Vivienne Westwood “Boudoir” Review, Thursday GIVEAWAY COMPETITION

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I  have had a long running fascination with the incredible Vivienne Westwood. What a creative genius she is. Punk, Bondage, Pirate, Mini Crini, Plaid, Tartan, Safety Pins, Hand Painting Slogans, she has driven fashion forward in her own way, seemingly on her own terms, battling to live and eat for many years and now Dame on her throne. Down the bottom is the latest Vivienne Westwood Red Carpet video released on Tuesday this week. YUMMY!

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood Couture
Cannes Film Festival 20.5.12

BOUDOIR by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD 1998. Boudoir is designated Floral-Chypre in the notes but it is so much more than the sum of its parts. Yes, it is a big fat floral with some of the Chypre inclusions but what really makes Boudoir stand out is the skanky, slut guts of it all. It’s like wearing ELdO Secretions Magnifique with Caron’s Bellodgia so no one will notice. How do I know this? I am wearing said frags for that very reason and it is a dead ringer for Boudoir. I’m coming back to finish this post tomorrow, then we’ll see…

Photo Stolen from lambre

OK. They are not the same. There is a definite correlation though. Boudoir is ripe, overblown flowers, panting in the heat of your body with woods and spices sparkling and popping, this with musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli pumping out a deep, sweet, buttery base over the top of a very slightly rank, unwashed, just been f#@ked senseless and am marinating in my own juices till I can get to a shower feel caused by the coriander, musk and cardamom, I think. All the filth is way down deep here, you have to look for it compared to Secretions Magnifique/Bellodgia. This is more a blowsy housewife than a feral Beryl.

If you can get your hands on some Boudoir it is definitely worth a sniff. As always Vivienne Westwood has put a tiny shockwave through it, just to keep you on your toes. It is a wonderful, sensual ride. Party night perfect.

Photo Stolen from global.rakuten

NB Keep some in your purse for emergencies, if you have to do the walk of shame you can attribute your good girl gone bad scent to Boudoir.

March at the Perfume Posse does a super great 80’s remembrance post about Boudoir. Fragrantica has the low down.


This week instead of doing one big giveaway I thought I’d do 2 small ones. Both winning parties will receive

1ml Rasheeqa Concentrated Perfume Oil
1.5ml Vintage by Kate Moss EdT Spray Decant
1.5ml Hermessence Vanille Galante EdT Spray Decant
Plus P&H anywhere in the world

What do you have to do to be in the running to win these lovelies? Tell me a fragrance by a fashion house that you particularly love. That can be anything from Dior, YSL, Chanel to Alexander McQueen, Juicy Couture, Stella McCartney, even ADIDAS if that floats your boat. If they do clothes and fragrance they are fair game.
Winner will be drawn Saturday 26.5.12 Australian EST after 9.30pm. If you don’t get in touch with your details by midnight Wednesday 30.5.12 I’ll give your prize to someone else. As St Murphy didn’t get in touch last week anatu13

Wishing you all peace and lovely scents all around,
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Vivienne Westwood The Red Carpet Collection by Wonderland May 22 2012


Hiya all,

I wear a lot of perfume and write about surprisingly little of it, hard to believe isn’t it? Last week I decided to try something new. The Sunday QuickSniff Review page is opened on Monday morning and every time I spritz and am near the computer I’ll give a 3 sentence review with a rating out of 5 each for, well, see the key after the reviews.

