Kampot Pepper from Cambodia GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Hello all.

We had a sensational response to the Cambodian Kampot Pepper Giveaway. Thanks to the amazing Jordan from TheFragrantMan and to all of you who participated. I love a little pepper in my food too, and in my fragrances.


Kampot pepperGifts – one bag of black and one bag of red Kampot peppercorns from Cambodia


You had to leave a comment below telling us your favourite use of pepper in food, fashion or fragrance or Like The Fragrant Man on Facebook to be in the random draw.


One of 8 gifts consisting of one bag of red peppercorns and one bag of black peppercorns each so that you can taste the difference.

Included is P&P to anywhere in the world


Entries Closed Friday April 19th 2013 10pm AusEST.
Winners were chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and TSO Jin picked them while he was cooking Terriyake Sauce for our Nori Rolls. YUMMY!! Whenever he cooks it the house smells AH MAY ZING!

WINNERS berryreviewPhoto Stolen berryreview

Mim, SuzanneRBanks, Patricia (FB), Brie, Musette, Azar, Tomate Farcie, Tora (FB)

CONGRATULATIONS!! The winners have till Wednesday 24th April 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or Portia will give the prize to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Excellent work everyone,

Portia xx


LA Scentsation MAY 11 2013 The MAD MAD MAD Bus Tour!!

Hey Hey

Sometimes in my life I have been asked to do some mad-assed cer-ay-zee shit! This is another one of those fabulous moments in time. If you are in, or can be in, LA on MAY 11 2013 then you need to get on board this bus for the MOST PERFUME EVER SNIFFED IN ONE DAY BY A BUS LOAD OF CRAZY BITCHES TOUR!! Organised by Patty and Musette from The Perfume Posse, so you know it’s going to be AH MAY ZING!!

PriscillaBus RockyMusicPhoto Stolen RockyMusic

From the Perfume Posse

So is this perfume sample habit you’ve got going getting you a little frustrated because you want to Smell.Them.All – NOW!?  Ever want to just spend a whole day sampling a huge amount of perfumes?  For $19-59 (well, plus travel and hotel if you don’t live in the area), join Perfume Posse for LA Scentsation on May 11, 2013.   It is a full day at Luckyscent, Beautyhabit, Barney’s, Opus Oils, smelling everything they have on their counters and some brand new lines, plus there will be entertainment on the bus (if you choose that option) with the fabulous Portia Turbo (appeared in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and runs Australian Perfume Junkies.  If you haven’t seen one of Portia’s Live Video Sniffs, you’ve missed something special), giveaways, fabulous gift bags full of samples to take home, and an amazing time.  Click here for more details and the registration form.  There are a limited number of registrations available for the bus and the full day of events.

SO, please get cracking and get on board the FRAGBUS!!

Portia xx

Here I am starring in the Shake Your Groove Thing clip from 1994 for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

What Would You Bring Baby Jesus?


Guest Post by Jordan River


Kia Ora AustralianPerfumeJunkies,

This is Jordan River from Way Down Under in New Zealand. I am the Fragrance Editor at Express Magazine and Portia writes our Fragrance column. I know you’ve discovered Portia. Here is how I found her. Earlier in the year I was reading graindemusc as you do, constantly, and noticed a comment from a Portia in Australia. Minutes later AustralianPerfumeJunkies was zoomin’ onto my screen at the very moment we were looking for a fragrance writer. 72 days later Portia was Published!
If you want more Portia in your life you can read her latest column here .

Noora, Nazareth and Gold

This season this magi is presenting Noora, Nazareth and Gold to the baby Jesus who is known as The Prophet Isa in the lands of frankincense and myrrh.

