Tease by Steve DeMercado for Paris Hilton 2010


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My last APJ review was for Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights. In the discussion that followed Azar made the comment “I recently went on a Steve Demercado jag. My favorites are his darker, smokier, boozy scents including Fancy Nights and Queen.” I still don’t have Queen but I have discovered two more Steve DeMercado fragrances in my collection – Paris Hilton Tease and Nicole by Nicole Richie. Today I will be reviewing……

Tease by Paris Hilton 2010

Paris Hilton Tease FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Fuji apple, white peach, bergamot
Heart: White flowers (frangipani, jasmine, tuberose)
Base: Amber, blonde wood, hot sand

Paris Hilton has released 16 perfumes since the original Paris Hilton fragrances for women and men debuted in 2005. They are a mixed bag. You never know what you’ll get when trying a new Paris Hilton perfume. Many are the typical sweet and fruity girly celebuscents but there are also a few mature perfumes in the Paris Hilton line and Tease falls into this category. In case you missed it Portia has previously confessed her love for a couple of Paris Hilton perfumes. Check out her reviews of Fairy Dust and Siren.

Paris Hilton sexy blogcrackPhoto Stolen blogcrack

Paris Hilton’s Tease is a beautiful white floral scent that is strong and long lasting. Fragrantica describes it as a chypre-floral-oriental. It has a fresh fruity opening with apple and bergamot but it is not overly sweet. The fruit notes give lightness to the perfume against the heavy white florals, which are there from the start and dominated by tuberose. The tuberose is medium strength – not too strong for me to enjoy. Tease has a light woody base and lasts all day.

Paris Hilton TEASE absinthrillPhoto Stolen absinthrill

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I really like Tease but my favourite Paris Hilton perfume is still Siren. Is anyone else willing to own up to a favourite Paris Hilton perfume?

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Fancy Nights by Steve Demercado for Jessica Simpson 2010


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Hi everyone, Funny story. Hubby and I were in a taxi heading out to see a band the other night. I asked him what he thought of my perfume and he said, “I thought it was the cab.” I was wearing today’s fragrance that I’ll be reviewing. I couldn’t stop laughing; it made my night.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights by Steve Demercado 2010

Fancy Nights Jessica simpson FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes:
Top: Bergamot and Egyptian papyrus
Middle: Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian red rose and night blossoming jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, oak moss, amber, vanilla

Does Fancy Nights really smell like a cab? Well it certainly doesn’t smell like air freshener or shampoo, its not clean and fresh or sweet like many celebuscents. Fancy Nights is smoky, spicy and has a kind of musty smell you get from patchouli. Maybe hubby has a point. I have been in cabs that have smelled smoky, spicy and musty but to describe a perfume as smelling like a cab just sounds so unflattering. I love Fancy Nights; it smells wonderful!

Taxi Fancy Nights Jessica simpson NewsPhoto Stolen News.com.au

Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights is a strong, sophisticated perfume and the initial blast reminds me of Shalimar. It smells opulent and expensive. I notice an intense almost astringent type of smell at first like aniseed. The vanilla is very strong but not sweet. This is straight up vanilla – there is no cupcake or ice-cream influence at all. The vanilla is strong but the patchouli is just full on in Fancy Nights. It smells smoky and spicy with an earthy amber base. I really enjoy wearing this perfume, it smells absolutely gorgeous and when the patchouli eventually fades away, a sweeter vanilla and musk lingers.

Jessica Simpson PeoplePhoto Stolen People

Fancy Nights smells expensive but it is sooo cheap. You can get a 50ml bottle for $12.95 from Fragrance X.

Fancy Nights is the third fragrance in a range of Fancy perfumes from Jessica Simpson but the bright emerald green colour of the Fancy Nights bottle makes it stand out from the rest.

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By the way, when we got out of the cab and he took another whiff he said it smelled really nice. Have you ever had any unexpected reactions to your perfume?

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