The Creation of a Natural Perfume: Aromatique Essentials

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Post by Julie of Aromatique Essentials


Today we start a new ongoing story of the creation of a scent. Julie will be our guide and I (Portia) will be the guinea pig. The other day Julie came to my home and we did a consultation which included talking through favourite smells, things, people and memories. I was also asked to fill out an in depth questionnaire so Julie would have something to reference as she worked on my scent. It was loads of fun and she is a character full of wonderful stories and anecdotes of the fragrances and her own personal history. Time flew by with loads of laughter and knowledge exchanged. I hope you enjoy the story of a creation of a scent.
Portia xx

Display Of Perfume Bottles In Market

Who Is Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials?

Hello Australian Perfume Junkies,

As a Holistic Aromatherapist*, I am guided by instinct backed by knowledge of the way fragrance has been used as decoration and medicinally through many different countries and cultures into pre-history. Almost 20 years professional experience, as a practitioner, educator and consultant and I am still learning. At Aromatique essentials we create the highest quality bespoke perfumes and use only the highest quality of pure organic and natural essential oils selected from all around the world and Aromatique Essentials products are free from synthetic ingredients.

I fell in love with essential oils and the art of aromatherapy after my daughter was born. She was the youngest and smallest TOF (tracheoesophageal fistula) baby born in Australia at that time, with many complications and challenges. As a mother I looked to do more for her and help her in every way possible. Using aromatherapy every day improved her early life and transformed us both physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, grateful for this, I have devoted my life to learning how aromatherapy can support and enhance the well-being of others.

A Holistic Practitioner, Aromatherapy Consultant and Aromatherapy Coach, with 13 years as an educator responsible for the design and delivery of Aromatherapy and Beauty programs for Australia’s leading natural therapies colleges and featuring in national publications like Pharmacy Trade, Pregnancy Magazine, Cleo, For Me, Body & Soul, Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald as well as health/beauty blogs and radio segments.

JulieNelsonPortraitJulie Nelson

I am an alchemist, healer and teacher. It is my calling.
With love,
Julie xo

The Journey of ‘Capturing the Fragrant Essence of Your Soul’

Why have a perfume made especially for you?
A Bespoke perfume is a signature, testament to your unique and beautiful self, who you are. Imagine having a fragrance that no other person has, every time people smell you it will become their eternal memory of you.
It can be the mark of a special occasion: Wedding day, Birthday, Mothers day, Giving birth, any Milestone. Or simply because you can.

One of my favourite things to do is creating a signature perfume. There are no synthesized ingredients or animal products in my creations but pure essential oils, floral waters and hydrosols. Essential oils alone are very complex containing hundreds of natural chemical constituents. Rose essential oil has over 400 natural chemical constituents and is very difficult to duplicate with the nuances and depths of the real thing.

Blending is my art; involving two decades of study, experience and passion, referencing your astrological birth chart and trusting my intuition through spending time with you. I love to create something so intimate, personal and magical for, and with, you.

In preparation for your creation I need to know as much as I can about you, so that your personality, what you love and how you desire to feel is evoked when you wear your Bespoke Perfume. When crafting your perfume my intention is to ‘Capture the Fragrant Essence of Your Soul’.


The first step to creating your perfume is filling out a detailed perfume consultation form with as much information about yourself as possible. Tell me your favourite scents, food, colour and season. What type of aromas you resonate with such as floral, woody, spicy or fresh citrus tones. Astrologically your Sun, Moon and Rising sign can be taken into account when creating your perfume because they give me more insight in to your personality and assists me in creating.

From here, I then begin the process by creating samples, which can take up to 4 weeks. Once they are ready I then send them to you. What you receive is 3 x1mL perfume vials numbered 1,2 and 3 in separate sealed bags. I allow one week for you to choose your favourite perfume sample. (It is best to inhale and try them in the morning after you bathe)


Your 2nd consultation can be held via phone, Skype or you can come to me. This consultation allows you to ask any questions you may have.
I then make your 2nd 3 x 1ml mods and allow them to sit and synergise/brew for 4-6 weeks before they are posted to you.

Your 3rd consultation can also be held via phone, Skype or you can come to me. This consultation allows you to finalise your fragrance.
I then make your finished Perfume and allow it to sit and synergise for 4-6 weeks before it is posted to you. Your own fragrance.

Should you need more mods then this perfume can be layered and built on to and you will be charged an hourly rate.

Aromatic Essentials bottle

Packaged in a beautiful heart shaped green glass 100ml spray bottle decorated with a charm crafted from vintage jewellery dating back to the 1930’s-1950’s. These charms are made especially for Aromatique Essentials and no 2 charms are alike. Or you can choose one of our spectacular hand blown glass creations for your fragrance. Each perfume comes with a personal note listing each essential oil and what it represents and is kept on file. Your formula can be used to create a range of bespoke products including body creams and lotions, bath salts, body oils and room sprays.


Enjoy a touch of luxury every day, all it takes is a few drops or a gentle spray of your custom made perfume and you are wrapped in an your own personal veil of fragrance.
The beauty of using pure essential oils also assists on other levels such as boosting your nervous and immune systems uplifting your mind mood and emotions, which adds another dimension to your perfume!