Noora is a mukhallat with rose, jasmine, marigold, mimosa, saffron, red berries, oud, sandalwood, musk and vanilla, none of which I can smell. Marketing Imagination. More like plum, orange, honey, ginger with a delightful zephyr of hyacinth. Very synthetic in the modern way but this Swish Arabian is also very enticing. So enticing that when I received a complimentary sample with another purchase from Saudi Arabia I ordered a full flacon the next day. And what a flacon! With a perfect applicator! Endure the shriek of an opening for a dazzling dry down which will have you camel riding, star following and hearing angels sing. Musette thought it was like an unidentifiable blossom dipped in wild honey but maybe she was describing herself? Noora means Divine Light.
You may also like Swiss Arabian’s Zahra. A Marigold Oriental. Sumukorento describes it thus; Like Egyptian musk oil + The Boucheron Trouble drydown. Love that. I thought Oils are all about constant reapplication, but no they are not.


Nazareth. This is a scent I discovered last year at a perfume masterclass in December. It stayed on my mind. Not realizing it was a seasonal release I couldn’t buy it in March when it was still blowing through the scentmills of my mind. Then just last week I was an hour early for a meeting and wandered into World where they were unpacking their annual supply of this scent. Nazareth is a candle by Cire Trudon, a Christmas candle which wafts a whisper of frankincense and billows of cinnamon, orange, and clove from a ruby red holder. Burn for a hour, an hour before you want a scented room. Trim that wick before reigniting. Bees and other pollinators receive protection from this candle as a percentage of sales goes to Terre d’Abeilles.


Gold – well I am going with the gold bukhoor burner to smeek some oud chips from Ensar.


If you prefer ‘through alcohol’ rather than through smoke then Amouage Gold Man has been described as Chanel No. 5 for Men. And it is. Not me but I know an Australian DJ who will be receiving my unattended bottle. Hi Calvin.

Amouage Gold man

Perfumistas, what scented gifts would you bring to Bethlehem?
Wishing you, The APJ Family, Scent Serendipity this Season.


Waft on through the day , waft on through the night,
You’ll never waft alone on the world wide web.
Thank you for having me on and at APJ.

Jordan River x
All Photos supplied by author

Noora and Zahra can be found at http://perfume.zahras.com for $US15. This PDF based website is challenge to navigate!
The Nazareth candle is $NZ159 from World and World Beauty in New Zealand, $AUD105 from Peony in Melbourne who also deliver anywhere in Australia http://www.peonymelbourne.com.au/store-location or for international readers see http://www.ciretrudon.com/en/accueil.php
Oud Wood Chips for burning are periodically available at http://ensaroud.com/
Amouage Gold Man $342 from Libertine http://www.libertineparfumerie.com.au/amouage/gold-man/w1/i1013908_1001286/
Or sample from http://surrendertochance.com/amouage-gold-man/ for $3.99

Other reviews:
Noora and Zahra – already mentioned (Perfume Posse and Fragrantica)
Ensar Oud Wood Chips http://gaharu.com/showthread.php?50-What-s-on-your-burner-today/page2&highlight=Chips
Nazareth – http://notablescents.net/2012/01/28/cire-trudon-nazareth-candle-review/
Gold Man – http://www.basenotes.net/fragrancereviews/fragrance/26121740/p2

Ambra del Nepal by Giovanni Di Massimo for I Profumi di Firenze

Hey Ho Frag People,

I have a strong love for amber perfumes. I like their treacle like sweetness and bitter chocolate darkness, the vanilla that feels like it’s been brewed in a dirty coffee machine, that rich, dark, almost malevolent opening that feels like it’s going to burn out your nostril hairs that warms on your body into something delicious, gourmand-esque but not totally foodie as such. Me and amber, we are mates. I am greedy too and want to try them all to see what twists and turns the next one will offer, just like the rest of my fragrances really. So what does Ambra del Nepal by I Profumi di Firenze give me that the others leave out?

