Tease by Steve DeMercado for Paris Hilton 2010


Post by Katrina


My last APJ review was for Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights. In the discussion that followed Azar made the comment “I recently went on a Steve Demercado jag. My favorites are his darker, smokier, boozy scents including Fancy Nights and Queen.” I still don’t have Queen but I have discovered two more Steve DeMercado fragrances in my collection – Paris Hilton Tease and Nicole by Nicole Richie. Today I will be reviewing……

Tease by Paris Hilton 2010

Paris Hilton Tease FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Fuji apple, white peach, bergamot
Heart: White flowers (frangipani, jasmine, tuberose)
Base: Amber, blonde wood, hot sand

Paris Hilton has released 16 perfumes since the original Paris Hilton fragrances for women and men debuted in 2005. They are a mixed bag. You never know what you’ll get when trying a new Paris Hilton perfume. Many are the typical sweet and fruity girly celebuscents but there are also a few mature perfumes in the Paris Hilton line and Tease falls into this category. In case you missed it Portia has previously confessed her love for a couple of Paris Hilton perfumes. Check out her reviews of Fairy Dust and Siren.

Paris Hilton sexy blogcrackPhoto Stolen blogcrack

Paris Hilton’s Tease is a beautiful white floral scent that is strong and long lasting. Fragrantica describes it as a chypre-floral-oriental. It has a fresh fruity opening with apple and bergamot but it is not overly sweet. The fruit notes give lightness to the perfume against the heavy white florals, which are there from the start and dominated by tuberose. The tuberose is medium strength – not too strong for me to enjoy. Tease has a light woody base and lasts all day.

Paris Hilton TEASE absinthrillPhoto Stolen absinthrill

Further reading at Now Smell This
FragranceNet has $10/30ml before discount
My Perfume Samples starts from $2/ml to $6/5ml

I really like Tease but my favourite Paris Hilton perfume is still Siren. Is anyone else willing to own up to a favourite Paris Hilton perfume?

For more celebrity perfume news and Paris Hilton perfume reviews please check out my Celebrity Perfume Website (<<<JUMP).

Katrina xx


9 comments on “Tease by Steve DeMercado for Paris Hilton 2010

  1. FeralJasmine says:

    I’m not familiar with many of the mass market scents, but I will own up to liking Truth or Dare. The opening is spicy-fruity-sweet and not at all to my taste, but after half an hour or so it settles down to smell like a more work-friendly Fracas. I am always looking for bargains, and I don’t see any reason why mass market scents couldn’t be good, it’s just that most of them aren’t. Do any of the rest of you know of some non-niche scents worth trying?

    • Katrina says:

      Everyone loves a bargain!

    • Azar says:

      Hi FeralJasmine!

      Anything goes for me when it comes to scent! Here are some of my celebrity favorites: Queen Latifah Queen, Paris Hilton Siren, Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls (a really weird vanilla) and Truth or Dare (the white bottle). There are also some inexpensive designer fragrances that I like. Nicole Miller Frenzy is one of them and Versace Blonde is another, if you can find it. It is so much fun to discover a new love for next to nothing. If I can do that I don’t feel so bad when I overspend on the high end stuff. What kind of illogic is that?

      Azar xx

      • Azar, We have some VERY similar loves. Blonde is one of my fsves, Queen, Siren and Truth or Dare are all in my collection and get skin time.
        I like some of the Cartier mass market, JPG, Estee Lauder and Donna Karan.
        Portia x

      • FeralJasmine says:

        Perfumisto illogic, that’s what kind. I do have some Black Pearls, and actually wear it sometimes, especially in cool weather. It’s a weird vanilla and I’m weirdly fascinated by it at times. I’ll try the Siren. And the Blonde. My current rule is that I can only buy two samples related to any one blog post. So, how many blogs are there?

      • That’s a GREAT rule FeralJasmine
        Portia xx

  2. Azar says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Thank you for this post! I totally agree with your description. After I read it I decided to confirm your opinion and try my small bottle of Tease again. Well…I couldn’t find it anywhere! I do remember that when I first spayed Tease I was seriously “underwhelmed” and a little disappointed in Steve Demercado. I immediately relegated the box and pretty bottle to the dark and cold cupboard thinking I would give it a second chance another time. It really bothers me to misplace anything, even an inexpensive celebrity scent that I could take or leave. I am now using some serious self control in order to keep from going downstairs and re-organizing the whole perfume storage disaster. And yes, Siren is my favorite PH scent too!

    Azar xx

    • Katrina says:

      Hi Azar,

      Thanks for inspiring the post! Tease is a fairly simple fragrance but when it settles on my skin it smells beautiful. I hope you can find your little bottle, I’d love to know what you think when you try it again. Have you tried the Nicole Richie one?

      I really need to get my collection in order too – I’m sure I would be able to fit a lot more in if I did.

      Katrina xx

      • Azar says:

        Hi Katrina,

        I’m a fan of amber and patchouli and so I wasn’t surprised that I liked Nicole Richie from the first spray! I’m looking forward to your review of this fragrance. It is definitely Demercado. I haven’t tried all of his scents but like most of what I have on hand (with the singular exception of Vince Camuto). My next purchase created by this perfumer will be Mary Kay’s Dance to Life, but just a sample this time.

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