Azure Lime by Tom Ford 2010

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Short and sweet today. You all know how I love Tom Ford and think he understands fashion and the craziness all that embodies better than anyone else I know of on the planet.

Azure Lime by Tom Ford 2010

AzureLime FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Woodsy notes, floral notes, citrus, musk

Light, sparkling, fizzy lime opens up and stays for ages, as it calms the woods and musk play salty beach samba rhythms till tomorrow lunchtime. Are there really flowers? I never smelled them but what I can smell is so gorgeous and fun, then so reminiscent of summer that it is beyond good. Definite date night with intentions to cook breakfast and roll around in bed till teatime. It will last and smell gorgeous till then. Promise.

Loads of reviewers are complaining that it smells like a cologne that you can get across the aisle for much less money. I agree that it smells a little like them, it’s fresh, aquatic in the best sense and summery, and yes, if you wore the cheaper versions you would smell nice too but Azure Lime has a swagger, a cock-sure-ness that they lack, and is blended so beautifully that I think it justifies the extra spend if you have that kind of money. Otherwise cross the aisle and get something withing your budget. The idea is to smell good, not beggar yourself. Maybe you could get a sample or decant of Azure Lime, or go in on a split?

Azure-Lime lifestyledPhoto Stolen lifestyled

Further reading EauMG and TheScentCritic
Amazon have 2 x 50ml left for $225 each
SurrenderToChance starts at $3/.5ml

Have you tried Azure Lime? What did you think?

Till tomorrow we wish you the good stuff you wish for yourselves.
Portia xx

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

As usual, Tom Ford photographed his namesake label’s campaign himself. This season, the 51 year old fashion designer and movie director photographed models Karlina Caune and Simon Van Meervenne, clad in the latest collection from Tom Ford naturally.

Images via TFS.