Purr 2010 + Meow! 2011 by Katy Perry


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Excitement is building with pop singer Katy Perry about to launch her third perfume, Killer Queen created by Laurent Le Guernec who was also responsible for Lovely by SJP, twelve of the Bond No 9 releases and Viva by Fergie for Avon. In anticipation of the latest Katy Perry perfume I thought I would review her first two fragrances…..

Purr 2010 and Meow! 2011 by Katy Perry

Katy Perry Grammy AwardsPhoto Stolen SynergyByDesign Flickr

Purr and Meow! (with an exclamation mark) are fun and playful just like Katy Perry and the cat figurine bottles in purple and pink are ‘to die for’.

Katy Perry Purr

Purr Katy Perry FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Peach, forbidden apple, gardenia, green bamboo
Heart: Jasmine, pink freesia, Bulgarian rose
Base: Vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut, musk

Purr in the purple bottle was the first Katy Perry perfume and is a fruity floral perfume that starts out sweet with apple and peach. The fruit smells fresh, juicy and bright. There are pretty floral notes and a creamy vanilla that sits nicely in the background. The gardenia and jasmine are distinct but not too strong for Katy Perry’s teen fans. I really love the Purr bottle and the perfume is a good choice for everyday use but the perfume is not as impressive as the gorgeous bottle. It doesn’t push boundaries or include any surprises. The perfume is good but very safe. I’m not as crazy about the perfume as I am about the purple cat.

Katy Perry Meow!

Meow Katy Perry FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica givees these featured accords:
Top: Tangerine, pear, jasmine, gardenia
Heart: Honeysuckle, lily of the valley, orange blossom
Base: Amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk.

Meow! is cloudy lilac/pink with an M dangling from its collar and is very girly and smells delicious from beginning to end. Meow! is super sweet and fruity at the start. The fruit notes are candy-like and smell more like cherry and banana to me, rather than the tangerine and pear listed in the fragrance notes. When the fruity sugar hit passes the vanilla and musk take over and the perfume smells a lot like a soft gooey marshmallow, which ever so slowly dissolves and disappears.

Meow! with its pale pink bottle smells softer than the deep purple Purr. The floral notes in Purr smell quite intense compared with Meow!

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Although the perfumes smell good, the most impressive thing about Katy Perry’s Purr and Meow! is probably the bottles, so lets hope that Killer Queen lives up to its name and delivers something kick-arse.

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Elixir by Shakira 2012


Guest Post by Katrina


Elixir by Shakira 2012

Elixir FragranticaPhoto Stolen Frasgrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes.
Top: Orange blossom and black pepper
Heart: Peony, freesia and peach
Base: Amber, musk, styrax, brown sugar and white cedar extract

Elixir is a gorgeous oriental fragrance by Colombian born singer Shakira.  Some of her biggest hits include ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’.  Shakira works with Spanish perfume house Puig along with Antonio Banderas who has a swag of celebrity scents.  I’ve been really impressed by the few I’ve tried by these Latino celebs and eager to try more, particularly the original S by Shakira, another oriental perfume.

I love wearing Shakira Elixir and hubby loves smelling it on me.  He seems to find it very alluring!  Right from the start I get a lot of wood, which I love.  It is warm and spicy, tending towards masculine.  In the background are some lovely floral notes and a hint of sweetness that provides balance to the perfume.  I was surprised to see peach listed in the fragrance notes.  Now I know its there I can pick it out but I didn’t notice any peach until I started looking for it.   The peach, brown sugar and powdery musk are more noticeable in the heatwave that has hit.

shakira-elixir protothemaPhoto Stolen protothema

I love the commercial and packaging for Elixir.   The design on the box is so pretty and the bottle is shaped like a flask used to create a mysterious intoxicating elixir.  The Elixir commercial is set in a desert landscape with Shakira wearing a beautiful flowing skirt.

Shakira Elixir is anything but the sweet fruity floral you often find with celebrity perfumes.  This warm oriental perfume is gorgeous and my only criticism is the lasting power, which isn’t great. .   When I first spray on Elixir is seems quite heavy but it doesn’t last and I need to re-spritz through the day.

