Coco by CHANEL: LIVE Video Sniff

Hello Avid YouTube Watchers and APJ Crew,

It’s been a long while since we had LIVE Video Sniffs. These were filmed ages ago but I have not got them up yet, MEA CULPA 100%. So far this year has been a fabulously hectic whirlwind of adventures, travel and new work. So finally it feels like we have time to do some catch up.

This LIVE Video Sniff is a solo one. I am all alone with a rather special fragrance. It’s filled with my usual screw ups and a bit of silliness, please take it in the fun vein it is intended. My potty mouth doesn’t get too out of control, well, maybe a bit… NSFW unless you have headphones

As always special thanks to my BFF Kath for shooting and editing and TSO Jin for making it ready to watch on YouTube.

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

Coco by CHANEL: LIVE Video Sniff

Coco FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Coriander, pomegranate blossom, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine and Bulgarian rose
Heart: Mimose, cloves, orange blossom, clover and rose
Base: Labdanum, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, opoponax, civet and vanilla

Thank you, as always, for watching and being a part of the madness that is a LIVE Video Sniff.

Further reading: Coco (Modern) Australian Perfume Junkies and Bois de Jasmin

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Coco CHANEL Jerine Lay  FlickrPhoto Stolen Jerine Lay  Flickr

45 comments on “Coco by CHANEL: LIVE Video Sniff

  1. Annina says:

    Love the video! Coco has been one of my favorite forever! It was my second “grown up girl” perfume (No.19 was the first). I loved it so much that I cut Vanessa Paradis’ face out of the ad, added my own of the same size, and put it on my dorm room wall!!

    I had as mini of the modern formulation which broke my heart. It may as well have been bug spray. I found a vintage mini on eBay and it is as I remember – so sexy!

  2. palmward says:

    It is sooo great to see your wide open reaction to this Frag! You’re not kidding – the original is so much better than the p*ss they have out now there truly is no comparison. That’s why we try to always stick to the oldies!

    • Ha Ha Ha Palmward! If I’d never sniffed the original I would think the modern formulation a magical piece of perfumery, and it is, just not in comparison to the oldie for me. If you get a young one to sniff the vintage though they think it’s off.
      Portia x

  3. Julie zamborini says:

    Love! I will definately begin my search for a vintage! Thanks for a fun video.

  4. arline says:

    Please do more videos!!!! you are hilarious!!!

  5. haefennasiel says:

    “Opu-pu-pu-pu-nox” is my new tongue-twister! ^^

    Lurv your lashes, btw!

  6. cookie queen says:

    Eat your bloody heart out Edna – THIS is where it´s at. Freaking awesome. I am smiling from one ear to the other. I LOVE this. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah. BRILLIANT. AWESOME. GOBSMACKINGLY GREAT. There are not enough bussis to send you. xxxxxx

  7. FeralJasmine says:

    I’ll have what she’s having.

  8. Tatiana says:

    Darn you Portia! I remember my friend wearing this all the time and loving it on her. Now you’ve created a HUGE lemming for the vintage stuff which isn’t going to be easy to find and is going to cost me an arm and a leg. BTW, I love when you do video reviews!

    • palmward says:

      I hate to be commercial but please check me out on etsy – odona is the store. I’ve always got some vintage Chanel on…Portia forgive me but I LOVE coco and not enough people have smelled it in the orig config.

      • Heya Palmward,
        I didn’t know you are ODONA. Your comment is completely on topic, no worries.
        I love your store, shop there regularly. PEOPLE THIS PERSON IS 100% VALID. One of my favourite ETSY stores.
        Portia xx

    • Thanks Tatiana,
      I just received in the mail today (coincidentally) a vintage Coco 1/2 full 35ml Parfum spritz, paid 26 euro for including postage. It’s out there you just need to look.
      It is SUBLIME
      Portia xx

  9. Kesbah says:

    Was very excited to see you do a new video sniff!! (My favourite is you, David, and vintage Femme. I swear I could smell it!)

    Vintage Coco… I could smell it too as you sprayed. Ahhhhhhhh. I do miss it so.

    Portia, I’m curious: at the time of Coco’s release there was some criticism and even – though hard to believe now! – derision about its sweetness and in particular about a chocolate note. But I never found the chocolate note, have you?

