement, requested that I throw them out. The added pressure came from my yoga teacher who was steering me in the direction of ‘simplifying my life’ by letting go of material possessions. Within a week I had discarded almost all of my bottles- from vintage Chanels to matching Annick Goutals all in different sizes. At first it felt cathartic….then I almost had a nervous breakdown when I realized what I had done!


Escada Cherries In The AirPhoto courtesy Brittany and Courtney

NOTES IN ESCADA’S CHERRY IN THE AIR: black cherry, raspberry, mandarin, marshmallow, gardenia, coconut, sandalwood, oakwood

Fortunately I stood firm on my limited edition Escadas. From the time I brought home my first Escada limited edition (Un Ete en Provence) from Paris in 1994 I had been collecting a bottle every year. Although the juice has gotten a bit fruitier over the years and not always to my taste I still bought each bottle, knowing that one of my daughters would wear the juice. With the exception of Chiffon Sorbet (1993) I still have every single one from 1994 through 2013.
This year’s offering is “Cherry in the Air” which, surprisingly, I rather enjoy wearing. It begins as a vibrant burst of tart cherry, segues into a creamy gardenia- coconut- marshmallow trio and dries down to a woody accord. This may very well be the one that the girls will have to share with me as I am not relinquishing my bottle to them as I normally would do!


Cherry Blossom Tea cappojimPhoto Stolen CappoJim

I pair Cherry in the Air with Harney and Sons Cherry Blossom Tea- a green tea with the subtle flavor of plump cherries. And as I enjoy a perfect cup of springtime in tea and wear “cherries” on my wrist I think about all of those lovely bottles my daughters will one day inherit from me (yes, after the discarding debacle I have begun a new collection which is well hidden in my basement…SHHHH…don’t tell the hubby!)

Perfume and Tea Pairings GIVEAWAY!


For the draw Brittany, Courtney and I are offering up 1 x three samples from our limited edition Escada collection: Cherry in the Air, Taj Sunset and Moon Sparkle as well as a sampling of teas.
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who leaves a comment on your favorite limited edition fragrance and you are entered to win!.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie @brie108 @ESCADA Brie’s Perfume & Tea GIVEAWAY @ESCADAmericasPR


Entries Close Friday 7th June 2013 9pm AusEST and winners will be announced in a separate post then.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and Brie’s family will pick a winner.
The winners will have till Monday 10th June 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

55 comments on “Perfume + Tea: Musings + Pairings #3 and GIVEAWAY

  1. Amria says:

    I loved Escada’s Moon Sparkle and Moschino Couture, I know they are both discontinued 😦 I found a Moon Sparkle in a shop in Greecelast year, but it was a cheap replica. Still got it, I can’t find the real thing anywhere anymore…

    • brie says:

      Hi Amria,
      Have you tried some of the online perfume discounters? They often carry the older limited edition Escadas.

  2. lucasai says:

    I loved Prada Infusion de Rose, too bad I didn’t purchase it when it was easily available.

    Harney & Sons Cherry Blossom sounds yummy, I love their Hot Cinnamon Spice tea.

    • brie says:

      yes lucas! the hot cinnamon spice tea is amazing!!! Have you tried any others from this line…I could recommend so many :D!!!

      • lucasai says:

        I tried a couple more teas from this brand Brie, like Rooibos Chai, Caribe, White Vanilla Grapefruit, Bangkok,
        They are offered in a lovely and cozy cafe in my hometown, I go there once in a while when I meet with my old friends.

      • lucasai says:

        I tried a couple more teas from this brand Brie, like Rooibos Chai, Caribe, White Vanilla Grapefruit, Bangkok,
        They are offered in a lovely and cozy cafe in my hometown, I go there once in a while when I meet with my old friends.

      • brie says:

        caribe and bankok are one of my all time favourites…seems we have the same taste in tea!

  3. Jackieb says:

    What a great collection of bottles you had!
    And may still have.
    My weakness is also little bottles, and boxes, especially quite old ones.
    Now, the words ‘limited edition’ make me very covetous, my most recent was Seville a L’Aube but usually make do with samples and decants.

    • brie says:

      Yes, Jackieb I still have the collection you are looking at (quite hidden in my basement). Luckily hubby was not around when my daughters staged and took the photograph :D!!!

  4. Tora says:

    Clearly, your Yoga teacher was envious!

    • brie says:

      She was making the attempt to downsize my cluttered life but I picked the wrong items to discard!

  5. Christine W says:

    Please tell why you didn’t buy Chiffon Sorbet? It’s the only Escada which I own a bottle of (albeit a mini), mainly for its alleged place in perfume history (as per ‘The Guide’).

    • brie says:

      I did not buy a full bottle of Chiffon Sorbet because I did not know of its existence….Un Ete en Provence was the full bottle I bought in Paris and then discovered that these were limited edition Escadas and thus began my collection…I also have a mini of Chiffon but I am very much coveting the 50 ml bottle…..

  6. Lyubov says:

    Lilly Chic and Sunny Frutti for me, please! Pitty they are discontinued…
    I am really sorry about your collection (I guess I can’t get rid of my broken china, as well), but that made you think of writing this post with a nice draw! Thank you!

