Burberry Brit Parfum by Nathalie Cracia-Getto 2003

Hey there Stink Monkeys,

Recently they had a big sale at Parfum1 and I wanted to know what they had done to Burberry Brit that made them want to produce it as an extrait version. Even why they did it has me baffled, unless it was made purely to sell as a top of the range glam moment for men to buy their girlies when hunting for that elusive something that says “I know you, your taste and want the best for you.”

Burberry Brit Parfum 2003

Burberry Brit Parfum 99perfumePhoto Stolen 99Perfume

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Green lemon, pear, almond
Heart: White peony
Base: Vanilla, amber, mahogany, tonka bean

The Burberry box and the bottles shape, heft and colouring are all fabulous and fun, I enjoyed the process of opening up the package the first time and continue to do so every time I go back for a spritz.

So Burberry Brit Parfum opens in the extremely popular hefty sheer way that so many perfumes of the new millenium do, was Gucci Rush or Kenzo Flower among the first? It was a step from watery ozonic to floral but with a delicacy like a silk crêpe Georgette scarf that has been heavily printed, or do you remember those Versace silk shirts in the 1990s? You could see flesh and muscle through them but the patterns were bold and intricate. This family of fragrances is a soft shimmer of perfume but with fabulous sillage and projection. They are like a neon light, no heat but extra full on light.

 BurberryPhoto Stolen WearIt.com

The pear is the same fake pear that you would expect , sweet and fizzy, but the almond meal/milk scent grounds it beautifully. I am so embarrassed by how much I enjoy Burberry Brit Parfum. I can understand why it is so popular, well understand why the EdT and EdP have remained constant great sellers and why they decided to do a parfum. The peony has a overblown, blousy, 3 days in their water smell that is my favourite time of peonies, they are on the verge of fully opened and their promise is palpable still. Such a wonderful flower, does anyone grow them? Do you have hints? I’m not sure our winters are cold enough here in Sydney, Australia? The milky almond meal comes back in later and melds beautifully with the amber and vanilla before we hit deep dry down.

The dry down is pretty sweet vanillic woods, slightly generic. There’s a reason that it is so common, it’s pretty and wearable and doesn’t get cloying or annoying. That fades and your left with very slightly better smelling skin, nondescript but better.

Burberry Trench Platinum FlickrPhoto Stolen Platinum

I am getting between 3-4 hours fully fragrant and then a long time in dry down, even next morning there are traces.

Further reading: Now Smell This and Perfume.org(Ellen’s blog)
Parfum1 has $35/15ml
My Perfume Samples has a great Burberry Brit selection starting at $2/ml, sadly no parfum

Have you ever been happily surprised by a fragrance that you thought you’d dislike?
See you tomorrow,

Portia xx

15 comments on “Burberry Brit Parfum by Nathalie Cracia-Getto 2003

  1. Kesbah says:

    Hi Portia,

    I’d never felt inspired to try Brit until now! Gorgeous review of the extrait. Visceral.

    Sadly you’re right, it isn’t cold enough in suburban Sydney for herbaceous peonies. (I wish I could grow them too. Deeply romantic flower, I think.) They do well further west, eg. Bowral. You could try your luck with tree peonies Portia, but even they need deep cold. (Some truly committed temperate-climate gardeners lay ice on them for a month.) Tassie is peony-lovers’ paradise. Unimaginably beautiful blooms there. Delightful peony farms that you can visit too. Heaven!

    • Thanks Kesbah,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the review.
      Do you think the Blue Mountains could do Peonies? They get cold, cold?
      Maybe I’ll just have to buy them, put them in a vase. I am putting some young Orchids into the ground here in Pymble to see how they go, a person about 3km away has the most incredible 20-30 stemmed extravaganza that blooms this time every year, in the front yard on a super busy rd. I am green every year with jealousy so we have bought some baby orchids and they’re going in.
      Portia x

  2. Julie zamborini says:

    I have resisted buying the Brit for ages, but your lovely description has put me over the edge!
    Peonies are my favorite, the lightest pink, and the white have the best scent.
    And a frag that completely suprised me-
    Jlo Live. So nice!