DECLARATION by CARTIER 1998. Firstly I find it hard to believe that Declaration has been around for so long flying under my radar. A four star Luca Turin rave calls it, “perhaps the most widely imitated fragrance since Cool Water, almost every modern masculine owes something to it… brisk, abstract, refreshing, a touch flinty and altogether euphoric.” I love it but am surprised it was aimed at men only, women should be wearing this hardcore aqueous scent too. FragrantX has 50ml around $33 (using TAKE10 coupon) S=**** L=*** D=****

HALLE by HALLE BERRY 2009. This is so inexpensive and I was blown away by the fragrance, honesty compels me to admit I was expecting a catastrophe. Warm, rich, intoxicating citrus floral opening that goes all sweet vanilla and chocolate on my skin and stays around. Ms Berry worked for a year with Coty to get this how she wanted it. FragranceNet has 50ml around $25 S=**** L=*** D=**** (extra for price point)

POUR HOMME by VAN CLEEF & ARPELS 1978. I remember having a sample mini of this when I was a boy that my Mum and I procured from a department store counter. It has probably been reformulated since then but it smells just like I remember. Bright and dark, citrus, flowers, herbs, woods, smoke, leather like a cornucopia of delicious dichotomy; you get the squeaky citric astringent opening that kind of hums through the whole event, the warmth as herbs and flowers swing in with an underlying resinous, woody, leather depth that gives Pour Homme gravitas. FragranceShop has 100ml around $33 S=***** L=**** D=*****

RASHEEQA by SWISS ARABIAN Concentrated Alcohol Free Perfume Oil. It’s supposed to be a rose floral but this rose is the sweetest, most fruity floral rose that never existed and has blown the back of my head clear off. Such a dense fragrance, like a wall of scent, that it is hard to pick much out at all except sweet to the point of over-ripe fruit, not sizzling though. There is a jarring discord here that is both entrancingly gorgeous and repellent which has me ambivilant, I will wear this to work and see the reactions. 20ml at Zahra’s Perfume $20 S=*** L=***** D=***

VINTAGE by KATE MOSS 2009. I love this bottle, to me this looks like the brown crystal that was so glorious and popular in the 1960’s and is a classy addition to my dresser. The juice though is not Vintage at all, just the most boring aqueous crap that smells like nothing and fortunately lasts about 20 seconds. Kate Moss, you have let us all down; thank goodness it was so cheap. 30ml $16 on CheapSmells S=* L=* D=*(for the bottle ONLY)

Photo Stolen from shirtsays

Scent, Obviously the number 1 priority here is how does it smell. My reviews are completely subjective and will differ widely from your own experience with the scent but it’s a good starting point. As yet I am not a trained perfumer so any and all descriptions are merely that, descriptions. There are plenty of blogs that offer technical details and chemistry, in 3 sentences I’ll pass.
Longevity, This is a biggie for me because like enfleurage where flower petals are left in fats to steal the scent, my fatty body works the same and eats it up, yum. So for a scent to last well on me, it will probably last a whole day on you and need a radioactive decontamination shower to defuse it from your skin.
Desirabilty, Wrapped up in this is scent, price, house, history, longevity, packaging, availability and a billion other things.

Photo Stolen from bittbox

* in any of these being the, “You couldn’t pay enough to spray this God awful stink on me again, it smells like public toilets in India, long time fridge malfunction while on Summer holiday and the vile stench of poverty all rolled into one.” You are putting innocent people in danger if you wear this.
** means it’s a nothing, wearable, boring, maybe the price is prohibitive for what you get or it’s ubiquitous. You should definitely get a sample of this to stop a buying boo boo.
*** is a perfectly good product that smells good and lasts a while at a decent price. You should definitely think about trying a sample or squirt but should you miss out your life will continue. Sample size worthy.
**** is the one you try, want a lot but can wait for a birthday/Christmas. It’s better than most of the stuff you’ve sniffed and may fill a void in your library. This is also an excellent decant product 5ml will get you through the season and maybe buy it next year.
***** meaning, stop reading this, grab your cash, credit card (or partners), roll the elderly or rob a petrol station and purchase this product. NOW! If you don’t have this fragrance you could die.

I’m so grateful you’ve dropped by, I hope you’ve enjoyed these short and sharp looks at some of the stuff I’ve sprayed myself with this week. Is there anything you have sprayed on you that you’d particularly like to share. we’d LOVE to read it,

Portia xx