Ambra del Nepal by I Profumi di Firenze

I Profumi Del Firenze site says: The perfumer and chemist Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo, the founder of “I Profumi di Firenze” uncovered in 1966 the secret recipes of the perfumes used by princess Caterina dé Medici, after the big flood that devastated Florence the same year, finding in the mud an old renaissance manuscript caught away by the water.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives only these featured accords: Nepalese Amber, cardamom, Madagascar vanilla

A beautiful opener with that medicine cabinet, herbal and caramelised sugar hiding a Crème brûlée sweetness that washes out from under the bold opening and gives the most divine caramel coffee, vanilla cream, bitter chocolate, Ambra Del Nepal is a sweet and spicy Oriental Gourmand frag hit.  There is some discussion about how much cardamom there is and sometimes I get it, others nothing, tonight I went to the spice cupboard and smelt cardamom (pods and ground) and except for the crazy rush of the opening I think it plays only a supporting role because I get spicy but not really cardamom per se.

Ambra Del Nepal is more gourmand that the usual amber that I’m attracted to but seems to do it in such a way that the foodiness is totally acceptable, biscuit-like vanilla. You’d think with such a short list of featured ingredients that this would be simple but it is anything but. There is a definite journey taken here. I love how it gets softer and softer till it becomes a glorious overlay on my own scent, it could be me. This barely there stage lasts right through till morning and gives me morning sex confidence, I still smell completely edible!

Photo Stolen millarandmore.

BeautyHabit has 12ml for $39 or 100ml for $99
NowSmellThis has a completely different experience but we both love it.

I hope you all enjoyed a look at Ambra Del Nepal, what a great fragrance. Do you have a favourite amber? What is it? Do you wear it only in the cooler months?
Till tomorrow, take good care of yourself,
Portia xx

Other Blogs That I Read Daily. #1

Heya everyone,

Welcome to “Other Blogs That I Read Daily. #1”. Some of you already read a bunch of blogs, some read only APJ, some of you may have stumbled across this post and be asking what is a blog? OK, so a blog is a writing outlet for someone who has something to say, show or share. Maybe, like me, they are an enthusiast at something and want to chronicle their journey, could be they are frustrated writers, photographers, artists, musicians, businesspeople, cooks et al and just feel the need to be seen, heard or published. Sometimes they are MAD, CER AY ZEE! Others they are introvertrts who like to live online. As many reasons as there are blogs. There are good blogs, bad blogs, shit blogs, incredible blogs, regular, inconstant, etc etc etc. You get the picture because you are a Clever Clogs, already reading AustralianPerfumeJunkies.

Photo Stolen entrepreneurslife

I must preface by saying that in the interest of brevity this is the smallest cross section and first installment of Other Blogs That I Read Daily. Please don’t be sad if you are not on this list and you know I read you religiously, there will be more. Also, please go and look at these blogs they are all inspiring to me on some level, and the thrill when one drops into my inbox is real.

In my cross wired and buzz sawed brain the reasoning goes like this: If I like something, and they read my blog, we must be at least slightly kindred spirits, maybe they’ll like some of the stuff I read daily. Then my head goes: They don’t care about the shit you read, talk about perfume you dumb ass or they’ll leave. And then: If they are here they have broad interests, can read, are intelligent and want a great cross section of things to keep their mind busy. OK, That’s YOU! He He He So let’s see some of what I read daily…..


I have 40+ frag blogs that I read whenever they pop into my inbox, the five I’m giving you today are the people I feel I have most connected with during my short time since I discovered the ScentBloggoSphere, though there are others that I love as much:

Olfactoria’sTravels: The first place I landed in scentbloggerland. Birgit has been unfailingly friendly, interesting and educational. Known around the world as the nicest Frag Blogger alive.

ScentsOfSelf: Arielle is the hostess at Scents Of Self. She is very pretty, fiesty, has ideas and positions, really knows her perfume and often makes me laugh or think well beyond my few minutes reading her every post. She is cat mad, and mad, and I like her a lot.

AlembicatedGenie: Sheila Eggenberger is a modern marvel. Her blog is entertaining and has a rich vein of historical knowledge, writes like she is so full of words that they just have to leap onto the paper and makes perfume sexy as hell. She has also written an as yet unpublished story about the Devil and… you know what? I think you need to find it and read it, and then look up the Devilscent Project, Sheila has her finger on many pulses.

