Oudh with Roja Dove: Mini Movie

Heya Oudh Heads,

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Here is a five minute journey into the history and uses of Oudh, Roja Dove takes us on an olfactory visit to the Middle east.

agarwoodoudhPhoto Stolen agarwoodoudh

Portia xx


17 comments on “Oudh with Roja Dove: Mini Movie

  1. palmward says:

    I want to try this! I LOVE big dark roses and they are so rare! I follow via email Thanks odona Palmer Ward

  2. Jackie b says:

    Perfume shops in the Middle East look so opulent! Fascinating story about oud, thanks for posting this.

  3. Azar says:

    Thank you so much for posting this mini movie, Portia. I have to admit to being “oudh head”, but one that is seriously constrained by a budget.

  4. Tora says:

    That is a lovely video. I would love to smell the agar wood burning in a censor. And Roja makes me long to smell the 100 year old wood made into an oil.

  5. Jan Last says:

    Roja Dove can drag me anywhere, by my hair, call me “Enslaved” (cracking up, even as I write this)

  6. Martin says:

    Thank you Portia for sharing this video of eastern traditions being absorbed more now by the west. I do need to investigate and sniff some oud (oudh).

  7. Kandice says:

    Really enjoyed the mini movie on oudh – thanks for posting it. I loved when he said smelling it is “like smelling the wind.” What a beautiful comparison!

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