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Today AustralianPerfumeJunkies is dropping in early because we think this is a very important, wonderful and amazing offer from one of Australia’s fabulous Niche Perfumers Liz Cook at One Seed. I have stolen the ad copy exactly from the email but down the bottom there is a quick review of the fragrance HOPE

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On Friday December 7th, we are launching our first annual “Hope for Hope Day”, where ALL profits from sales of Hope perfumes and body creams will be donated to one of our favourite charities, Australia Hope International.

Hope for Hope is for one day only, so if you have your eye on a bottle of our Hope perfume, or you are looking for a beautiful gift (and one that gives twice!), then shop at http://www.oneseedcompany.com on Friday December 7th to make your purchase really count.

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Australia Hope International works with the destitute people of Uganda & The Congo to bring hope and empowerment, and to change lives. Over 97% of funds donated go directly to the people in need. Australia Hope International is making a huge difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people in Africa. We are proud to be sponsors of this wonderful organisation.

Hope – Eau de Parfum

Hope eau de parfum

From the One Seed Website
Fragrance Family: Soft, mossy & magnetic.
A meditative blend of Australian sandalwood & dewy oakmoss, with a delicate undertone of lavender & cedarwood, and sunny citrus accents.
Top notes: bergamot, lime
Heart notes: cedarwood, lavender, vanilla
Base notes: Australian sandalwood, oakmoss, musk ambrette

Hope is a beautiful, rippling and sizzling citrus that leads into a walk through the woods on a sunlit spring or autumn day where the shade is cool but the sun is warm. A delightfully dappled experience weaving between light and shade that is remarkably tenacious for a natural. The vanilla plays background but keeps a warmth running through the heart that remains slightly fizzy from the lime. A study in contrasts, Hope is interesting enough for a perfumista, pretty and wearable enough for a novice and world class quality. Better by far than many of the mundane offerings currently offered.

Further reading APJ Hope
Here is the link to HOPE on the OneSeedWebsite 50ml/$87

This is an awesome Christmas Gift and at the same time you will be helping the world and some of its less fortunate. Isn’t that what Christmas should be about?
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City of Angels by Royal Apothic


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Recently at the Smell Good, Do Good sale (still going with awesome stuff available at knock down prices, NO POSTAGE COSTS) I purchased for a ridiculous price a nearly full bottle of 2010 release; City of Angels by Royal Apothic. It was the gorgeous Arielle from Scents of Self that I bought it from and she does a great review here. There has been so much sniffing, dabbing, spraying, whiffing, wafting and general stinkery going on here that I’ve not had a chance to really wear, let alone write about this little gem. And then in my head I go, “Is it a little gem?” I am ambivalent, utterly, and most unlike me, things around here are usually love/hate. There is little space in my head for gray areas. I am too busy (read lazy) for reevaluating and re-deciding stuff every time it crosses my path. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of personality.

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Having worn this three, maybe four, times now; to work and at home while at the computer I think i have a handle on it. The initial rush of this fragrance is entrancing, like a citrus burst in a fresh juicing shop. Interestingly, there is no citrus in the notes. Fragrantica gives only 3 notes; Sea Water, Eucalyptus, Jasmine. That’s it? I rarely wear a scent so light and floaty, so decidedly feminine, and now that I can read the notes it does make sense, but my nose still believes there’s some citrus there. Perfect for not interfering with restaurant, public transport or cinema patrons. City of Angels will not be remembered for being anything but a good solid go-to fragrance, you know you will smell good, and inoffensive.

Photo stolen from YourCaringAngels.com

After an hour it is all but lost to me but  last night after finishing my gig and saying goodbye to 2 of the girls, they stopped after kissing me because the second had asked what perfume I was wearing and the first chimed in about how lovely I smelled and what was it. One of my favourite bar men had commented earlier but I find an early compliment, though astonishing and delicious in itself, often happens before the sillage has settled to a decent circumference after application. Its the compliments later in the evening that really need to be recorded for posterity.

This is a cheapy, cheap fragrance, just $34 at Royal Apothic. The bottle is so gorgeous with its choice of splash or atomiser in your box. There is quite a fuss about atomisers but because I’m heavy handed with fragrance anyway, and this one is very light and fresh (without feeling like a laundry scent), I can’t imagine the bottle lasting me through Autumn.

Anthropologie says and I think it must have been in the Press Release because Fragrantica is verbatim.

City of Angels: a seaside breeze of eucalyptus and night-blooming jasmine (FRESH)

Photo stolen from LayoutSparks.com

I could totally see this being used by guys and girls as their go to work, dinner or a lazy weekend fragrance. It’s clean and fresh without being the usual bland nothing that that implies. The jasmine is so crisp and eucalyptus so clean that people even in the most stayed and cramped office situations would find little to complain of, yet lovely and lingering enough to keep you feeling that you are fully dressed, including perfume. It does linger, even though I couldn’t smell it at all after 2 hours. Late this morning when we awoke I was told that a trace of some yummy smell, not me, was there but close to the body. So that’s 17 hours. Impressive for something that initially feels so fleeting and wafty.