  7. haefennasiel says:

    I almost squealed out loud when I saw these lovely pictures because I collect empty perfume bottles too! 😀

    Unfortunately, my family sees them as dust collectors … 😦

    I also miss (100x) the original Safari by Ralph Lauren. Being out in the wild in the best and prettiest way ever … 🙂

  8. Hey there Brie,
    Thwy should have got you to put the bottles on eBay. Do you really miss them?
    Great article though and good luck everyone in the draw.
    Portia xx

  9. susan says:

    I smelled Cherry in the Air at Sephora recently and I thought it not that bad compared to the last couple Escada limited editions! My favorite limited edition?? hrmph. Hard to say. Let’s say Seville a l’Aube, though it seems that one MIGHT be becoming permanent? Close runner-up is Andy Tauer’s Zeta.

    • brie says:

      thanks to two fragrant fairies I have tried both of your beloved limited editions and must say they are lovely…hope you own FBs of both!

      • susan says:

        not yet! I have several ample decants of Seville. Zeta is pretty high up on my buy list – it’s still available, for now at least 🙂

    • hajusuuri says:

      Eek! Andy Tauer Zeta is limited edition? It is actually one of my favorites of his line.

      • susan says:

        Andy said in the past that Zeta was based off a limited supply of a certain quality of linden, so if he ever runs out, it could be discontinued. That’s why he puts it in his “Collectibles” collection. I bet he’d try to give notice on his blog when stocks are getting low, though.

      • susan says:

        I should add: it’s been around for some time now, so I have no idea if perhaps it’s been extended indefinitely, or what. I don’t want to panic anyone!

  10. *Wisher* says:

    My favourite limited edition for Perfume got to be Marc Jacobs. I love the perfume bottles decorated with the Daisies.. 😀
    I’ve also tweeted too.. please see details as below:

  11. Nancysg says:

    I wore Lily Chic for a few years (while you could pick it up at discount after the launch year). Seeing your collection reminded me of how much I enjoyed it. It was is the light green bottle (bottom row – fifth from the left?) as I remember.

    • brie says:

      YES! Nancyg, that is the one….I know the limited edition escadas could once be picked up for a song when the launch year was over…..but once they were gone they were gone :(!!

  12. My favorite limited edition is Happy To Be by Clinique.Its fresh and zesty and so much better than the original

    • brie says:

      OOH! I never tried that one! I know that Clinique has come out with several limited edition flankers to the original Happy.

  13. laniersmith says:

    Brie you always tell a good story! The perfumes don’t sound like me but I loved reading about them. Let me see….when I was 5 I demanded a Roy Rogers toy gun and holster and a set of pink play dishes. After a hysterical visit to the doctor can you guess what I got that Christmas?

  14. hajusuuri says:

    Wonderful post, Brie. My favorite limited edition perfume is Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage. I would have said Seville a l’Aube but I heard it will be part of the regular collection. I of course wonder if it will smell exactly the same as the original limited edition given what I had read somewhere that the orange blossom used was in very limited supply.

    Thanks for the draw.

  15. Very glad you kept your Escada bottles, dear Brie. And that tea sounds very good 🙂

  16. Ines says:

    Well, as it turned out, what I thought was a normal perfume in the line, got flankered and then it was no longer possible to buy the original – Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.
    The new one I bought is the same perfume but I think they tampered a bit with synthetic musks so it irritates my nose sometimes which the first bottle never did.

    • brie says:

      Oh Ines if only we had crystal balls! ( I would have bought so many extra bottles of discontinued fragrances that I adored!)

  17. mim says:

    Most of my unavailable loves, like Tea for Two, are discons rather than LEs which I tend to avoid because heartbreak is inevitable. I remembered after reading the comments that I bought Tauer’s Dark Passage which is super LE and I love it! Also have a dab of Escada Collection which I enjoy very much. My sister had a few of the Escada LEs but I don’t remember which. They’re so pretty! Please count me in.

    • brie says:

      Mim you are counted in! and I have heard about Tea for Two and its charms…glad I never tried as I would probably be as heartbroken as you!

  18. LaurenW says:

    Oh, my goodness. This post brings back such pleasant memories. One of the first bottles of perfume I ever bought for myself (many years ago) was Sexy Graffiti. I loved it and used it and then bought the lotion and shower gel and used those up, too. Then, when I thought I’d just buy myself another bottle, I found they were gone, or only available on ebay at high prices. Welcome to the world of limited editions. 😦

    Then I found Ibiza Hippie! I’ve taken better care of her, out of sun and heat, and still have a quarter of goodness left. Now I embrace the LE concept. You just have to pay attention and buy it when you see it.

    Of course I’d love to win some more Escada LE samples. 🙂

  19. Annamaria says:

    My favourite LE fragrance would have to be Alexander McQueen Kingdom Limited Edition 2005; still wants it!

  20. Cherry in the Air for sure!

  21. Sita W. says:

    My favorite Limited Edition Fragrance would be Pretty Elizabeth Arden Parfum Spray Limited Edition ! A combination of starry jasmine, pink lily, orange blossom and peach juices, sweet 🙂

  22. Sita W. says:

    Reblogged this on sita4u.

  23. What a wonderful post, Brie! And what a collection! It only makes me imagine what your former collection was like!

    Escada isn’t really my taste, so no need to enter me in the draw, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this!

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