Strawberry Passion Green by Kedra Hart for Skye Botanicals 2012


Post by Dionne


Hello APJ,

“Why Don’t You Ever Smell Like Strawberries?” My oldest son, Bones, asked me that one day about three years ago when he was 17. I’d fallen down the rabbit hole about six months previously, and was still in the first flush of my new obsession: chatting about perfume incessantly and lifting my wrist as a smell offering to anyone who walked through my front door.

DelicaciesPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

My husband, The Engineer, and Archimedes (then 15) were interested, and each would eventually discover fragrances for himself that he liked, but Bones just didn’t get it. I have to give him credit that even at the age of 17 he showed enough self-restraint not to tell me how silly he thought the whole thing was, but I’m willing to bet he worked hard not to roll his eyes whenever I proffered a wrist.

When he asked why I wasn’t wafting strawberries, my response at the time was a sarcastic, “Because I’m not a seventeen year-old girl.” To me the question seemed ludicrous; strawberries made me think of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers and Strawberry Shortcake and I, well *I* was a serious perfumista, discovering that iris and incense smelled fantastic on me and getting packages from France and Switzerland and England. Good grief, did he think I shopped at Bath & Body Works?

I cringe a bit now when I type that and face my past snobbery. It’s quite ironic too, when you consider my present love for Pulp, Bombay Bling, Pear + Olive, Philosykos, Bronze Goddess and that apple note in Wazamba. So thankfully I was past my anti-fruit snobbery by 2012 when Monica Miller of Skye Botanicals announced her Strawberry Passion Project.

Strawberry Passion Green by Skye Botanicals

StrawberryPassion-Perfume PharmerPhoto Stolen Perfume Pharmer

PerfumePharmer gives these featured accords:
Top: Pink Pepper/Red Mandarin/Bergamot/Tangerine/ Lemon/ Natural Ivy Accord
Heart : Rose/Tuberose/Boronia/ White Water Lily/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord
Base: Green Tea/ Amber/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Vetiver/ Oakmoss/ Beach Found Ambergris

If I understand correctly, the project came about because she’d created some strawberry flower essence at her home in Martha’s Vineyard – flower essences don’t have a smell – and approached Kedra Hart of Opus Oils to create an all-natural strawberry perfume to go with the essence. In the end, two of the mods were so good she offered them to reviewers as semi-finalists with the names Cream and Green, and you could buy samples from her Etsy store.

Cream didn’t get along with my skin chemistry (a pretty common occurrence for me, unfortunately), but oh, that Green! I tend to pull out the sweet notes in a fragrance, so it’s not as green-smelling on me as most of the reviewers reported, but there’s a hint of leaf and stem in there. As I read the list of notes provided, I must admit my nose is not good enough to pick up the disparate threads of pink pepper and mandarin and boronia and tuberose and other ingredients. Basically, I get the most amazing and natural strawberry smell overtop a rich base of vanilla and sandalwood. Holy cow, this is sensual stuff; every time I wear it I get compliments.

 boroniaPhoto Stolen Tricia Flickr

And I have to give major props to the perfumer Kedra Hart. First off, for the 2013 Fifi nomination in the Indie category. But even more than that, this has truly phenomenal sillage and longevity for a natural perfume. Seriously, how did you pull that off? Ten hours in, I still smell fantastic. In fact, even though it’s EDP, I find it wears more like a parfum and prefer it dabbed to sprayed.

StrawberryPassion michellehebert-FlickrPhoto Stolen michellehebert Flickr

Considering the fact that 30ml is $115 at Monica’s Etsy store, that’s a fantastic deal. My bottle is going to last me a looooong time. It’s a good thing I’ll never be too old to wear it.

Dione x

(Ed: Dionne is off camping with her lovely family so she may take a day to respond to your messages, Please do leave a “hello” because sometimes it’s nice to get a line to the real world when you’ve gone bush)

Strawberry Passion Green comes in sample form, a 6ml purse spray and a 30ml bottle.

17 comments on “Strawberry Passion Green by Kedra Hart for Skye Botanicals 2012

  1. cookie queen says:

    Sounds gorgeous. Never fancied strawberry but this might be worth the risk! My daughter is in love with “Pulp” this summer. I will try and search this one out.
    Val xxx

    • Dionne says:

      Hey, I say go for it, as the samples are pretty reasonable. I think it’s the gorgeous base that makes this into something more than just strawberry, and keeping an open mind leads to such fun discoveries.

  2. poodle says:

    My favorite aunt loved strawberries. She had soaps, candles, incense, decor, you name it, all in strawberry. I’d probably like this because it would remind me of her.

    • Dionne says:

      It’s one of the things I love about perfume: how it can be so much *more* than smelling great. How it can connect us with the past and loved ones, strengthen us, ground us, help us grow in unexpected ways. Let me know if you get a chance to try it, Poodle. 🙂

  3. Azar says:

    Hello Dionne,

    Since you like to camp you can appreciate my reluctance to smell like strawberries. We have several bears in our suburban neighborhood who just love my strawberry patch. I moved the
    patch away from the house so I wouldn’t be unpleasantly surprised at dawn and dusk. Also, I really hesitate to smell like their favorite food while I’m out walking my dog, even at midday (especially if the sillage is as strong as you say it is).