    Keenly anticipating the next video,


    (PS: At the weekend I revisited another dear old love, but in reformulation – Cinnabar. I felt an actual physical hunger for it and for a proper, big girl perfume. It’s a yearning that’s been growing throughout this winter. Anyway, Cinnabar too is an anorexic little thing now. So sad.)

    • Hi there Kesbah,
      I’m sorry, the chocolate has so far passed me by. Next time I’m wafting I will search for it. Bitter, Dark, Milk? Did they say?
      If there is a chocolate note then is Coco responsible for the beginning of gourmand? Not Angel? Hmmmm, better heads than I may know.
      You can buy Vintage Cinnabar reasonably on Etsy and eBay. try ODONA’s shop on ETSY.
      Portia xx

      • Kesbah says:

        Hello Portia,

        Remembering that (Australian) writer John Oakes was one who talked about chocolate in Coco, I dug out his books from 1996 and 1998…

        “there is some thought that a form of chocolate has gone into its very complex formula. On the other hand this could be due to the presence of benzoin, which is a rich vanilla/chocolate-smelling resin.”

        Interesting too to read his description of Coco’s other ingredients: “Coco breaks new ground. It uses lots of flowers, but only as a purring, throbbing background”… “Comoros Island orange blossom, Carribean cascarilla (a sweet bark), Bulgarian rose, Indian jasmine, Javanese Franjipani and mimosa from Provence. The spicy counterpoint of coriander, clove bud and angelica are then suffused with amber, sandalwood and overlaid with the velvety ripeness of peach – a mesmerising harmony that is slightly sweet, slightly woody, slightly spicy – and deeply mysterious.”

        Thanks so much Portia for the tips – I’m off now to Etsy to get me some Cinnabar!


      • WOW!! Thanks for doing my homework for me.
        Good luck with the cinnibar.
        Portia xx

  10. shuvanidev says:

    Portia! Portia! Portia! Fabulous review of a fabulous fragrance – LOVE it! And that coriander opening in the edp – amazingly unique.

  11. Fatima says:

    Portia, please please do more video reviews!!! Your enthusiasm is wonderfully contagious and I’m still smiling as I type this. It also makes me want to try the vintage Coco.

  12. efemmeral says:

    I bust out some of my vintage Coco then settled down to watch this. Perfect! Your reaction is hilarious Portia! And what a relief to know I’m pronouncing opoponax okay, I say it just like you 😉

  13. OMG I love your video haha your such a great fun, character. This is the first one i have seen by you and i hope you do many more hun. I like Coco but i love Coco Noir. It is incredibly subtle. but like caviar. Once you develop the taste you are hooked. Keep those great vids coming you are making me miss my second home 😉

    • Hey there Mirifique Beauty,
      It’s nice to hear some love for Coco Noir. If only they’d called it Summer Coco, or Coco Bright, I think it would have been a superstar in perfumista circles but to make it a NOIR flanker of something already dark and oriental and glorious was a mistake. I’m glad you love it. It’s sales have been good according to my local CHANEL SA.
      Portia xx

  14. David Watson says:

    Yet another awesome clip babes! Even better than watching you film this one is being able to enjoy it again and again. Love ya xx

  15. I always enjoy your live video sniffs, Portia, but this one is so fun and fabulous to watch! Thank you!

  16. Tonia says:

    I love Live VIdeo Sniff. The best perfume snippet ever. Cant wait for the next one. You are infectious! XO

  17. Penny Cascio says:

    Coco Chanel has ALWAYS been one of my favourites, but now, after watching your fabulous video, ITS MY ALTIME FAVE BABE!!!!! You are magical, love you xxxxxx

  18. annemariec says:

    The original video ads for Coco are some of the best perfume ads ever made, I think. Have you seen the ad with Vanessa Paradis on her giant swing inside a birdcage?

    A complex ad to make. They had to build the cage and swing inside a warehouse or something. No CGI in those days. We’d love to see you on a bird swing Portia – feather, fishnets, HURLING a giant bottle of Coco all over the place … Do it for us!

    • I love those ads. Yes, before it took a click on a computer they had to build it, or use blue screen.
      They would really have to reenforce that swing nowadays. I have come down from the roof on a swing in the State Theatre in Sydney and also been suspended above a dance party by wires and able to do full rotations, that was fun.
      Portia xx

  19. Natalie says:

    Love your video sniffs, and completely agree with Anne Marie on those ads. Wonderful.

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