CandyPerfumeBoy: This red hot property is the cutest blogger of them all. A sexy stud from the UK he has an insight and wit only given to a precious few and he knows his perfume. I am unsecretly crushed upon his happy smiling face and the written words he offers.

PerfumePosse: The PerfumePosse is full of mad bitches and so I can’t wait for it to drop into my box every day. They realise that though perfume can change you and that it is art and beautiful and can make you growl when you’ve found a good’un, that it is only perfume. Life would be less lovely without it but we would survive. They are fun, irreverent, sexy and knowledgeable. They let me Guest Post for them every Friday and I am honored every week when they do. AWESOME!!!


These are a very thin slice of the other blogs that I read for fun, interest, shock value or plain old envy.

SweetMother: A US comedian who writes her life and views and has interesting sidelines and fun competitions. She is the only rational voice left in American Lesbianism. Honestly, I don’t know if that last sentence is true but I wanted to write it. Happily partnered and pursuing a Gayby (Homo Produced Child, usually possessed by the devil) Sweet Mother has had me both laughing and fake crying often.

MrGKids: Mr G Kids draws the essence of childhood for me, all the things that you have forgotten about your own childhood or are watching happen with the next generation. A cartoonist that produces a single cartoon daily that is not always hilarious but will often help you think outside your cubby hole.

Photo Stolen CanadianHikingPhotography

Canadian Hiking Photography: I seriously do not know how this got in my line of vision but the photos are beyond amazing and you can purchase copies. I am astounded every time I look by how someone can capture the beauty of out world so clearly.

Fashion & Style Guru: There are so many fabulous fashion blogs out there but Fashion & Style Guru is the one that most often speaks to my years in the fashion industry. Always filled with interesting photos, juicy gossip and the newest cutting edge of the fashion world.

Photo Stolen Mountains&Waves

Mountains & Waves: Another photography site and the images are completely encompassing. I feel the cold, the wind, the heat, the awe and majesty of life lived with open eyes. Also a perfect sense of timing makes these pictures move.

The 25th of September is my birthday, so I have given you the gift today of people who in some way inspire, confront, educate, humour, interest or help me. Please as your present back to me go and see their stuff. If it moves you follow or comment, if it doesn’t then move on but for my birthday I would like you all to expand your horizon, just a little.

Thank you, with all the gratitude I have, for being a regular reader of AustralianPerfumeJunkies and part of out APJ family. I hope you get something from this blog because what you are getting is a little piece of my love.

Portia xxx

The Aoud by Pierre Mancera for Mancera 2011

Hiya All,

I have the best friends in the world. we had a BarBQ get together yesterday with a few of them and I was given a bottle of The Aoud by my mate Alice who has just returned from the UK recently. She was down shopping in Selfridges fragrance floor and the Mancera SA was so good at her job, and Alice so overwhelmed by the incredible amount of choice, that in next to no time Alice was buying herself and me a bottle each of different frags in the line. I’m not sure what Alice got for herself but The Aoud by Mancera is a winner. Don’t go to the Mancera website, it has no information, is totally annoying to navigate and doesn’t even tell you about their fragrances other than 3 of them. GRRRR! So bloody unhelpful and this lack of information only hinders us blogging perfume enthusiasts that like to go see what is what. Even more terrible for shoppers I think.

Fragrantica has this to say:
Perfumer Pierre Mancera opened his first Mancera luxurious perfume boutique at Place Vendo in Paris. Mancera perfumes are made from precious and luxurious ingredients, rare and refined materials, inspired by Art Deco design.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

The fragrance features accords of: Geranium, sandalwood, saffron, incense, rose, agarwood (oud), leather and ambergris.

On opening the beautifully presented package with its shiny gold, very Arabian feeling, embossed cardboard box there is a gold drawstring pouch with the Mancera M in black repeated. It is a luxurious first glimpse and I like the feeling. The 60ml bottle is hefty and simple. Fits beautifully in my hand and the screw cap is a nice touch meaning the bottle is hand or gym bag ready without the worry of cap loss and self spraying of atomiser. V Important.

