Coco by CHANEL: LIVE Video Sniff

Hello Avid YouTube Watchers and APJ Crew,

It’s been a long while since we had LIVE Video Sniffs. These were filmed ages ago but I have not got them up yet, MEA CULPA 100%. So far this year has been a fabulously hectic whirlwind of adventures, travel and new work. So finally it feels like we have time to do some catch up.

This LIVE Video Sniff is a solo one. I am all alone with a rather special fragrance. It’s filled with my usual screw ups and a bit of silliness, please take it in the fun vein it is intended. My potty mouth doesn’t get too out of control, well, maybe a bit… NSFW unless you have headphones

As always special thanks to my BFF Kath for shooting and editing and TSO Jin for making it ready to watch on YouTube.

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

Coco by CHANEL: LIVE Video Sniff

Coco FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Coriander, pomegranate blossom, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine and Bulgarian rose
Heart: Mimose, cloves, orange blossom, clover and rose
Base: Labdanum, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, opoponax, civet and vanilla

Thank you, as always, for watching and being a part of the madness that is a LIVE Video Sniff.

Further reading: Coco (Modern) Australian Perfume Junkies and Bois de Jasmin

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Coco CHANEL Jerine Lay  FlickrPhoto Stolen Jerine Lay  Flickr

Coco Mademoiselle by Jacques Polge for CHANEL 2001: LIVE Video Sniff

Dear Glamour Girl Frag Hags,

Here we are as an APJ crew, back again, tormenting another poor fragrance with our complete lack of knowledge, or in fact good taste (yes Portia, looking at you!!) but doing it all with a big tongue in cheek and great good humour, to us anyway. The crew EmmaKate, Margeaux and Robert “Radium” Maxwell are here to help me have a look at one of the big best seller blockbusters of last year.

As always we need to remind you that we are merely enthusiasts and that our unplanned LIVE Video Sniffs often contain oodles of crap. Funny crap but nonetheless……
Please enjoy our little bit of NSFW madness!

Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL 2001

CocoMademoisell FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom, bergamot
Heart: Mimose, jasmine, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang
Base: Tonka bean, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver, white musk

Can I please say that I ADORE Coco by CHANEL and think Mademoiselle is nothing to do with it and should have been named CHANEL Mademoiselle instead of building up false hope and then dashing it, had I not expected AH MAY ZING beyond Coco Oriental bliss I would have been less let down and much less likely to sneer. On mature reflection it is a solid scent that crosses loads of boundaries, both sexes love it; albeit for different reasons. We laugh about it in the video but that 5ml decant went in under a week here at Chez Portia and I am still seriously thinking about a small bottle for myself for those girlish moments that come across us all, even the truck driving army dudes.

HotGirl leftosPhoto Stolen leftos

Further reading BoisDeJasmin and KatiePuckrik
TradeServices has 100ml EdP Aus$113
SurrenderToChance starts at $3/ml

Have you tried Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL? Are you the demographic? Did or do you love or loathe it?

See you all happy and well tomorrow hopefully,
Portia xx

Quelques Fleurs LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Hey All You Happy Huffers,

Today Margeaux (David) and I are thrilled to bring you a vintage Quelques Fleurs by Robert Bienaime for Houbigant in 1913. It is the only fragrance created by him that Fragrantica has listed. Soon I will bring you a full post on Quelques Fleurs.

QuelquesFleurs FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, green notes, tarragon, bergamot, lemon, citruses
Heart: Carnation, tuberose, orchid, lilac, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet, iris
Base: Sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss, honey and vanilla.

Further reading 1000Flowers
FragranceX has 50ml EdP $39

Thanks for watching, I hope you have a great time watching our silliness.

Till tomorrow take care of you and yours,

Portia xx

Grab Bag LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Happy Huffers,

Today EmmaKate and I take a little look at 3 entirely different perfumes, not only in scent but in price and availability. As usual we only give you the top notes and development is left for full posts which may happen in the future.

