DIOR: Secret Garden 2 – Versailles

Hello APJ Family,

You may remember last year Christan Dior brought out a sensational mini movie shot in Versailles, the Louis XIII through XVI hunting lodge turned palace. I was lucky enough to be in Versailles in February and it snowed during our visit. Outrageously, perfectly, incredible. I would very much like to go back and spend three days looking because there was way too much to take in in one viewing. Here then is this years installment in what looks like it may become a tradition.

DIOR Versailles Hall Of Mirrors Atanar.comPhoto Stolen Atanar.com

I hope you enjoy it and the making of.
Portia xx

‘Secret Garden 2 – Versailles’ | Film

‘Secret Garden 2 – Versailles’ | Behind the scenes

4 comments on “DIOR: Secret Garden 2 – Versailles

  1. Ines says:

    I love the video (I got goosebumps watching it).

    And I wish also I could go visit Versailles every year for several days (and Osmotheque while I’m inthe vicinity). 😉

  2. Tora says:

    The videos images are quite lovely, but I found the editing to be choppy. I kept wanting to have smoother transitions between images. I love the ‘making of’ video even more. I always marvel at all the work and supporting cast that goes on to make a visual story like that. I loved watching the men run alongside the running girl (in that gorgeous dress) with their smoke machines!

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