Tease by Steve DeMercado for Paris Hilton 2010


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My last APJ review was for Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights. In the discussion that followed Azar made the comment “I recently went on a Steve Demercado jag. My favorites are his darker, smokier, boozy scents including Fancy Nights and Queen.” I still don’t have Queen but I have discovered two more Steve DeMercado fragrances in my collection – Paris Hilton Tease and Nicole by Nicole Richie. Today I will be reviewing……

Tease by Paris Hilton 2010

Paris Hilton Tease FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Fuji apple, white peach, bergamot
Heart: White flowers (frangipani, jasmine, tuberose)
Base: Amber, blonde wood, hot sand

Paris Hilton has released 16 perfumes since the original Paris Hilton fragrances for women and men debuted in 2005. They are a mixed bag. You never know what you’ll get when trying a new Paris Hilton perfume. Many are the typical sweet and fruity girly celebuscents but there are also a few mature perfumes in the Paris Hilton line and Tease falls into this category. In case you missed it Portia has previously confessed her love for a couple of Paris Hilton perfumes. Check out her reviews of Fairy Dust and Siren.

Paris Hilton sexy blogcrackPhoto Stolen blogcrack

Paris Hilton’s Tease is a beautiful white floral scent that is strong and long lasting. Fragrantica describes it as a chypre-floral-oriental. It has a fresh fruity opening with apple and bergamot but it is not overly sweet. The fruit notes give lightness to the perfume against the heavy white florals, which are there from the start and dominated by tuberose. The tuberose is medium strength – not too strong for me to enjoy. Tease has a light woody base and lasts all day.

Paris Hilton TEASE absinthrillPhoto Stolen absinthrill

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I really like Tease but my favourite Paris Hilton perfume is still Siren. Is anyone else willing to own up to a favourite Paris Hilton perfume?

For more celebrity perfume news and Paris Hilton perfume reviews please check out my Celebrity Perfume Website (<<<JUMP).

Katrina xx

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust by Cecile Krakower 2008

Hey Fragrance Fiends,

I have a fragrance find for you all. You will probably be outraged that I even put this Drug Store dross here on a fine fragrance blog. I’m not sure I’m 100% thrilled at myself. Back up a few months, early last year, I tried for a gag one of the Paris Hilton line of fragrances. It was deeply discounted and you know, what the hell right? Tragically I LOVED it. Loved the damn thing SICK!! Bought a bottle of it and wear it quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I knew and still know it’s crap. It smells AWESOME on, and to, me though and I’ll be damned if I’ll give up frag enjoyment to snob value. Some of you are nodding, others are retching violently. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow too. That was Siren, now there’s another and I swear they put something addictive in this stuff because I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust 2008

FairyDust FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords:
Top: Pink peony, orange blossom
Heart: Gardenia, peach nectar, lotus
Base: Patchouli, cashmere, musk, vanilla cream

So, mildly funny story. I thought this was a rose perfume before I read the notes list. HA HA HA!! That’s how perfectly indistinguishable this fragrance is. It opens waxy and orange blossom with a slight greenness. It stays like this for around a quarter of an hour or so with a borderline breathiness, underneath that though there is a rich fruity rose smell, like one from your garden. Apricot Nectar is the name of the rose that this reminds me of and when I read that it’s peach and lotus it kind of makes sense to me, the gardenia could easily be a part of the orange blossom, an extension rather than its own note. Then Fairy Dust becomes a waxy super clean patchouli and vanilla. I get 3-4 hours, sometimes longer.

If you wear Fairy Dust you could easily get away with saying the fragrance is your fabric softener clinging tenaciously to your clothes. There is something very clean laundry about it. That sounds like I hate it but I’m thoroughly addicted. I’m going to go respritz right now!!