If we have made mistakes, left anything out or generally have misfired in any way, please leave us a message in the comments so everyone else can have a good laugh at us too. We don’t mind but we do like be put straight when we’re wrong.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Jennifer Aniston (NOT- Lolavie) – Jennifer Aniston 2010
Fragrantica gives these featured accords
Top: Citruses, rose
Heat: Jasmine, violet, lily
Base: Musk, sandalwood, amber

Photo Stolen fragrantica

Amber Oud – by Killian 2011
Fragrantica gives these featiured accords in one line:
Amber, oud, Madagascar vanilla, benzoin from Laos

Photo Stolen

Jackeroo – Bud Parfumes by Howard Jarvis
Fragrantica gives only the note leather
Buy Jackeroo $20/10ml at Bud Parfums

This week we have some really exciting stuff happening on the blog. I hope you come back and have a squiz,
Loads of love,
Portia xx

Pohadka by Vincent Micotti for Ys-Uzac 2011 LIVE Video Sniff

Hello all you gorgeous Frag Hags,

Today Robert “Radium” Maxwell and I are bringing you the magic of an AustralianPerfumeJunkies LIVE Video Sniff. You need to be aware that while we are complete fragrance enthusiasts, we are in no way creditable live reviewers. Take this video for example:
We tell you that Ys-Uzac is a Japanese brand when in fact it is a Swiss brand, we talk about ambergris when in fact there is none but I’m bang on with the salty, herbal, floral opening. YAY! It doesn’t matter, we are here to entertain you with our sparkling wit and repartee, failing that we fall back on sex and bum jokes. What is important though is that we have a great time, some of the stiuff we say is completely correct and we are hoping you will come watch for the fun and silliness of an APJ Live Video Sniff.

Pohadka by Ys-Uzac 2011

Photo Stolen fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Shiso (awkward pepperish mint)
Heart: Jasmine, French labdanum, artemesia, grass
Base: Immortelle, tobacco, sage, liatris, vanilla

Photo Stolen Ys-Uzac

You too can sample from Ys-Uzac Sample Page
As always bi fat juicy Thank Yous go out to my BFF Kath who videos and edits, TSO Jin who makes it blog ready and Robert “Radium” Maxwell, who just quietly is a fricken SPUNK!!

Here it is, hope you love it!
See you tomorrow.
Portia xx

Les Deserts D’Orient by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain 2012 LIVE Video Sniff

YIPEE! Welcome back,

EmmaKate and I are back in front of the camera proving to one and all that we love perfume but know only the outer edges of anything important relating to it. This time we put the Guerlain Les Deserts D’Orient under our microscope.

Photo Stolen aromamore

Yes, we know that bois means wood, now! Ha Ha Ha what a pair of dunderheads. Doesn’t matter. Enjoy this for what it is. Two mates having a sniff after work and a couple of bevvies, you are supposed to feel like you’re sitting at the table with us having a crisp, dry white/scotch/coffee/sparkling mineral water and we are all having a first go together. If it was perfect it wouldn’t be so much fun.

As always special thanks need to go out to Kath for filming and editing, EmmaKate for being a good sport and Jin for making it blog ready. Thanks gang!!

Gerome, The Harem Bath Stolen melbourneblogger

Here is a short featured accords list for each from 1000Flowers:
Rose Nacrée du Désert: Ispahan rose, saffron, patchouli, oudh, benzoin.
Songe d’un Bois d’été: cedar, jasmine, saffron, cardamom, leather, laurel leaf, oudh, myrrh, patchouli, leather.
Encens Mythique d’Orient: frankincense, musk, neroli, moss, saffron, Ispahan rose, amber

For further reading see 1000Flowers and OlfactoriasTravels

SurrenderToChance has a pack of all 3 at $13/.5ml of each

Whatever you do between now and tomorrow when you come back, make sure you take the time to do something YOU love. Even though you may be shit at it, like we are at doing perfume videos sometimes.
Portia xx

Gardenia by Marc Jacobs 2007 LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Ho Everyone,

Today has been so lovely, slept in, went to brunch with TSO Jin, did some grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks, caught up with Clayton from WhatMenShouldSmellLike for late lunch at AGNSW Members Lounge to find out about his sensational travels and Grasse Perfume Short Course and we  wafted some seriously fabulous frags down there, home for a disco nap, cooked dinner for Jin & I and now I get some computer time. EXCELLENT Saturday!! I hope you had some fun too.

Gardenia by Marc Jacobs

Margeaux and I have another mental video for you today. This time we are reviewing Marc Jacob’s Gardenia. Yet again, we are up late, have had a few boozy beverages and are completely full of shit. You must not take anything we say for the absolute truth. What you must do is come along for a rolicking adventure through the opening notes of a lovely Gardenia perfume. We have so much fun making these videos.

As always I need to do a THANK YOU shout out to my BFF Kath for her Video & Editing skills, Margeaux for being such a good sport, TSO Jin for making the video blog ready. You guys are so wonderful and I am blessed to have you all in my life. XXXOX

Photo Stolen mgonline

So for some reason I have become obsessed lately with that clean musk scent of a freshly waxed ballbag of someone who swims. It’s a scent I will always associate with clean, fresh and daring sexual adventures during my school days and then later at the gym. I know! Bad girl. So that smell holds for me MANY happy memories of my glorious youth, now a memory so sweet.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives only these featured accords:
Middle: Honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine
Base: Ginger, musk and cedar.

