Al-Khat by Sergio Momo, Sonia Espelta, Laura Santanda for Xerjoff 2012

Hello High End Nichers,

Do you ever have a sample that rolls around in your drawer for a long time, ignored, and then one day you give it some skin time to find that it is the most beautiful and engaging scent and that you can spritz the whole decant away over the next 4 days at different times?

Al-Khat by Xerjoff 2012

Al-Khat Xerjoff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Jasmine, bergamot, cashmeran, vanilla, oakmoss, benzoin and agarwood (oud)

For some reason I was expecting Al-Khat to blow the back of my head off then pick me up and throw me against a wall while laughing at my outrage, panic and pain. No way, this is SMOOTH! Al-Khat is the Belgian chocolate of oudhs, if you have a problem with the note then this is a perfect way to start with this pretty, caramelised, chocolate covered song of a fragrance.

The opening is rich but light, it smells like the vaults of treasure hoarded by a dragon, with a slight animalic that owes more to scales than fur, like the dry rustle of a snake section at the zoo. The citrus and jasmine is sparkling quietly away but you only notice when you look because this baby is all base. Warm, sweet, sexy and pretty with a slight edge and darkness provided by the oakmoss and oudh. I also get a soft powdery woods scent running in and out that is very comfort scent and as it leaves I hope for it to return, which it does a few times, like a manly talc smell.

Al-Khat snakepit Douglas Fromm FineArtAmericaDouglas Fromm Photo Stolen FineArtAmerica

I smell amazing with Al-Khat on, the decant is nearly all gone after 3 wears and I am thinking that a bottle is definitely in my future, and can’t wait to put it on Jin. It smells like clean, youthful, healthy, moisturised skin warming up for sex as it progresses into the second hour. The drydown is very nice, a slightly dirty vanilla, but not outrageous, inviting perhaps.

Though the scent is ridiculously gorgeous Al-Khat is not a huge projector, staying within a half meter of my body, though it does leave a very light, sweet sillage for a moment and as a fragrance I get about 3-4 hours before I become a slightly better smelling me. Unless you went crazy with the spritzes I think it wearable even for a work scent.

Al-Khat Xerjoff The Guardian of the Seraglio FramingPaintingPhoto Stolen FramingPainting

Further reading CaFleurBon does the whole Xerjoff Oud Stars range and I couldn’t find another review on the first 5 pages of Google. I wonder why? Did the Xerjoff crew piss perfumistas off at some point?
LuckyScent has $315/50ml
SurrenderToChance starts at $7/.5ml

The Xerjoff line is interesting to me, there is not a lot of talk about them on the scentbloggosphere but on FB there is much more. Often Xerjoff will come up as a SOTD. Whatever they are doing for promotion, it’s working. Which of the line have you tried?

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

10 comments on “Al-Khat by Sergio Momo, Sonia Espelta, Laura Santanda for Xerjoff 2012

  1. Kafkaesque says:

    I’ve tried Zafar. Terrible. Simply terrible! So much so that I did a courtroom parody of a lawsuit against Zafar for olfactory assault and battery. Blue cheese Gorgonzola and oud! I guess I should count myself lucky that I didn’t get all the endlessly fecal aspects that so many others did, but I have to admit that Zafar put me off trying any of my remaining Xerjoff samples. It sounds like you’ve had much better luck with your foray into their fragrances.

  2. Kesbah says:

    I recall love-smacked reviews of Oesel a couple of years ago, and ensuing gob-smacked comments about its price. Maybe with Xerjoff it’s a case of “why sniff what you can’t afford?”

    What if, upon sampling, a Xerjoff fragrance turned out to be that elusive ‘perfect one’? The one you’ve waited for and dreamed of and now that you’ve found it, you can’t live without? It might be like finding an incomparable lover who will never be yours… except for a few short days and nights.

    • But then, if it’s “THE ONE” you will only have to buy it. that should save you a fortune then, yes?
      Maybe a split share would be better, I’ll never be faithful to one frag: anything really.
      Portia xx

      • Kesbah says:

        I agree Portia, and could never settle for just one either! But there are half a dozen or so that I need to have back-up supplies of – ones that I adore, use liberally and often, and want never to be without. I simply couldn’t afford to love a Xerjoff in that way, so I don’t dare go anywhere near – especially since my “absolute limit” seems to get higher and higher.

        For example, it wasn’t all that long ago that Amouage was beyond my limit… I said. But then I sampled – and guess what?


      • HA HA HA HA!! Their prices are becoming less outrageous as the other new crews skyrocket. Remember when you thought Guerlain was an expensive perfume? And Montale are practically budget/affordable nowadays.
        Portia x

  3. Janice says:

    I had samples of all six in the Oud Stars collection, and I remember really liking this one and Mamluk (which is oud dripping with honey and caramel and probably even more of a “starter oud” scent than Al Khatt). I need to see if I still have a bit of this one and try it again. One of them—I think Gao?—was absolutely terrifying on me, like a barnyard on fire.

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