    Strawberry Passion sounds yummy to me too but I might have to wait until winter to try it. Most of our bears are hibernating then.


    • Dionne says:

      Azar, I had to chuckle at the serendipity of this comment. We camped in one of our favorite spots, Waterton Lakes National Park, and this year the number of bears we saw was HUGE compared to other years. Most of the time, we’ll see one or two in the space of ten days, but this year it was three or four every. single. day. One morning while having breakfast we watched one saunter past our campsite and investigate our neighbors picnic table and chairs – it’s been a wet year, so I think the abundance of Saskatoon berries might have been a factor in the huge numbers.

      I’m pretty bear-savvy, so that many didn’t freak me out, but I completely understand your caution; We didn’t let our little ones go to the bathroom by themselves. Because of the yummy base, I think Strawberry Passion Green would be just as wearable in the winter months.

      • Azar says:

        Hi Dionne,
        Sorry to read that you had to go into the hospital. Best wishes for a fast recovery!
        Looks like this has been a big year for bears all over the west. Waterton Lakes National Park sounds so wonderful.

      • Dionne says:

        Thanks, Azar, thus far the recovery has gone very well, and it’s definitely been the best possible outcome of a potentially crappy situation. Plus I didn’t have to miss my beloved Waterton, which holds a very special place in my heart. Portia and I are talking about me doing a special post about the trip, because it’s such a stunning, and wonderful-smelling, location.

  4. Undina says:

    Hi Dionne, it’s great to see you. Did you have your off-the-grid month already this year?

    I do not like most natural perfumes so I won’t actively pursue this one but if one day it finds its way to me I’ll give it a try.

    • Dionne says:

      Hi Undina! 🙂 Our off-the-grid moment was in June, this was a genuine “gone bush” moment as there is no cell phone coverage where we were camping, and the Waterton townsite doesn’t have an internet café – it’s laid-back feel is part of the charm, and I’ve heard it compared to how Banff was back in the 50’s.

      Not to mention that when we got back home, I ended up in the hospital getting my gall bladder out, hence the longer delay in responding, so I must apologize for that. (It went smoothly though, so now I’m just feeling sore, and glad the darn thing is out.)

      Just out of curiosity, what is it about naturals that you don’t care for? Is it the lack of longevity, the cost, or something else? I find that if not done well, naturals can smell “muddy” on me.

      • Undina says:

        Dionne, I’m glad you’re feeling alright. I wish you to heal completely very quickly! You were missed 🙂

        As to the natural perfumes, I’m much more tolerant than many towards any perfumes being fleeting, I’m fine if I can get a couple of hours from my perfume – I do not mind re-applying. But my problem with most natural perfumes is that they just do not smell like “real perfumes.” I understand that it’s a subjective definition and I’m not even sure if it has that much to do with those perfumes being all-natural or just because they are “hand-made.”

        I want to make a parallel with clothes: whereas the most expensive leather bags are hand-made, most of those things produced and sold on Etsy do not look like Birkin so I prefer “soulless” but professionally made Cole Haans’ purses.

        If it was my friend or a relative who decided “to be a perfumer” and mixed up one of those all-natural perfumes, I would have been really proud of them and would have probably entertained the idea of using them from time to time. But Chanel, Guerlain or Serge Lutens they are not.

      • Dionne says:

        I can definitely see where you’re coming from, Undina. There is a refinement that I find in my Chane’s that is not always in the indie side of things, but I’m OK with that, each draws me for different reasons. Great analogy with the purses, BTW, especially as I *have* checked out the leather ones on Etsy as I appreciate the uniqueness of them.

      • Dionne says:

        sigh. “Chanels.”

  5. smellythoughts says:

    Nice write up! I have had samples of both of these for a while but neither of them work on my skin 😦 I’ll keep trying in the hope to one day write up on them with a bit more “passion”. Glad Green worked out for you! You make it sound fantastic – it’s unusual why strawberry isn’t used more in perfumery.

    • Dionne says:

      Thanks, Freddie. I understand about things not working on your skin, I’ve got entire categories that I just can’t pull off ie. have yet to find a lily or LOTV that I can wear, and roses rarely work on me.

      You’re right about it being unusual that strawberry isn’t used more often, it’s too bad that most examples out there smell so fake and plastic-y, especially when adding the green aspect can make it really interesting. (In the same vein, that’s how I like my fig as well: throw in some leaf and bark and a bit of dirt, and you’ve caught my interest.)

  6. Hey beautiful lady. So are lighter without a Gall Bladder? He He he Glad to see you back on board. I even got correspondence from your VSO. He was charming, I am charmed completely. He even said he likes my humour.
    Portia xx

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