Photo Stolen lindsaybrothers

I love the opening medicinal notes, they are refined and luxurious. The oudh is noticeable right at the start as a warm, earthy, horse apple, green and grassy waft that lasts through the fragrance but it’s not toxic or heavy like many of the Arabian style of oudh. It is airy and fresh. The geranium adding a bright counterpoint and the sandalwood giving its buttery smoothness almost immediately. Oudh, geranium and sandalwood are triumphant kings through the story of this fragrance for me, their characters working in tandem and against each other to keep The Aoud interesting and unusual. Though rose is a featured note it doesn’t play heavily here, more a light accompaniment with the leather, saffron and incense. At about the 1.5-2 hour mark I start getting a lovely salty beach/sea water smell that I think may be The Aoud by Mancera’s ambergris. A fragrance of many colours, light and shade, an adventure in a bottle, subtle, alluring; I am running out of cliches to describe something far from cliched; even with the completely overwhelming amount of oudh on the market this is different and extremely wearable. No problem wearing anywhere except a strict no fragrance policy or close quarters work environment. The Aoud has good sillage but is not a skunker unless you are extremely lavish with your application, scent bubble around one meter maximum after the first hour.

Photo Stolen ferrebeekeeper

See how bright and new, sleek and lovely this trireme looks, The Aoud by Mancera has a kind of freshness about it that makes me think sea journey in a newly hewn ship with livestock in the hold for food and riding, naked, muscular slaves and the ever present smell of salt water on the cool breeze, but on the deck it would be warm and fragrant, and we of course would be in charge.

UniversalPerfumes&Cosmetics has 120ml/$130
Selfridges in the UK also has a selection in 60 & 120ml

Thanks for coming and spending a moment at APJ, see you tomorrow,
Portia xx

Angeliques Sous La Pluie by Jean-Claude Ellena for Frederic Malle 2000

Hello Happy Huffers,

Not so long ago SurrenderToChance had a DailyChanceSpecial on Angeliques Sous La Pluie (Angelicas In The Rain) so I got 5ml for a very reasonable price. Do check by there every couple of days because sometimes the DailyChanceSpecials are incredible, never to be repeated bargains.

Angéliques Sous La Pluie Frederic Malle for women and menPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

gives the featured notes/accords all in one line:
Coriander, pink pepper, cedar, angelica, juniper and musk.

I love the crisp medicinal pepper and then warm woody opening that makes me think of jasmine, though there is none. I have been reading that angelicas smell like juniper and musk mainly so that’s a tick for them. I have an expectation that the corriander would smell different to this or maybe I’m missing it all together? There is definitely a wet woods smell, like you have walked out at the start or end of a shower, maybe a sunshower. There is also the feeling of that marvelous extra green almost yellow tinged air that makes everything seem more alive sometimes. They are right not to give notes in order because though the scent list is small it works like a kaliedescope, constant change with lovely segways in between that are all and nothing. I don’t understand why I get powder here? Is that usual? A very powdery woods and now I kind of get the corriander, there is something herbal and spicy here lingering and fluctuating up and through.

Photo Stolen wikipedia

Though this is light a fresh and feels amorphous there is a definite fragrance here that is quite tenacious, sillage is great leaving a lovely effervescent scent trail for people to look after at your back. Though it is soft it is intrusive and I think it may be too big for close office work but comfortable for coffee, dinner, movie and would also be a beautifully crisp and fresh scent for sport or afterwards. Though it leans toward feminine I like it for men too, almost cologne-ish and light enough for most masculine endeavours.

This is a winner for me. It fits totally with our near spring weather in Sydney and will probably work for you Northern Hemisphere lot in the coming months. Crisp, light, fresh and totally wearable in most situations, even work I think.
Have you tried Angeliques Sous La Pluie? What did you think? Is it on your list? Please comment, I love to read your thoughts too.

Don’t forget to pop over to the PerfumePosse to see my Guest post there today too. It’s so exciting and an honour to be on one of the world’s most famous and read frag blogs.

Thanks for reading through my fragrant thoughts today, see you tomorrow too,

Portia xx