DARK PASSAGE by Andy Tauer

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It finally arrived.

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“…DARK PASSAGE, the super limited edition that is only available in March through the Kickstarter campaign for ONLY CHILD. Afterwards , when the financing and support campaign for Brian Pera’s latest film project comes to an end, then the perfume will be gone. ONLY CHILD is the next Evelyn Avenue full feature film project.” Andy Tauer from his blog March 2012.

Really good blog reviews of Dark Passage include I Smell Therefore I Am and Perfume Shrine.

When I first read that Andy Tauer was doing a new short release perfume for a fundraiser I was excited beyond imagining. I love his work, it is definitive and solid and statement making, as well as having extraordinary sillage and staying power. There is often a quirkiness, edge and diversion from the norm and Mr Tauer has a special accord that is oft called the Tauerade because of its incredible tenacity. Awesome if you want to stay smelling amazing for a night out, lovemaking and waking up, it will stay on clothes for months if you don’t wash them so is perfect for scenting hankies when loved ones go away or your purse so it’s always like a magic fragrant cave from which anything may come. Nasty if you have a bad on skin scent reaction, headache, just want to change scent; showering is not enough you need to undergo a post radioactivity radiation wash cycle. Thankfully they are all magic on my skin and I love the dry downs.

I thought I would present Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage (He He He that means 2 things) today in mainly visual storybook fashion. See below the photo’s for story….

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Dark Passage opens underneath the city with a weird swampy, burning tyres and fetid air accord BAM!, then it moves into back alleys as the close aromas of human habitation and their feral pets, you come across a cafe, smelling the cigarettes of the al fresco diners and then the coffee itself, the slightly burnt bitter smell of an imperfectly cleaned barista bar, and then past an Indian furniture shop with the bee wax polish and resins they use to colour the wood and give it shine overlaid on freshly finished wood, underneath all this the patchouli has been pumping unnoticed but comes to the fore as we drive outside the confines of the city with the top down smelling the exhaust, we get out and the fresh tree laden air, with humus and earth and maybe there has been a sprinkle of rain that is burning off in the sun. Then it comes in waves, interesting different visions pass before your nose, it is an olfactory movie, Film Noir and the bitch is going to get it in the Dark Passage.

UPDATE: I get this great story for maybe an hour and a half, it softens to a soft, slightly burnt vanilla and leather accord that was still ever so slightly there this morning, skin scent. It has only left the mildest trace on my clothes too, like this is my bodies scent left in the shirt. A new sophistication for Mr Tauer, bravo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, writing it was FUN!
Portia xx