I put those notes there so you can see what we are talking about and the photo below is referenced also.

Photo Stolen hollywoodreporter

PerfumeEmporium has 300ml $60
SurrenderToChance starts at 2ml $4

I hope you enjoy our look at Marc Jacob’s Gardenia.
Till tomorrow take care of yourself, please,
Portia xx

CB I Hate Perfume LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Ho Frag Hags,

We have another mental look at some slightly sideways fragrances with the ever lovely Robert “Radium” Maxwell. This time we give a couple of the CB I Hate Perfumes a go. They are an interesting group led by Christopher Brosius and here is what he has to say on the CBIHatePerfume site.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist or perhaps a scientist. Instead I am a perfumer – this is perhaps a bit of both. I’ve been described as one of the most innovative perfumers of the 21st Century. I’ve won awards, my work is in museums and countless people in all civilized parts of the globe enjoy the unique scents I create. Much to my surprise, at least in a small way I have changed how people think of perfume: what it is & how it’s used.

Photo Stolen CBIHatePerfume

As always I like to remind you that we are fragrance enthusiasts, not professional noses, it’s late after I have hosted a smashing night of Turbo Trivia and we’ve all had a few alcoholic beverages. The long suffering BFF Kath is on the video camera and constantly has to pull us back to focus on the job at hand because EmmaKate, David and a couple of other friends are all sitting off to the side making faces and doing regular dumb ass stuff. The filming of these mini movies is one of the great highlights of being an AustralianPerfumeJunkie.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

I hope you get an inkling of how much fun we are all having and get a smile, smirk or chortle from our videos; and learn something too. Special thanks to Kath for filming and editing and also to the long suffering Jin for making it blog ready.

This is NSFW unless you have earphones on, the language is quite ripe and fruity.

Please go and have a look at the CB I HATE PERFUME site
You can also grab samples/decants from SurrenderToChance

As always we wish you only the good stuff you wish yourselves till we see you tomorrow.
Love from all us MAD FRAG HAGS at APJ,
Portia xx

Please enjoy our look at Patchouli Empire and Fire From Heaven.

Frederic Malle LIVE Video Sniff #2 and 50,000 I.V.s GIVEAWAY

Hello AustralianPerfumeJunkies Family.

I think it’s time for a celebration.  50,000 individual page views is an awesome milestone. It took 2 weeks longer than I’d hoped but I was unaware that during August frag blog reading drops. Who knew? Not me. WOW WOW WOW!!

Photo Stolen hunchar

50,000 I.V.s GIVEAWAY

It’s hard to think of something fabulous enough to give away for such an amazing number so I think I have it figured out. Sometimes it’s better to pick your own presents and I then thought maybe something fragrance oriented so the draw today is for a…

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How do you WIN?
You must be a follower of the blog via email, RSS or WP reader (please specify which you are in your comment). Yes, you may become a follower to be included in the draw.
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If we get 50 separate enterers in the comments I will also do a second draw for

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So go to it gang, I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for being part of getting us to 50,000 IVs.
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

Frederic Malle LIVE Video Sniff #2 with EmmaKate & Portia

Femme (Vintage) by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas 1943 LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Fumies,

I wonder if Edmond Roudniska is rolling in his grave? My mate David (Margeaux) and I take on one of the world’s most enduring fragrances in a LIVE Video Sniff! We are only enthusiasts and the thrill of being in front of a camera coupled with a few beverages, a group of the APJ crew together and our own madness means that we completely forget much of what we wanted to say, some of what we really should have said, and then mangle what we do say and add in bullshit to boot. Your mission, should you choose to take it, is to unravel the truth and tell us because we are up shit creek without a boat, let alone a paddle; and yes, I do know that Edmond Roudnitska was the creator, Edward Roudnitska is a figment of my crazed, and deranged by sniffing too much perfume, brain.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

What I can tell you is that we had a really fabulous time making this. Surely that counts for something. If you’d like to see a review of the currently available for next to nothing reformulation that is still wickedly wonderful then Femme by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas 1943 <<JUMP

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

As always I have to thank my BFF for her video and editing skills which she gives up her precious spare time to do, THANKS KATH!! Also a shout out to Jin who makes it blog ready and lastly I need to thank Margeaux for being an excellent fellow with such a great personality and a great mate, not to mention that he is a complete SPUNK!!

Do please enjoy our frolic through Vintage Femme by Rochas.
Till we see you tomorrow we wish you only good stuff.
Loads of love,
Portia xx