Imaginary Authors: Smell Like James Franco?

Post by Azar

Imaginary Authors james Franco asGeeksPhoto Stolen AsGeeks

On May 19th BoTO’s (Beauty on The Outside) Dee offered the “opportunity to smell like James Franco” to the first five people who asked for it. I questioned my desire to smell like the hairy guy in the BoTO photo, but I just couldn’t pass up such an odd opportunity. A few days ago I received a very generous sample of Imaginary Author’s James Franco. I tried it right away. Here are some of my initial impressions:

kinopoisk.ruPhoto Stolen FanPop

The top notes are a citrusy take on an old motel room, almost a 4711 eau de cologne. The heart seems to be a hybrid of Royal Secret (the vintage Germaine Monteil version sans the overdose of sandalwood – a little, maybe, but not a lot) and the 1960’s Niki de Saint Phalle. Overall I would describe James Franco as of a kind of retro fragrance, reminiscent of two of my favorite early to mid 20th century chypres; much greener, lighter and fresher than the Germaine Monteil and less edgy than the Niki de Saint Phalle.

Imaginary Authors james Franco USMagazinePhoto Stolen USMagazine

With the James Franco scent Josh Meyer has not only taken the old and made it new again but has also managed a sophisticated, indie twist on the concept of celebrity fragrance, creating in the process a neo-classic pseudo chypre (whoa), more polished and intimate than its predecessors, a thoroughly modern “Mad Man”.
The question remains “would I like to smell like James Franco” ? Yes, indeed! If Imaginary Authors ever makes this bespoke celebrity available I will definitely be smelling like Mr. Meyer’s version of Mr. Franco.

Imaginary Authors james Franco RollingOutPhoto Stolen RollingOut

Thanks for the fun, Dee!

Azar XX

Imaginary Authors james Franco BoTOPhoto Stolen BoTO’s (Beauty on The Outside)

7 comments on “Imaginary Authors: Smell Like James Franco?

  1. Emma Mylonas says:

    Omg! James Franco is delicious! I would so buy this for the hubby just to secretly think about Mr Franco hehe….

    • I’m with you Emma! Isn’t James the most Dreamy McDream?
      How are you & the baby.
      Portia xx

      • Emma Mylonas says:

        If only some dreams would come true 😉 lol.
        Bub and I are doing really well. Not long now until she is finally here, which is exciting!
        You should see Beau! He’s massive compared to the night you held him at Kings Park. He’s already half my height ( not that that was hard to achieve hehe). You’ll be proud though, He’s a mini perfume junkie! He loves to have a little spritz or dab of whatever I’m wearing each day. It’s adorable!

      • I would be proud even were he not a mini perfume junkie. They must keep you super busy, but I bet you are happy.
        Thanks for writing Emma, hopefully see you soon,
        Portia x

  2. Azar says:

    Hi Emma!

    James Franco would be a great gift to you and your dear hubby! I hope that Imaginary Authors will eventually make this fragrance (or something a lot like it) available. Right now I think it belongs only to James Franco, a totally bespoke scent. Until my tiny sample runs out I will continue going around happily smelling myself.

    Dee at BoTO will soon be posting the notes in the James Franco fragrance. I wonder if I got it right? My nose often plays tricks on me.

    Azar xx

  3. poodle says:

    I’d forgotten about Royal Secret. I’d like to smell this to see if it reminds me of it. I don’t think I want to smell like James Franco though. He reminds me of someone I was not very fond of.

  4. Azar says:

    Hi Poodle,

    The top notes of this James Franco are definitely old motel room but it does dry down to greener version of Royal Secret (at least for me). I love the old Royal Secret. I went through a lot of it years ago and recently found some of the vintage perfume in my stash.

    I’ve always thought it interesting how old associations color our perceptions. There are certain fragrances that I can’t tolerate because of the people in my life who wore them. Are there scents that remind you (for good or ill) of people in you’ve known?

    Azar xx

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