  3. Kesbah says:

    The Blue Mountains is perfect for peonies. Orchids – you’ll astonish everyone Portia! I’ve only once seen them grown that way – and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were en masse (no idea which variety) in sis-in-law’s garden. Spectacular! She can’t understand why everyone is incredulous. I never knew it was possible. She just puts orchid mix on top of the soil. Reckons they aren’t the difficult prima donnas that we imagine.

    You’ve certainly got some stunning gardens round your way. I’m near the sea… sandy soil, blustery, salt-laden winds… so I’m a bit restricted in what I can grow, but meeting the challenge is fun in its way. But I do tend to wish – naturally! – for things I can’t have… like peonies… and fleshy, tender things.

    • YAY!! Thanks for the tip. I will do it as you say.
      Yes, the north shore is a perfect temperate micro climate, we get loads of rain and have clay soil. Mum and I used to spend days just pottering around in the garden, it was excellent fun. I’m too lazy now and it lost its luster after Mum died so we get a gardener but I still oversee the process.
      The beach must be hard for gardens, but payoff being, THE BEACH.
      Portia xx

  4. poodle says:

    I’ll have to try this. Hubby has one of the Burberry scents and I do like it on him. I remember liking one I had tried but I can’t remember if it was this one or not. I think it might have been.
    I love peonies and I do grow them in the garden. They were gorgeous this year! Tons of blooms. I don’t find them to be too fussy except if you try to relocate them to another part of the yard mid-season. They tend to not like that very much and I lost a few once because I tried that. Now I only move them if needed and in early spring before they are fully sprouted and they do fine. We do have nasty cold winters here too and I suppose that helps. Mine got pretty big this year so I think next year I can split them up a bit and have more plants.

  5. RuthF says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Burberry fragrance, ever. Next time I see Brit I’ll give it a try! My wedding bouquet was predominantly peonies, they’re so pretty. Good luck with the Orchids Portia, such a spectacular flower. I have no green thumb but I have a magical Gardenia bush at my front door which has started to bud, the last flower only just fell off a few weeks ago from last season, I don’t even water the poor thing but it thrives!

    • Hi there RuthF,
      I have a theory that plants need love as much as we do and that they don’t need to be overwatered or fussed with, just admired, adored and loved. I am quite neglectful of the garden, except fortnightly visits from the gardener, and it is beautiful this year. I do walk around and comment on plants giving particularly good displays and each year they double their efforts. The purple iris blooming currently has not been touched in 3 years but has more than quadrupled its stem count and so have the daffodils, bluebells and snow drops. Camellias are the best we’ve ever had this year too.
      SO LUCKY
      Portia x

  6. Undina says:

    Many years ago I liked Burberry Brit EdP (not EdT!) and planned to add it to my – mostly mainstream back then – collection once it would hit discounters. For a long time EdT was available but prices for the EdP version stayed relatively high… and then I forgot about it. And then I discovered niche perfumes…
    I’ll try it again when I come across it again. I doubt I’ll want to own it but I’m curious to smell it now.

  7. Azar says:

    I’ve seen lots of Burberry Brit EDT and EDP but not the extrait. The peony note you mention is tempting me to buy it in any form! Regarding herbaceous peonies: We have so many blooming in our garden in late Spring. I find them easy to divide and move around. I just chop them up and bury them in our slightly improved clay soil. Sounds ruthless but the more I fuss with these guys the worse they do. I even found some growing in the potato patch! Evidently we ground up some rhizomes when we tilled a former flower bed for potatoes. The potato patch peonies didn’t bloom this year, but I moved them to a safer location and expect flowers in a year or two.

    • OMG!! My jealousy knows no bounds Azar. How lucky you are.
      I am glad someone has such a lucky garden to have peonies. They are glorious, in vision and scent. I will visit one day when they are in bloom.
      Portia xx

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