Please come and visit me at the Aromatique Essentials website<<<JUMP

All photos from Aromatique Essentials site

*Adj. holistic – emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole/pertaining to or using therapies outside the mainstream of orthodox medicine, as chiropractic, homeopathy, or naturopathy.

25 comments on “The Creation of a Natural Perfume: Aromatique Essentials

  1. Belle says:

    What a coincidence! We just chatted about a perfume’s story from the giveaway. I’m quite excited to read about your own fragrant journey, Portia! (:

  2. Ann-Sofie says:

    surprise surprise….I was not aware of this blog being a commercial website trading consultations by a “healer, alchemist and teacher”. hopefully you get a commission, dear Portia.

    • Hi there Ann-Sofie,
      No, we are not getting commission.
      I think this is an extremely interesting part of the story of perfume. That we have someone with so much experience and scope is APJs lucky adventure. Hopefully you enjoy these Saturday posts but if not there is plenty of other interesting stuff happening at APJ for you to get reading, laughing, commenting and lemming-ing.
      See you soon Ann-Sofie, did you enter our giveaway?
      Portia xx

  3. Jan Last says:

    Portia, your journey to find a perfect bespoke scent is very interesting. I would love to know how you came to choose the “right” one. Aquarius here, I seem to be too flighty to have just one perfect scent.

    • Hi there Jan Last,
      Yes, I am interested to see how it will work for such a perfume slut as myself. Nevertheless I am always up for a journey, two of my frag buddies were up doing the learn perfume ingredients class with Julie yesterday and they got a preview of the beginning stages of my Bespoke Perfume, one of them being Madeleine from APJ, her words, “Portia you are in for a real treat.” So I am pretty excited.
      This series with Julie will be running on intermittent Sydney Saturday Afternoons till we have a completed fragrance.
      Fingers and toes crossed for magic.
      Portia xx

      • patriciaC says:

        I think we all are in for a real treat! I hope to have the oportunity to try Bespoken! At the very least i wanna hear all about it, every little detail.

  4. Jordan River says:

    Capturing the fragrant essence of Portia’s soul would require more than 3 mods I think. Not sure about lumping such an individual personality into astrology. I like the idea of Portia’s bath salts as a possible outcome. This will be an interesting tale to follow.

    • Hey there Jordan,
      Did I tell you about my Bath Salt adventure? I made them for everyone last Christmas. About 50 little jars of Bath Salts and some essential oils and a tiny little hit of bubble bath all smooshed up together for a couple of weeks. They were a terrific hit.
      I’m thinking to do it again this year.
      Portia x
      I am most interested to see how the perfume creation works too. Though I can not envisage myself going frag monogamous, stranger things have happened, at this reasonable price though (about the price of 4 niche bottles) it would save me a fortune in acquisitions.
      Portia xx

    • Hi Jordan, No I am not lumping Portia’s personality into astrology 😉 However, having studied astrology I understand how much we can learn about a person and of course there are many aspects to any individual as there is in creating a signature perfume. Thanks for following!

  5. Oh I think we can have many bespoke scents/perfumes. I could not stop at one as it depends on my mood, what emotions and feelings I want to evoke and experience, the season, the time of day and the occasion 🙂

  6. Reena Tory says:

    lovely blog post. Julie Nelson is an amazing woman, a creator, a healer and totally passionate about aromatherapy. I love my perfume – wear it everyday. I’ve now placed all my french/commercial perfumes in the bathroom cabinet and only keep out the beautiful perfume Julie made for me. There is something special about a perfume made especially for you xx

  7. Sonja Keller says:

    Great post! I love Julie’s work too. Her passion is so evident in her creations and nothing beats a bespoke perfume made with love, knowledge and instinct.

  8. Julie is a fabulous teacher and practitioner and I’m sure it will be divine. For the naysayers, maybe try it first so that you can comment with some experience, rather than judgements. This type of work is extremely time consuming and indepth but I’ve got no doubt the end result will be beautiful. No comparison with a product like this and something synthetic that is basically a bottle of alcohol with up to 2000 synthetic chemicals. Portia, I’m sure you will be very happy with it. Enjoy Mxx

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m sure and can’t wait for the result.
      I agree that this work is in depth and time consuming.
      As to the other, current International Fragrance Association (IFRA) restrictions include both natural and chemical fragrance materials in their toxic list and many of both in their usable lists.
      No school is better.
      I think there is scope for all forms of perfumery here on APJ. We are not here to preach but to entertain, enlighten and enjoy all forms of fragrance.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Portia x

    • Hi Lovely,
      Thank you so good to see you here 🙂 The world of perfume both natural and commercial have intrigued us since the beginning of time. Both you and I come from a different school of thought and of course have had a years of training in the therapeutic value of essential oils and the power of smell. I am really excited to be creating a natural perfume for Portia and this is already panning out to be a very interesting and educational journey for both sides.
      I shall keep you informed xxx

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