Tropic Lime Vanille by Liz Zorn for Siovohle 2012

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One of the things I love, and hate, about being a fragrance addict is short release fragrances, usually summer releases that stay for one season. Sometimes they are rebottlings, flankers or in very special cases a whole new fragrance that a niche perfumer may only make one batch of.

Tropic Lime Vanille by Liz Zorn for Siovohle 2012

TropicLimeVanille SOIVOHLEPhoto Stolen SOIVOHLE

BaseNotes gives these featured accords:
Top Notes: Lime, linden (lime) blossom, coconut
Middle Notes: Jasmine, apricot, white violet, clean linen, petigrain sur fleur
Base Notes: Bourbon vanilla, benzoin, musk

From Liz Zorn’s blog (edited): A completely new formulation. Tropic Lime Vanille is a fun summery indulgence. It is a refreshing scent that has just enough of the creaminess from the coconut and apricot notes to keep it from being too flimsy, and enough of the citrus to keep it light. My goal was to weave that lime essence as far into the dry-down as possible. I love lime, it is one of my favorite things. so it is really the centerpiece here.

For a refreshing spritz or a memory of summer and holidays abroad there is no better fragrance than Tropic Lime Vanille. The instant burst of lime and coconut is a burst of energy for the enervating long days of summer, yesterday it was 42C (108F) here in Sydney, still 35C (95F) when I came home from work at 10pm!! Seriously hot weather folks and after I’d taken my gear off and had a swim it seemed the only choice.

TLVanille CaFleurBonPhoto Stolen CaFleurBon

After the initial citrus and creamy coconut opening the fruit and flowers settle very nicely and quietly. I become nearly anosmic to the scent but if I return to my office after making a cup of coffee or a chat the smell is glorious. Jin says it leaves a wonderful soft sillage too, or when I’ve been sitting with him for a minute or so he’ll say that I smell lovely. Interesting huh?

The vanilla end starts from early in the heart and slowly takes over Tropic Lime Vanille as the other ingredients burn off leaving and very soft musky vanilla that is only a smidge of scent overlain on my own skin. This takes around 4 hours in summer but a bit longer in the cooler weather. This morning after sleeping in that terrible heat with the AC on till 3am I can still smell something good that isn’t me and it’s 10am. Just  the merest something that is nothing better.

CoconutLime fallForwardPhoto Stolen FallingForward

Recently Liz Zorn has refined the SOIVOHLE range to Absolutes and Demi-Absolutes and you can find her incredibly beautiful and interesting works on the SOIVOHLE site.
There is a limited amount of Tropic Lime Vanille in the Clearance Section of the site 15ml EdT for $15 BE QUICK!!
They have a fantastic selection and the sample program is really good too. Check out my faves: TOBACCO & TULLE, LEATHER KREM, ANUBIS

Which short term fragrances have you loved and maybe do you miss? Have you tried SOIVOHLE’s fragrances? Tell us in the comments, we love a chat.

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Something fun and uplifting to go with Tropic Lime Vanille. Danni Minogue does Put The Lime In The Coconut

SOIVOHLE by Liz Zorn: Reviews

Hey Fragrantly Flawless Fumies,

Yesterday we talked to the amazing Liz Zorn of SOIVOHLE, (pronounced See-Voh) previously we did a story on SOIVOHLE and last week looked at Wild Ginger Chai. Today we are going to look at some more of the fragrances that come from this brand. I have to tell you in advance, I love this crew. I think the juice in every bottle feels like the culmination of a labour of love, as lovingly produced as a baby. They run the gamut of genres; classy, chic or confronting at different times and some of the names are enough to transport you by themselves.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

You’ll see some writing in italics, that is edited from the SOIVOHLE website.

ABSOLUTES (30-50% Concentrate)

UNDERWORLD – natural
An unusual pairing of vetivers from around the world, rich spice notes of cinnamon, ginger lily and clove, a touch of jasmine, roasted coffee, cocoa, rose leather and balsams, set into a  light vanilla oud tincture, sensual and a bit haunting

Photo Stolen historywillabsolvemike

OHHH The clove and cinnamon are divine here and I am already getting some vanilla right at the start, this is a bit like the first fizz of spices in the pan when you make a curry. Here we are at half an hour with no diminution in the opening notes, this is going to be a heartbreaker. In comes the jasmine curling lazily through the cloves with (I think) the vetivers, slightly peppery and earthy. At over an hour there is the clove still and the leather & balsams are warming into their places and the coffee is like the end of your cuppa, the cup is cold but you put your nose in and smell. This is such a multi faceted perfume that I think I’ll need to spend lots of time getting to know its moods. 5 hours on and I am getting spicy vanilla with a whisper of the dank oud below giving breadth. 9 hours and Underworld has become a skin scent, not discernibly anything except a better smelling me. Magic!

DEMI ABSOLUTES (18-22% Concentrate)

BOTTLENECK BLUES – mixed media
Inspired by the juke joint, jazz dive, blues hideaway and any place where the music is hypnotic and the atmosphere  so thick you could cut it with a knife. Not for the faint of heart Bottleneck Blues opens with a heavy dose of animalic musk,  rain dampened hay , earth  and bergamot  that evolves into a stunning array of ripe sensual summer flowers,Lilacs, Magnolia  and Roses, with a base of chypre moss, musk, absolute vanilla , labdanum and woods.