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10 Celebrity Scents for Christmas

Guest Post by Katrina
Katrina from CelebrityPerfumeStore with a big thank you to Portia and the crew for welcoming me to the APJ family and giving me the opportunity to share with you my obsession with celebrity perfumes.
10 celebrity scents from 2012 to help with your Christmas shopping.  I’ve started with sweet “fruitchouli“ scents for any younger readers. The fragrances become less juvenile as the list goes on and you will find perfumes to suit more mature tastes.

10 Celebrity Scents for Christmas

1. Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is the first perfume by Selena Gomez who has appeared in a number of children’s movies and is Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.  Selena Gomez is the sweetest, fruitiest option with barely a hint of a floral note.
Top: raspberry, orange, pineapple, peach
Heart: Freesia, Cosmone musk, dewberry
Base: vanilla, amber, chocolate, coconut
2. Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend
In case you have been living under a rock the last few years, Justin Bieber is the pop singing tween idol from Canada.  Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend is his second offering.  Girlfriend is similar to the first Justin Bieber perfume called Someday but the fruity opening is lighter and fresher than Someday and the creamy floral notes in the original have been played down. The young celebrity couple only recently split so you might need to check who’s on Team Bieber or Team Gomez.
Top: mandarin, blackberry, pear, strawberry
Heart: Freesia, star jasmine, apricot, orange blossom
Base: vanilla orchid, musk, white amber
3. Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift
Wonderstruck Enchanted is the second fragrance from country singer Taylor Swift.  It is sweet, fruity and girly and comes in a gorgeous red bottle with charms around the neck.
Top: wild berries, pink poppy, passionfruit
Heart: peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals, freesia
Base: white musk, vanilla, blonde woods
4. Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj
For Nicki Minaj fans.  Honestly who else would want that perfume bottle staring at them from their dresser?  Pink Friday starts out sweet and fruity then moves on to jasmine and finishes up with soft vanilla and caramelised pear.
Top: star fruit, Italian mandarin and boysenberry
Heart: Lotus, jasmine
Base: caramelized pear, vanilla, musk, woody notes
5. Britney Spears Fantasy Twist
Pop-singer Britney Spears needs no introduction.  She is currently a judge on the X-Factor in the US and is cashing in on her renewed popularity with a new fragrance release.  Fantasy Twist by Britney Spears is two fragrances in one – neither of them new.  The original Fantasy in the pink half and Midnight Fantasy in the blue half.  Fantasy is a rich delicious gourmand perfume and Midnight Fantasy is lighter and fruitier.
6. Lady Gaga FAME
FAME by Lady Gaga was the biggest celebrity perfume release for 2012 and I’m sure there are plenty of little monsters that would be willing to get out of bed on Christmas morning for this one.
Notes: Belladonna, incense, honey drops, saffron, apricot, Sambac jasmine, tiger orchid
7. Nicole by Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie’s Nicole would make a lovely gift because it comes in a beautiful bottle and the perfume is easy to wear with a citrus opening leading to soft patchouli.
Top: blackberries, oranges
Middle: golden amber, Moroccan rose, lily of the valley, papyrus
Base: cashmere, sandalwood, sugared patchouli, vanilla absolute
Watch my review on YouTube.
8. Elixir by Shakira
Elixir is a gorgeous earthy woody fragrance.  We have well and truly moved on from “fruitchouli” territory here.  I’ll be reviewing this one soon.
Top: orange blossom, black pepper
Middle: peony, freesia, peach
Base: amber, musk, styrax, brown sugar, white cedar extract
9. Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend
What single girl wouldn’t appreciate a Billionaire Boyfriend for Christmas?  Billionaire Boyfriend is the follow up to Kate Walsh’s original Boyfriend, which received some great reviews.  Billionaire Boyfriend is richer and heavier than the original.
Top: bergamot, tangerine, green leaves
Heart: black jasmine, velvet orchid, gardenia, patchouli flower
Base: amber
Here is a review of Billionaire Boyfriend at Musings of a Muse.
10. Truth or Dare by Madonna
For Mum.   Truth or Dare by Madonna is anything but a typical celebrity perfume and targeted at a more mature audience.
Top: gardenia, creamy tuberose, neroli
Heart: jasmine, benzoin, white lily
Base: vanilla absolute, caramelized amber, musk
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All notes and photos stolen Fragrantica