Elysium – Matt Damon + Jodie Foster August 9 2013

Hey Crew,

Do you love the movies? I find cinemas hard to deal with. Firstly, I can’t press pause and grab food, wee, drink or interupt the movie in any way. Secondly, I hate crying in public and inevitably do in the cinema, or scream at scary bits, or laugh too loud at mildly funny bits. Thirdly, after about 50 minutes I get the fidgets, in a long movie that means I get up and leave the cinema for a while and come back unable to concentrate because I’ve lost the plot.

These two actors, there are a few more, though are such favourites of mine that I am chomping at the bit to go see this movie. Jodie Foster and Matt Damon!! OMG! Together in one film. HEAVEN! Can’t wait for August 9.

elysium g4tvPhoto Stolen g4tv

Please enjoy the Official Trailer.

Portia xx

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Hello Everyone,

It’s interesting to me that people can not see how beautiful they are. This three minute movie inspired me to share with you all, because you are all beautiful. We are all beautiful, and so lucky to have life. It’s rude for us not to squeeze every drop of joy out of it that we can. Self worth and self respect,

DOVE Real Beauty TheIdeasLabPhoto Stolen TheIdeasLab


Portia xx

DOVE Real Beauty Sketches

Louis Vuitton Mini Movie

Hey Hey Perfume People,

I know that Louis Vuitton and master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud (Stella McCartney, Dior’s Addict and Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classic) are still preparing LVs first fragrant offering since the 1930s; so to honour their choice to finally cross to the dark side, also to assuage my need for visual stimulation, and to keep me pumped as the time grows nearer, I am gifting you this lovely mini movie. Hopefully it’ll help keep you in a simmering, speculating, craze of what ifs and how wills.

Photo Stolen 1000fragrances

I am hoping for something beyond gorgeous but will be happy with interesting and beautifully crafted. In my minds nose I smell ink, leather, salt and rue. Ink for the money that it will cost, leather for the historical luggage, salt for my tears of longing and bitter rue for my regret and sadness when it is a lazy fruit-chouli. Please Perfume Goddesses, let it be at least GOOD!

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Don’t forget to go enter yesterdays GIVEAWAY and if you want a full review I am Guest Posting over at PerfumePosse about Sweet Water by Liz Cook for One Seed. Please go over and wish me well there, it is still a huge deal to be asked to Guest Post on one of the world’s biggest and most popular frag blogs.

We wish all the best of everything for you, it is out there, all you have to do is go get it.
See you tomorrow.
Portia xx

LV Paris Perfumeries 2011

Manifesto YSL 2012: Behind The Scenes and Ad/Movie

Hey APJ Family,

Photo Stolen hollywoodreporter

This Ad/Movie for YSL’s new fragrance Manifesto was released on Wednesday and the Making Of Thursday. I think the ad terrible but the Making Of is lovely and much more interesting and Jessica Chastain makes a fabulous fragrance face, so beautiful and elegant.

Photo Stolen musicrooms

I am now wondering what the juice will be like……

BoisDeJasmin says in her review: Take Thierry Mugler’s Angel and dilute it with sheer, lemony jasmine till all you have left are the pastel colored outlines of the original gourmand patchouli. Shake it up, label Yves Saint Laurent, and you have Manifesto!
Featured Accords: Green leaves, bergamot, black currant, jasmine, lily of the valley, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and tonka bean.

Advertisement Manifesto YSL

Behind the scenes MANIFESTO YSL

Just short and sweet today, if you’d like to read a full post pop on over to the PerfumePosse where I am lucky enough to Guest Post on Fridays. It’s one of the world’s most read and loved blogs and each week I feel so honoured that they let me contribute. Please go see me there and leave a little Hello note so I know you’ve been.

What did you think of the Manifesto Ad and Making Of? Are you as excited to smell the product as I? Do you like the bottle? I’m thrilled that they’ve used such a glorious purple. Do tell….
Wishing you all the good stuff you wish for yourselves till we see you tomorrow,
Portia xx