Photo Stolen stltoday

Bottleneck Blues first rush is like walking through the baking kitchen, vanilla, zest & cinnamon, and out across the yard into the hay barn. It’s not rushed, you’ve taken your time in each section. You find a sexually ready, fit and healthy man wearing really pricey fragrance, he’s had a few drinks and you can taste them when you’re kissing, then after your fling you go back across the yard into the kitchen and now they’re making caramel, you stay and watch the process for hours from a new chair and then you go.
I know my smelling doesn’t exactly match notes, I went back and checked the test bottle twice throughout my 4-5 hour journey before I slept.

JHANGO BAY – mixed media
Inspired by the early 20th Century Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Jhango Bay  is a fresh woody chypre with notes of Bay, Bergamot, Basil, Lemon,  A heart of Geranium, Ginger Lily,  Geranium Rose, Incense Rose  and a touch of Jasmine with Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood and  a  mixed media  musk containing Ambrette Seed and Muscone  rounding out the base. This formulation was created with 99% natural materials.

Photo stolen keepswinging

A fresh burst of citrus, bay leaves and spice like a call to arms opens Jhango Bay. It maintains it sharpness with the snap of geranium and a spicy, cool rose accord. Then the strangest thing happens, I can only liken it to the first opening scent from a bottle of tomato sauce, it’s sweet and sharp but so good, unexpected and wholesome smelling. This is a winner. I am buying me some of this excellent juice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look at SOIVOHLE fragrances; for me it’s been a real treat. Don’t forget to cross over and have a look at the new SOIVOHLE range.

Love, Love, love to you and yours,

Portia xx

SOIVOHLE by Liz Zorn Interview

Hiya Everyone,

Photo Stolen fragrantica

Today I am bringing you artist, photographer, perfumer and genuinely lovely person with biographies in both Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who of American Women; Liz Zorn. Liz Zorn, founder of and perfumer for SOIVOHLE, is an inspiration on many levels. I am always impressed people who can excel in more than one field, it also reminds me that it can be done. One of the things I am loving about writing perfume is that I have been able to interview some astonishing people who are also perfumers. We have previously done a story on SOIVOHLE << hit the jump and find a history and some reviews.

Straight up; I am completely addicted to the SOIVOHLE (pronounced See-Voh) range. It is an acronym Sending Out Inspired Vibrations Of Healthy Loving Energy and their mantra is “Passing on the happiness and good cheer one bottle at a time.” This resonates so strongly with my own beliefs and processes that I was predestined to love the range.

Liz is unafraid to push boundaries and buttons. Some of her fragrances have unsettling notes or bring on inspired memories. Never really challenging but sometimes confronting they are gateways to loveliness, art in a bottle.

1.Can you tell us about young Liz Zorn and some “Who I Am” making moments?
I can’t say that I have had any profound moments, at least none that come to mind. I think I have always been on this path.  I was born in a small southern US town, moved to a big city at the age of ten. Lived in the suburbs and spent my summers at the pool. Very typical American.
2.What were you doing before you became a perfumer?
I was a painter. I am still a painter, just not so active these days.
3.How did you become interested in perfume and becoming a perfumer?
My interest in perfumery goes back to my teens. At the time it was not an option to be a perfumer. As the years went on I took more interest in perfumery and the Olfactory Arts, until I decided one day to put the painting aside to see if I had a true feel for perfumery. It is an ongoing process.
4.How did you get your education as a perfumer?
I am self taught except for a summer when I was 12 years old. A couple of retired teachers opened a New Age shop near my parents home. I would go there everyday and hang out with them. They taught me how to make incense from natural herbs, oils and resins. They also taught me how to make altar oils and the basic blending of essential oils. From there I started collecting oils, and perfumery books.
5.You use both naturals and synthetics, what is your philosophyand what are the selling points of each?
They are all tools, I make no distinction between them. Sometimes I like to work with an all natural palette, sometimes not. I have no interest in the politics or philosophy (if there is such a thing) of perfume. My focus is on the art and how best to bring my vision to life.
6.Soivohle is undergoing some changes currently, what news?
Yes, I am in a sense cleaning house.  Fine tuning my aim.  Like anyone else I get distracted at times. I am upgrading our packaging and cleaning up the look. I do not like clutter, so I try to nip it in the bud.
7.Can you tell us some of the exciting stuff you have in development?
I am working on two new scents, the Tears of Ra and Anubis. Exploring through scent the power of myth.

I wanted to leave you with some of Liz Zorn’s art. I find it moves me in much the same way her fragrances do.

Photo Stolen lizzorn

Photo Stolen Tumbler

Photo Stolen cafleurebon

Tomorrow we look at a few of the luscious fragrances on offer at SOIVOHLE. Do come and sample with us. In case you are wondering, they are currently updating their site with a Grand Re-Opening tomorrow July 24. It promises to be spectacular with the launch of 2 brand new fragrances.

I hope this has found you happy and well. If not, it gets better, promise.

Portia xx