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What’s in your mind? Do you have a go-to clean scent? Is there a memory or favourite clean scent story you’d like to share? I’d love to read it, so leave me a message.

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Charity, GIVEAWAY, Cher

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Something that really caught my attention recently was the Smell Good, Do Good Campaign on Arielle’s Scents of Self site. Didn’t hear about it? It’s still going and there are some great bargains to be had. Some discontinued gems, lovely albatrosses that just didn’t get worn and even some delicious pieces that perfumers have donated to raise much needed money for Refuge. I went on and got a couple of bargains myself and am MIGHTY pleased. They wouldn’t even let me pay for postage!!

Here’s what they said at Scents of Self

Welcome to the Smell Good, Do Good perfume sale! Every cent of the selling price of these perfumes will go to Refuge, a British domestic violence charity that provides safe houses for women and children escaping domestic violence.

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I picked up an Aftelier Perfumes Apricot and Lemon Candle in a Tin, Royal Apothic City of Angels and L’Artisan Perfumer L’Eau d’Ambre. Pretty good stuff eh!

You should mosey on down and have a little look see yourself. Maybe the one perfume you’ve wanted for AGES is there, cheap, no postage!!

Last night a dear friend David (Margeaux), my best friend (Kath) and I got together for a special moment. Margeaux has been a long time fan and friend of the amazing singer, Oscar winning actress, clothes horse and general superstar Cher. He followed her farewell tour around the world and saw her do it about a million times. eventually they mat and his home is a shrine to the mega star. Huge autographed photos. the Barbie doll collection, every moment of video, celluloid or vinyl ever to have had Cher grace it is in his possession. Trolling among the fragrance distributors, bargain sites and uber sought after pieces online stores, as I do each day, I happened upon a rare and gorgeous must have that Margeaux did not yet have. A brand new, unopened, vintage coffret of Cher Uninhibited! with a 100ml bottle of body lotion and a 10ml bottle of fragrance EDT. Quell SURPRISE!! it was launched back in November 1987, and it’s a huge aldehydic floral with a dirty vanilla dry down that takes a while to arrive. Kath videoed the opening ceremony and our reactions to this awesome fragrance. WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT! It’s currently in post production and we should have it up over the weekend. CAMPERAMA!! Gay squared!

I have a confession to make, a couple actually. In my celebuscent collection I have 3 favourites that get trotted out quite regularly, there are more but these are the 3 that I reach for often. They are,

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely; when I first tried this I thought it was an absolute pile of shit, couldn’t understand what people saw in it and frankly wanted to give good old SJP a brick in the face hello. Then one day I saw it for a ridiculously knock down price, like they were practically paying people to take it, respritz…. love, Love, LOVE!! weird right? Now I adore the stuff and would be sad to not have it in my fragrance wardrobe.

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Queen Latifah Queen; when I saw the name, the celeb and the bottle I didn’t care what it smelled like, I just wanted to have it. I love Queen Latifah, she is hot and cool, smart and sassy and not afraid to be a solid girl and GORGEOUS! If she put out a fragrance I was going to trust that she’d not sucker punch me. and she came through. I love it. Cheap, cheerful, lasts forever, smells great and nobody else has it around here. PERFECT!

Photo stolen from Fragrantica

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights; please let me stay at the party. I like being a perfumista. You all can say and think what you like but this fragrance rocks. On my skin it’s like the dirty bitch, slutty sister of Shalimar, my all time favourite perfume, all dressed up and ready to break hearts. Jessica Simpson has some seriously good people around her.

GIVEAWAY!! In retrospect of this week and in anticipation of our 1000th visitor we have decided to do a giveaway. This will be a regular Thursday thing hopefully, but being our 13th day of daily blogging and already we are set to reach 1000 visitors we will go a little CRAZY!!! Yeah? A little sample pack of some stuff we’ve talked about.

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The GIVEAWAY includes:

Aftelier Perfumes; 1.5ml manufacturers sample spray Haute Claire + Apricot and Lemon Candle in a Tin (one of my Smell Good Do Good buys that Mandy Aftel kindly gave to the cause)

Gucci; 2ml decanted sample spray Gucci by Gucci pour homme

Estee Lauder; 2ml decanted sample spray Brasil Dreams

Jessica Simpson; 2ml decanted sample spray Fancy Nights

LUSH Cosmetics; 1.5ml decanted sample spray Orange Blossom

plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world.

YOU must leave a message about your all time favourite celebrity fragrance, and why, before midnight Sunday 31st March 2012 Sydney, Australia time. Best <50 word answer will be a WINNER. Could it be any easier? NO. Get to it!

Don’t forget our COMPETITION being drawn on Saturday night/Sunday morning either