FairyDust parksonPhoto Stolen Parkson

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Do you ever feel fragrance shame? Maybe feel like you are letting all the incredible niche perfumers down? I certainly do and would love to hear your stories of loving the Dark Fragrances… Come out of that closet and share.
Loads of love.
Portia xx

Siren by Paris Hilton 2009 Elton John meets Pnau

Hey Gang,

Photo Stolen marieclaireuk parishiltonsite

HA HA HA, I know. You are all incredulous. Why would Portia review a Paris Hilton fragrance? It’s not niche or expensive or fashionable! Well, you are right, it’s none of these things. Paris probably never even smelt this. Who knows? There are reasons though that I’ve given Paris Hilton Siren a try…

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

The main reason is that recently it was reported in reputable places that Paris Hilton had sold US$1.5 billion worth of perfume. 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS! So I am intrigued by anyone who can generate that many sales for something that everyone is panning. OK, if you are Paris Hilton and you’re a great sales person, businesswoman and advertisement for your product, you are constantly in the media for better and worse keeping the product that you have become alive. I get that part, she does an excellent job at that. Yes, she is kind of pretty (sometimes gorgeous) and articulate, that helps too………..BUT! that means people will buy your product once. Right? If all these people buy the products and they are utter crap then how is there any return custom? How do you sell 1.5 billion dollars worth of perfume when 100ml is around $40, that is a shitload of juice. So I am agog to see what the hell everyone is buying, aren’t you? Honestly, if people are buying and rebuying the celebrity dream, it has to be kind of good.

Photo Stolen songonlyrics

So, what do I smell when I put on Paris Hilton’s Siren? It has been compared to Viva La Juicy, I have one on each hand. On my skin Viva La Juicy is similar, and nice, but not as interesting, though it ends way more gourmand. Siren, on the other hand (literally), starts out with a citrus softened by a delicious buttery frangipani, maybe it is partly the orchid which seems very night blooming and rich. The sandalwood, lotus and musk are apparent but I don’t get even a hint of the honeysuckle. This is a full-throated floral, surprisingly quite big and unashamed. Maybe I have a thing for drugstore scents but I like Siren, it’s a very good name for the scent that is cool, delicious and exotic with hints of warmth, especially as it dries down to a shimmery vanilla/musk accord that lasts well, in barely there status, before it too is gone. Somewhere between 4 & 5 hours, which is great on my scent hungry skin.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

I am as surprised as you that this isn’t instant scrub. There are much better respected and more expensive brands doing a far worse job on their fragrances than Paris Hilton did on Siren. It just goes to show, doesn’t it.

CheapSmells has 100ml for $22

Portia xx

PS I also thought you might like this. Apparently, Elton John has made a compilation of mash ups with Australian musicians’s Pnau called Good Morning To The Night, here is a taste. I am LOVING it. I stole it from another blogger lechehelsinki. Thanks.

OMFG Paris Hilton!, Momento by Sicily, Winner Announced

Hey everyone,

One thing I had to get out of the way is “According to Women’s Wear Daily, the blonde heiress (Paris Hilton) has sold $1.5 billion worth of perfume since 2004, the New York Daily News reported….There are more than twenty Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories boutiques in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. She also has four stores in the Philippines. (In the Hindustan Times 2.6.12)” I took this from Nathan Branch’s Luxury Is A Trillion Dollar Industry in NZ. OMG!! Who knew? About to launch her 15th fragrance and all of them are still on sale and selling. So I guess Paris is laughing all the way to the bank.

Photo Stolen fanpop

SICILY (Piazza Duomo Ortigia Siracusa) by MOMENTO Italian Olfactive Landscapes 2008. This was the second fragrance in the Momento range and seems to have been the last. I don’t even see it for sale anymore so maybe it has been discontinued.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Green and freshly floral, it has been surprisingly enjoyable to wear on our cool Autumnal rainy day here in Sydney. The spiel runs that this fragrance is designed around a spring day, 6 March 2008, at the Piazza Duomo on the island of Ortigia, south of Siracusa. Not having been there I cannot verify the veracity of their claim but I do like the imagery it presents and am happy to suspend my disbelief.

ParcoMuseo Jalari Sicily piazza aromi e sapori1 (1)
Photo Stolen Flickr

According to Fragrantica the basic notes are: neroli, freesia, jasmine, immortelle, note of hay, cedar, amber, patchouli, myrrh and agarwood.

I get the fresh blast of neroli, the sweet bright and clear freesia and immortelle, green hay/grass and woods as it opens; not squeaky or screechy but a calm cool customer with nice sillage. The jasmine here is not the sexy deep jasmine you’ll find elsewhere more a clean sparkly highlight playing piccolo in staccato, this while the amber, myrrh and patchouli sing very quietly underneath to add size and shape to the fragrance without coming out as a set of star players. I smell no agarwood at all through the very long, delicious life of the fragrance, getting about 5 hours before it become a skin scent lost to me but discernible to TSO Jin.


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