Daniel Craig Undressed – Adele – 007 Perfume?

Hey Hey All,

Adele seems to have it all, including a quick rejoinder. My estimation of her has gone up a couple of notches after reading this. Her voice is such a magical thing I hope she stays around and grows old, rich and irrelevant instead of succumbing to drugs, madness or the 27 club as so many uber talents do. I have also dropped in, for your edification, the Skyfall video clip because Daniel Craig is a fabulous James Bond. Then down the bottom I added the 007 fragrance advertisement, OH DEAR!

Enjoy Adele and Daniel Craig.

Portia xx

Insecurities ADELEPhoto Stolen Facebook

Adele billboardPhoto Stolen Billboard

And a little present for you all, Daniel Craig on the beach, wet and in swim trunks. OMG!! Faint!

DanielCraig mynewplaidpantsPhoto Stolen MyNewPlaidPants